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Escaping Toxic People. Surviving Negativity. Owning your power. Becoming Royal.

Escaping Toxic People. Surviving Negativity. Owning your power. Becoming Royal.

The real enemy. Owning your power. Becoming Royal. See More...

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Deborah Stone
Guys you are brilliant you are helping me and others around the world. Love ❤️ you guys keep it going. XXXXX
prabhakar rajarapu
prabhakar rajarapu
April Duwe
love seeing you both
Change is not easy and a warning for all parents teach your children ''don't fall for a cute puppy and more importantly not to breed in a puppy mill and expect well raised adult children, it's never possible just not possible!..
Bryant McGill A ''defient'' love/life changer.
Bryant McGill the only real truth I know.One if not the greatest gift I know.
pound fan irene carlson
Penney Lou Shirts
Penney Shirts...first timer !!!
Penney Lou Shirts
Penney Lou Shirts
Paula Nelson
Very loud.
Mvr Reddy
Carole Torkoly
Pound SR
Carole Torkoly
Pound fan! Thank you I start my day everyday with you both.
G Lores Lemmerman Morton
Liliana Gheorghiu
i read it too :) from Romaniaaaa
Denise Brady
Tracie Jones
Ravinder Kaur
You guys are beautiful beautiful and pure souls. Your video and message made me teary-eyed...not due to sadness or something but because there was so so much love packed in this broadcast and such an honest advice, true advice. Im grateful for SM ( I have no idea how I started following but Im glad I did) and especially grateful to know you both. ❤️
Susan Vickers
Awww missed this live broadcasting? But watching now thank you! Susan Vickers from the U K xx
Debs Louise
Just watched this - thanks for sharing this video in your Daily thoughts email today Bryant McGill and Jenni Young - I loved this broadcast... Wonderful encouragement and confirmations... I loved your closing words ... become an "Ambassador of Goodwill" great label.... .... thanks again ... :) Love you all xxx
Angela Smith
Thank youths know you
Lynne O'Sullivan
Hi from Adelaide Australia! Yay Be Royal 👍😄😄
Bryant McGill and Jenni Young are the truth the light and the way for me and if your wise you too.
BC Canada Bryant McGill
The only truth I know happy to know you two,
Commming through Bryant, you sure have patients.
Hi happy you are here tonight needing reminders you share I loose my way at times and greatful for remindersChow for now with hugs..
Mayra Rafferty
I have 2 or 3 years fallow Simple Reminders and helped me a lot and I love to share with my friends ❤
Mayra Rafferty
I love Simple Reminders ❤
Pamela Leigh Richards
One thing I would like to share is that 'showing up' does not always mean being seen in the wired or wireless world. We are always showing up at the right time. Patience, empathy, and kindness, is so gratifying to the individuals journey to 'show up', which is what you two share so well in support of everyone in understanding with the gentle encouraging nudges :) Seen and unseen is always happening. Tears flowed with you both Jenni Young and Bryant McGill along with an energy that speaks beyond words. ❤️ ~ ❤️ Thank you!
Pamela Leigh Richards
Shift from resentment to compassion ❤️
Pamela Leigh Richards
❤️ ~ ❤️ Bryant McGill ~ Jenni Young I'm sharing this one. Nice to know we're not alone. When more than one gathers in light of coherency nothing can stop flowing waters for Peace. :)
Joanne Liu
Aida Adnan
Love you guys ! Thank you for reminding me of the power of fellowship 👑👑😍😍 #malaysia
Aida Adnan
Still here #malaysia
Aida Adnan
#sr 2years
Aida Adnan
Love from Malaysia 👑👑👑
Aida Adnan
Aida Adnan
Big fan !!
Aida Adnan
Andrew Perez
Thank you
Andrew Perez
Cool message
Andrew Perez
Loud and clear
Andrew Perez
Sound is ok
Andrew Perez
Usa sanJose ca
Andrew Perez
Coming tru
Andrew Perez
2 years
Andrew Perez
San Jose,Ca.
Andrew Perez
A fan
Lucía De Ávila
I am joining if you accept
Alexandre Sophie
Good morning idol
Lucía De Ávila
I am happy with me! I am #HealthyHappy but that is exactly why others hunt me
Lucía De Ávila
I do!
Lucía De Ávila
Lucía De Ávila
Do not stop!
Lucía De Ávila
Everything is alright! It is answers! Do not be afraid of the light. Get used to it!
Lucía De Ávila
#WeAreOne #SomosUno
Lucía De Ávila
Clarksville, TN
Lucía De Ávila
Lucía De Ávila
Lucía De Ávila
You need persons stronger than you and 99 have only 1 that drive me to you today. The creative forces wants for you to know how grateful they are with you. I am also grateful that you have decide t
Lucía De Ávila
It is exactly like that!!!
Lucía De Ávila
I do not need to visualize it... Those hyenas and wolves are trying to take my sons away...
Lucía De Ávila
That is so true!
Lucía De Ávila
Already one question answered! Awesome!
Lucía De Ávila
It is strange... I always get it like a vibration inside... I am connected somehow and it is not by Internet... You will not believe what I know about yourself that you do not know...
Lucía De Ávila
I do need to escape that!
Lucía De Ávila
Marbe Abanil
Sound loud and clear
Marbe Abanil
Hello from Philippines
Karen Beck
i am the one on the right many years ago
Dianna Weaver
Just experienced this since joining the Royal Society Group! Only a couple days after joining our washing machine went out $400.00 replacement; then we hit a 2'X1' muddy water pot hole that took out some mechanical parts on our car, cost to fix $300.00; then my daughter lost her job (its just the two of us); then my support group for losing weight seems to have stopped participating in motivating one another - aren't interested in participating in group exercise (such as walking the zoo two times); our TV sounds like it is powering down when I turn it off at night (I'm thinking its old and ready for replacement soon too); also my desktop computer keeps acting crazy, freezing up and the monitor is definitely not acting normal. My My MY!!! I suppose I could think about more that has tested us just in the past 2 weeks but good grief!! Isn't that enough already? YES there are definitely hounds from hell; forces at work that sort of knock you down when you are trying to get up and wanting to fly !!! Sick of that. I'm rising above it. We handled the big stuff I mentioned and we are prepared to handle anything else that comes our way, because its just LIFE and though it really tests my patience and my pocket book it is NOT going to sway me from changing my LIFE. MY LIFE!! My choice to let the crap bring me down or focus on the good parts in every day and every moment like the fact that I've lost 15lbs in about 3 weeks. My daughter is going to find a better environment to work in and its going to bring her more joy and more money than she even know she wanted. I am not afraid to take on the hounds of hell. I won't be a victim and I won't stop fighting back the negativity.
Robyn Traynor
Andrew Ferris
I guess you didn't get me, I am not familiar with this phone stuff yet. I don't think anyone should be put - down so I'm pleased you did reach out. Love Linda xoxo
Andrew Ferris
When I get subjected even to criticism I just say to the person, "Oh, by the way, do you know that you're only talking about yourself you know ". Love Linda
Nancy Buetow
Im here
Linda Burns
Linda Burns
Pound fan
Jan Pendergast
Nailed it Brooke !
Brenda Robinson Booth
# Royal
Theresa Lee
You have me too
Marites Rayel Mauro
Suzanne Randall
Leo V Pickard
Laura Jones
Some Toxic people did a. Number on my head and i can't seem to bounce back. I've been out of work over 6 months no income and having to sell my house. Just hanging on by a thread. I don't know what to do!!! Dying inside day by day! Thanks for the pick me ups!
Lois Williams
Tammy L Barton
Sandra DeeLove Robinson
Misery loves company
Sandra DeeLove Robinson
Bryan let her talk
Zenfarm Seroid Barola
Hello Royals!!!. I can't have enough of this broadcast do I am watching it now again. Thank you McBryant and Jenni
MgWin MgWin
okok ပါ မဂ္လာရွိေသာညေလးျဖစ္ပါေစ
Joe Smith
Nesha Knight
Karen Bayless Mason
Louicia Fanslau
What are you drinking in the green bottle
Ester Ashton
Marimar N Dianne thank you so much pls add me as friend...thanks for your understanding and inspiration...
Alexandre Sophie
Motivating, in full spectrum
Tracy Flinn
Donna Stokes-Echols, first, my kids are older...16, 17, 19 and the youngest is 13. Also, not sure if you caught the part that I'm disabled? I can't work, and bc I was a stay at home mom most of the years with my kids, I don't have enough work credits to even qualify for SSDI. I only get SSI...not enough to support myself. I don't really have much family that can help me, so I'm kinda on my own. My options are EXTREMELY limited. That's why I'm still here. We are NOT married, so I'm not entitled to anything and I don't even have a car. It all leaves me in a tough predicament. 🙁
Nicole Schleisner
Good luck hun. I'm there too.
Reena War
How true
Maureen Nissen
Crystal Donohue👍
Roxanne Casura
Toxic people really bring out the worst in me. They stop me from being happy.
Marsha Buckle
Deloris Rambo Leach
James Leach
Ray Duval
Am really low on everything my life seems just not my own Sorry just need help
Shiela May Daluz
:) ❤️
Pranali Buch
I am just blessed I can take your guidance..From India
Betty Fernandez Facundo
Hello everyone... Its my pleasure to follow you. I am from Philippines
Corby Weaver
70 million people????? uhhh really?
Tina Bridges Manuel
While watching this video, every thing started to act up. I'm a determined person. I tried watching it and don't know what happened on your end, but I'd love to finish watching it. I think what you guy's do is AWESOME. I'M one of those with a story. GOD knew who I was going to be. He number the hairs on my head. He knew what was going to happen if before it ever did. Let's just say I'm a better person with a compassionate heart. Whom is overcoming a few obstacles that has happened. I can say I'm stronger than I once was. By the end of it if I wanted to I could've write a novel.. Keep the AWESOMENESS GOING....
Pat Crone
I know this one.
Stacey Curran
I am so exicted. I hav not made a video 'yet' but my heart strings are pulling me toward doing so. So so much. I look forward to spins so . Thank you xxx
Stacey Curran
You are so sweet jenni. I think that you and I are very very alike. I'm living these videos. Xxx
Stacey Curran
Sound ok
Stacey Curran
Stacey Curran
Pound N Ireland
Princes Cristalle Gonsales
Annvanette L Mourish
ohh how can i explain with the most amazing answers, i needed to hear today of all days you two are my gift too my ears and heart and made me see my reality i've always dream of from a very young age i always new i was different but always tried to fit in for the love of our community i spent long days and hours meet alot of people and families and shared all i had, and always gave to others with the love of being them selfs with respect and trust, and being patiently with my self and cared for all old & young. thank you both with all the love of glory. amen.
Kellie Romero
Derrick C Daily
You guys a really cool but I don't know why you are doing it..most esoterics don't use thier faces use just images and aren't clear or decisive..what is your purpose if you don't mind me asking
Renee Bell
Hi from Naples, Florida! 😊🌴🌴
Iva Goede
Love These two! Awesome..💋
Kyle Gee
Bests -
Mona Marie
Making me tear up what happen where did they go
Jean Finnigen
Emeka Polycarp Nwonyi
Am here
Kenneth Clark
Kenneth Clark
Suzie Jones
thanks you guys!! I'm on board! looking fwd to the fellowship (sharing)
Suzie Jones
Suzie Jones
Suzie Jones
I think I just joined, hopefully!!! will see ❤️ emphasize the capital B and capital R
Suzie Jones
I read and share everyday, #fan
Michelle Rae Fino
Nice video. Made things more clear for me and hopefully others. Thank-u. 👑 QM
Elva Encinas Carlos
Debbie Leon
Debbie Leon
Love love this..
Donna Lynn Jynx Norman
Sarah A McKellen
#coming thru
Karline Ike
a little more difficult if u r married to them
Sonia J. Rodriguez
Hello! I love you guys! God bless you always. 😘👍❤️
Gail Vollo Casano
Omg! I played this looking to be opened minded with listening to another point of view. The first 20 mins were a vacuum and the rest is a big "ada boy" and commercial. How many times do I have to hear about the 70 million people you reach. Try humility. Shutting down this broadcast.
Damari Stratford
Work place bullying, what will he do about it? All bullying needs to stop. What will they do about work place bullies and bullying? I was also the only one he treated like this..All he needed to do was be kind, show kindness. I want to bring more awareness to work place bullying in 2016 to help others not have to deal with bullies for bosses. The laws need to change!!! What will they do about work place bullies and bullying, it needs to stop...I was fired 12 days before Christmas... I use to like people but a bully shot me down! Bosses should lead employees not Bully...Yes not from bullies! What about work place bullies?! Remember bullies come in all shapes and sizes....I was bullied by an adult named Jeff Ursino , my manager at Citibank in Carmel, Ca...after he successfully made me sick with nerves and caused my blood pressure to go up he fired me via UPS 12 days before Christmas while I was out on a workers comp pending case...my family will never forget the pain he caused us....and I haven't worked since due to all of this. Jeff Ursino once told me that I couldn't wear the hats I'd been wearing to work for almost four years with no problem. He said it was company policy yet there was nothing in writing. I called HR and they said there was nothing in the codes about hats. About six weeks later Jeff Ursino decided to tell me that I could wear hats again but only a couple days a week. I asked him what about the policy and he replied " I'm in control" , it was his way of throwing his weight around, what a bully! He also threatened to fire me for job abandonment if I didn't show up to work on a day I couldn't work, my daughter was ill and he was already fully staffed. He put me on the schedule at the last minute to pressure me into working...a Bully at his finest. He also stated that I hadn't worked on days that I had and I still have a copy of the schedules. Bullying needs to end and companies need to properly train manages to be leaders not bullies! What will politicians do about it? Nothing! We need to unite and do something about adult bullying and in the work place! I have two boxes of proof and I did document everything. When I realized that there is actually an Awareness month for anti bullying I decided to tell my story again in hopes of finding an organization that I can help bring light to this also very ugly issue! What I have mentioned is just a bit of all he did. No one cared or did anything about it. I wrote my leaders, congressmen , senators , mayors, city leaders, the president , attorney general, etc...everyone past the buck. Since then, bullying has come to the forefront and I want to tell my story. He is a father of 3 sons, still a " manager" , on the board of trustees for a school district and I can't help but wonder who he is bullying now. He had choices and he chose to be unkind, uncaring, not understanding, treated me like crap, ignored what others where doing, focused on me until he ruined me! ALL BULLIES NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!!! All companies need Bullying training and the manager isn't always right! Only cowards bully other people! He didn't care what I was wearing he simply wanted to show who was in control and bully me. The hats didn't prevent me from doing my job nor did anyone ever complain about them, in fact I got lots of compliments from customers and a couple of his bosses and someone from HR, it's was great until he showed up as a temporary manager. He just wanted me gone and set out to wrongfully terminate me. He couldn't even write me up correctly and I have the proof. He couldn't even fire me correctly as he broke California Labor codes in the process of firing me. He was simply unkind and heartless to me. Please grow up to be a kind, caring person. Never purposely make someone fear their going to loose their job for putting their daughter first, that's what he did to me...and yet he is a father. Time to open their eyes and our leaders and change the laws. Speak the truth state the facts and have your evidence ready! One of the reasons I am doing this is because I have proof, my journal, the forms he used to write me up incorrectly. He was in such a hurry to write me up that the first time he wrote me up he used the wrong form, he used the second warning form. He threatened me with job abandonment yet didn't know how that law worked. For some reason the universe, my God or what ever you want to believe, had me keep all the evidence. In my journal I wrote daily of what occurred at work, he singled me out. In four and a half years I loved my job 98 percent of the days then he came and ruined not only me but the spirit of that bank branch. He took away causal Friday and tried to take away cookies on Fridays for our customers. He said we all had to only eat in the break room but yet would eat at his desk and not say anything to the pretty blonde when she ate at her station. He took all my family photos down and claimed it was best for my family but allowed others to have their family photos out! A BULLY!!!!please share my story to bring awareness to work place bullying. The more I read the more I realize he was threatened by me. My reviews didn't justify what he did. Several times I was asked if I was the manager as he stood next to me. The hat issue was just him being a bully, he ignored what others did and wouldn't give me credit when it was due to me, he played it down. He snapped his fingers twice, said my name , pointed to the back room and said Damari in the back the very first time he ever addressed me. In the back room he said my reputation precedes me, that upper management had nothing but glowing reports about me. He asked why I thought I do so well and I told him because I love my job. He was a temporary manager, the branch was looking for a full time manager. Jeff Ursino was managing two branches during this process, I was trying to hang in there until we got a new one but he couldn't wait to fire me. I'm understanding more about bullies these days, it doesn't make it right but we need to pray for the bully. That's was awesome, thank you for caring and reposting. I use his name and the bank and location to keep it real and honest. I have nothing to hide. I use to tell my kids' if you don't want grammy to know what you did then don't do anything you'd be a shamed of because I will tell grammy the truth' it really helped with their behavior. I once wrote him and asked why he did what he did and I also told him that I hope no one ever treated his family as he had treated mine, but I got no response to my email from him. It's all true so it's not slander. Have an awesome day, thank you very much. So sorry about what you went through, hopefully we can get others to come forth and share their stories. I honestly feel that the bully should be called out, if he/she was so proud of their actions then don't get upset when we share what you've done. Please feel free to share my story to bring awareness to work place bullies and bullying, it needs to stop, the laws need to protect the employees and victims not the bully. Share my story please.
Susan Gallardo
Parvinder Singh
wow - love it!!!!
Brenda Wright
Karen Lynn Lascurain
Jeanne Lamel
Heidi Schreifels
Amen.. He Love's US so much!
Marcia Ellis Thomas
Susan Anne Hukill
# sound in calif.
Debbie Maggs
Thank you 😘😘
Saida Michelle Benitah
Rita Caruana
Do what's u think is good to u and leave others deal with there mind
Rebecca Gunkel
I love your simple reminders! They really make one stop and think🤗!!! Thank you.
Deborah Sherman
It says "closed group", but still join, as I was accepted even after it said it was closed.
R Delene Morrell
Pound fan
Krista Mott
Ingrid Stader
Ron Bo
Ron Bo
Love all your words of wisdom thank you 😇💜🌹
Liliana Domingues
Chris Hanifan Woods
Sribaya Gillespie
💖 beautiful sharing 💗
Glenna Stallo
# good to go
Kathy Prince Stein
I know right! Haha same!
Martha McClendon Lundy
Hilde Leys
Donna T. Jones
Debbie Salem, I am sorry that you have lost children, but I am proud that you found your courage, strength and your Truth to step away from a Toxic/negative environment. For me, being alone...thinking about the decisions I've made...have made me a stronger person. I hope that you have joined the Be Royal group, where you will feel safe and can listen, learn and grow by watching videos, reading posts and comments (if your already a member..YEAH!!) May you feel all of the positive energy, all of the prayers, all of the love, strength and wisdom here. May your Soul be blessed and may you find what your Soul needs. Much love to you and many blessings to you, my New Royal Family Member!! 🙏👑💝💖💞🐾🌹
Marsha Meldau
Was in an abusive relationship in my past and I find your simple reminders get me grounded again and remember to keep those negative people out if my life.
Donna T. Jones
Tracy Flinn, We have all been right beside you, hanging by our fingernails to the cliff. I want to tell you that you are NO LONGER ALONE...😃 I so hope that you have joined the Be Royal Society and that we can lift your Soul up. That you can feel all of the out pouring of love, understanding, genuine kindness. May you feel all of the prayers and positive thoughts I am sending your way! #BeRoyal Much love and many blessings to you, my Royal Family Member!! 🙏👑💝💖💞🌹🐾
Rowena Gauiran
Hello from Amman Jordan I love SimlpeReminders.com
Chris Hanifan Woods
#much better
Alice Wilson
Chris Hanifan Woods
Chris Hanifan Woods
Chris woods Syracuse NY
Elena Garcia
Aimee Peachez Amaya, hi! Aimee just to let you know that you are not alone Our Heavenly Father is with You‼️
Chris Hanifan Woods
Marwa Mohsen
Oooh my God ...u r amazing. ..love u both. .I read ur words every day. . It's like a medicine for me to help me pass this life...😍
Antoinette Jollotta
Antoinette Jollotta
Antoinette Jollotta
Antoinette Jollotta
Micky Sitz
Hi from Austria !!! Really Great to hear all that ... ☺️👍🏻
Jasmine Kaur
Shubh Karman Singh
Jasmine Kaur
Shubh Karman Singh
Myrna Barroci
The Hounds of HELL ! Yeah many times the are there in your dreams that seem so real and when I stopped running and turned around scared to death all I said was WHAT ! And it all left me and never again did I see them in my dreams,many times bad people vibes bad things they wish for us to go through follow us home Now I ask how can you stop all this madness of cold cruel humans
Myrna Barroci
Elaine Ortiz
Alice Wilson
1st timer
Eva Gluck
#Fan of you guys. Love my Simple Reminders every day!
Myrna Barroci
My biggest obstacle is family members that destroy with there words and hurt is nothing compared to the horrible words that scar for life ,you must might ask did I do anything? I sure did I left for good forever even moved from the entire state and I went on a walk about by a flip of a coin true so true
Willem Nigrini
Love it!!
Alice Wilson
Michelle Poore
Thank you very much. I needed to hear positivity today.
Julie Rheams
podcast is too long
Brenda Canty
# good to go
Brenda Canty
first timer
Brenda Canty
I saw it Loved it!
Brenda Canty
Hi I am in S.A. Texas
Brenda Canty
Antones MB Loida
Luv it coz,it gves me inspiration in lyf(;
Mamie Farmer
I love simpleReminders, and use it every day just to help me get through my day
Darla Van Laar
Darla Van Laar
Jayne Forbes
My daughter and I have mental health disorders, but she uses verbal abuse when she's frustrated, or angry. She always apologizes later after a "tantrum." I feel sad for her. She's generally a sweet soul. ❤️ Thank you for your lovely posts.
Jayne Forbes
I seem to fall into toxic relationships too often. I have been single for 11 years now, and have just come out of years of social anxiety. I still avoid the public often. A little agoraphobic still, not as bad as a few years ago. I, do, watch to ensure no one from the neighbourhood is out, when I have to go outside.
Becky Kinsey
The video was very moving and helpful and my only wish was to have seen it on January 12 when I took my own life over a toxic person and was revived only to be in torment now. You guys keep up the awesome work. And God bless you.
Natty Vaz
Jayne Forbes
Just watching your broadcast! So perky, and positive! Awesome! :)
Dawn Morton Wolf
Adam Lindblom
This is amazing. You guys have amazing energy.
Lisa T Antonucci
Susan McIntosh
Dilrukshi Wanasinghe
U just.. awesome.. u make other's day ... just giving one simple remind!! It wil bring some energy & smile to our face!!
Laurie Ann Gary
Elimination is forthcoming as people disingenuous enters your life. My happiness depends on it.
Beth Transcending LaBay
Shirley Bane
I can hear you.
Cristin Vaden
Doris Chapman
Just started watching work because I don't know where else to turn to anymore.
Barbie Schultz
Bryant and Jenny I'm getting no sound xxx
Akinbola Odunlami
Inspiring words.. Thank you
David A. Bangura
I've been a fan for almost two years and I've learnt a lot, thanks for that.
BK Dowell
# Fan
Charlaine McBride
1st time. Really enjoyed it. Thank you guys
Barbie Schultz
Pound coming through xxx
Susan Stephen
lurgan N/I (the spell correct )!
Susan Stephen
kurgan N/I!
Barbie Schultz
Hi Bryant and Jenny. God bless you both.
Ziyad Umar Yamout
Hope you become contagious (in the positive sense ) ;-)
Tangela Casey
My first time viewing n really needed this msg thank you my boyfriend is right there on the edge n I wanna help him but he continues to push me away, so thank you so much for clarity
Nalini Subbayah
Hello there im from Malaysia. SimpleReminders.com realy amazed and inspired me. Thanks alot.
Bebiana Cuizon Cataluña
Rohini Parihar
How to avoid n stay away from toxic relationship when those people n relationships mean so much to yu
Lisa Haney
Well hello guys its great to see faces behind this amazing site you guys created keep up the awesome work I'll have to check out your broadcast sometime do u guys do podcasts?
Kath Barker
Escaping toxic people and surviving negativity,that was what I did yesterday I'm exhausted By the time I feel somewhat recovered I have to spend another day with those people...... Something has to change!
Daniyal Ali Khan
Yeah, try try again :D
Robin Lancaster
Thank you
Erina Rafique
Kimmy White
most of the 'royals' i know are fakes & major criminals, so 'royal' is a very poor choice of words....unless u want to imitate them...better off being who u really are, rediscoverying yourself
Beverly Lisasuain
Maria Marrero
Thank you for that lift.
Donna Stokes-Echols
Tracy Flinn .. I use to be in a TOXIC RELATIONSHIP with 3 very young children, but I realized I was only harming my children and myself, I had to change that, I had to do something to no matter how drastic that was to change that, I didn't have any money put back because every cent I made went toward my kid's and paying bills because if I didn't pay those bill they would get shut off ... yeah he was working but he wasn't helping me with nothing, and at first I would give him the money to pay the bills, BIG mistake ... my utilities would end up getting shut off and I'm asking him what's going on ... I gave you half the money to pay those bills and they shut them off!! Why didn't you pay those bills? So I took over paying the bill's and when he wouldn't give me any money to pay any of those bill's and help me with the kid's when I was working and he wasn't it was time to go. Sometimes you have to make a choice, what's better for you and your children, and there are service's out there to help you until you get back on your feet, I know I did it for my kid's and myself ... I packed up my kid's clothing and mine in my car and left the house to him. With help from those services went back to school and worked my job ... raised my kid's by myself .. yeah it was tough but I had to do what was best for them, and we were better for it. Once I got out of school I had a better job because I was hired while doing clinicals at one of the hospitals and they liked my work ethics.. I put my heart and mind to do for us and I did it .. anyone can do it no matter your circumstances it just takes heart and believe in what your doing and WHY your doing it!! Wishing you the best .. GOD BLESS!!!
Alma Sugawara
Daniyal Ali Khan
True dat!
Ester Ashton
Marimar N Dianne your input was truely inspirational thank you..as i moved me and my 11 year old to be with him only to find out we moved two hours away for no reason..he and his first girlfriend is still together..and I have no family support either..I feel so alone..there was no one back home but my ex family.so I'm trying to make a home here for me and my son...its hard again cause it's lonely.I don't have any friends..I'm am also disable but I refuse to let him have his cake and eat it to..he seems to think its ok to have both of us..I don't..that's just crazy..I pray for God to help me put this too behind me but it will make it difficult to love again...
Larry Zedekiah
Keep it up!good work.
Selma Darling
Jacqueline Kemp interesting reply but trust us - if you've tried EVERYTHING YOUR ENTIRE life & you come to see that they are actually happy to be like that & they REFUSE to change, you have no choice but to leave - remember, you can't change what you don't acknowledge
Donna Stokes-Echols
WELL SAID Brook ..
Selma Darling
You hit it nail on the head Baby!
Brooke Holmes
https://www.facebook.com/thebvibe/ I have a competition running for a free reading X
Daniyal Ali Khan
While doing that the person will have to listen to snide remarks and all the toxic thingies they say
Selma Darling
When your entire family is toxic & you leave them, you become an orphan basic ally
Marilu Ventura
Nice nice words True lessons!!
Deb Dougherty
Love watching you
Ekaterina Stoykova
I live in a country where this kind of human toxicity is in the air. It is hardly possible to physically escape toxic people so you have to do it the harder way - try to overcome them although they are around, every day. I am lucky that I don't have them in my family and, as long as you can chose your friends, neither in my friends' circle but I do have a few colleagues with a very aggressive toxic behavior. So it is every day that I have to "fight" their negativity and low vibration. I guess everyone has at least one person like this at their working place so you know very well what I mean. The good thing is that there are people like you (or like us if you allow me) who support each other with their positive vibes which go beyond borders and lift humanity up. Just keep doing your thing and don't let negativity bring you down. We are stronger than we think we are and even stronger together 😊 P.S. Wow, I didn't realize this post got so long. Sorry about that. I am usually not that talkative. It's the topic 😊
Ava Maiumie
Belle from Doha Qatar
Ava Maiumie
Intoxicating Poision
love with each other is most important thing
Andy Oteibse
Sandi Haynes
Sandi Haynes
You guys s awesome
Meenakshi Gupta
No audio
Kimi Nielsen
Alicia Langit
Toxic people are always around the corner, they are vexation in our spirit. May we always learn not to associate with them ignore and avoid them, it will make us miserable. Let's entertain positive people, they are blessing, they are inspiration to move on in life. It makes us happy and live ajoyful life. GOD BLESS EVERYONE !:)
Dianna Bickford
Gloria Smith
Not really
Dawn Humphries
Combing thru loud n clear Dawn Humphries u.k
Dianne Sowa
Toxic people bring us down cause they want to be like us yup sending love thanks ☺
Fatima Osuman
I like to be a member
Jacqueline Kemp
l have had to endure them all my life & overcame by consciously choosing a different path & not leaning on or needing a man. dismissing a contra opinion by deeming it negative is cowardice, judgemental & avoidant behaviour - which is probably what you're used to & what got you where you are now. it takes courage & effort to leave a toxic relationship vs complaining about it.
Melanie Jane
Toxic people are usually unhappy with their own life's so divert their emotions towards others
Brad Kemp
Zohreh Mortazavi
Erol Özlem
i wonder where are you from cnnected to live
Erol Özlem
Ramesh Shaashik
Hello i am from india
Sylvia Mendez
I am a pow fun
Laurie Erickson
#fan, from Chicago
Luz Fernandez
Yeah..that's right. Don' t let toxic people in your life..take your time. It's a waste...give the best time to the best people in your life who give you time and effort for the best ....not for the better .... but for the best.....coz God gives and prepared the best for all of us.
Aroma Oram
Martha Daffue
You have come into my life at the right time! Thank you! I am from Johannesburg, South Africa.
Nives Frka-Petešić
Catherine Coffey
Hi from dublin a little women of few words
Liz McGee
Fuck i won't listen to this but this woman's face screams "hard fucken work"
Mariette Guay
Fawad Hassan
Lindsay Kelland
Absolutely! X
A Alanda Gregory
Love! Love! Love! #IAmRoyal
Shelby Lynn Arneson
Joytishna R Pal
I love you Guys. 💕💕💕💕😍😍😍
Jennifer Kaukas
The video doesn't work
Pamela Pardoe
Shanmugapriya Viswam
I simply love Simple Reminder Messages....Awesome n motivating...
Precious Moifatjane
Royal south African. .
Sanjay Chivakula
thats true. greatly articulated.
Pamela Pardoe
Mieke Botter
Love your page!
Zalina Brosas
Hello to every one from Philippine.
Helen Mary
I am always on an off here if you to chat. I am blessed as I know this is the lesson that God has chosen for my daughter and myself. I chose to learn it while smiling 😊
Sonia Rodriguez
Hi! from California "
Divas Yve
So true
Angel Airela Fuentes
Hello from the Philippines... :)
Erick Bantog Sumaway
If we listen in Jehova Witnesses to their preaching the KINGDOM OF JEHOVA FATHER OF Jesus-is up to yOu if youre LISTEN OR NOT!but if you listen to that about JEHOVA promise or what tOpic-you eArn in the near future a WONDERFUL PROMISE-LIVEFOREVER-COMPARE DEUTRONOMY 30:19-20;JOHN 17:3!ask Jehova Witnesses in your place or visit our website JW.ORG!wOrship JEHOVA GOD b4 its tOo Late!
Vicky George
Superbly great!
Maryl Hayton
Hello from Ky. USA,try your best to leave this world better than when you came in,smile at someone it doesn't cost anything,it just might make their day,I hope any pray you find deeper spirit ya meaning and help our human race. ☮💜
Elaine Lansford
Amen me too saved by the blood of Jesus that died on the Cross for me & all that were lost & going to a burning HELL . I've been born again & I'm Royalty a child of the most high king Jesus GLORY 😃❤️🙏
Nikita Trivedi
the royal power is in our heart , so use it underestimate people who brake down you living la vida loca..:_D
Yhang Armendez Moneva
Ma. Leah binal
Jack Vigil
👍👍 started with nothing and life is a test. Understand now that I myself can only control me. And I now have the choice to be the man I was intended to be.. Its up to me!!
Cindy Bensalih
I can feel that
Cindy Bensalih
So true I feel what you said about,some know but do not know how for lack of SKILL and KNOWLEDGE ,I can relate I wish so much for someone positive to help me out show me some way because I'm willing to listen learn,my situation is so complicated but so are lots of people
Christine Lillie
Mary Gaither
Vlader Vlad
Ysa Maria Braescu
Edita Li
Hi! From. Philippines.
Robert Tacsagon Tuazon
Thanks for your good reminders to keep us away from bad people around..and draw near to God.
June Phoenix
"Out* running the hounds" I think is what was meant ....
Ashani Sandhya
hi from sri lanka.. love your thoughts...💛🌹
Kenna Kai
This is the first video I have watched from you. You were the answer to several prayers. My hope was almost gone and I was hanging on for dear life. Thank you so much for doing what you do , for posting this and creating a safe place to connect to positivity. I have felt so alone for too long and this is the first place I have felt an energetic connection to and that I would be safe here. Many blessings to you and all who subscribe to share support and compassion. You are truly beautiful . Thank you for helping me see the beauty that can be again. 💕
Elizabeth Heffern
We all matter
Elizabeth Heffern
We feed off each other's energies
Elizabeth Heffern
Trust I do also hide
Glinnis Smith
Tess Juaban
Hi Jenni....waving hands energetic😘kicks all negativity😊
Elizabeth Heffern
Feel connected
Adam Lindblom
Hi guys from Australia!!!
Brooke Holmes
Elizabeth Heffern
Because you have more freedom
Jennifer L. Norris
Sorry missed this have check it out afterwards
Ndumiso Mlotshwa
Strength to you
Amie Richards
Thanks Jenni and Bryant, love you guys God bless you and more power 👄 👑 💞
Elizabeth Heffern
I felt at many times my husband tried to kill my soul
Elizabeth Heffern
That doesn't work keeping your mouth shut so your " other" won't yell at you or put you down
Marina Joubert
Awesome love what you do and your broadcasts. I'm from South Africa. Thank you God bless
Omarf B. Mabel
Hi I'm from philippines
Superb Ruffaid
hounds the hell means
Elizabeth Heffern
From Port Townsend, WA
Asha Dave
Gail M Concilla-Tudor
# good to go
Ione Jean Dueñas D'silva
First time to watch your videos, but I've been a follower for years! Thanks!
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Gail M Concilla-Tudor
Janneth Larang Jarliga
Hello from Al duhail, doha Qatar..... (*-*
Gail M Concilla-Tudor
Elizabeth Heffern
In a divorce
Gail M Concilla-Tudor
Julie Ann Almen Mecaller
Yeah baby!
MgWin MgWin
Anjjan Sahoo
Sence of humanity is..
Mignon Padaoan
Nonie here from chicago Im now a fan
Michelle Carney Fraley
Gail M Concilla-Tudor
Росица Манолова
Ghada Bitar
Hello from Jordan .thanxxx for all what u do
Olivia Hossell
I agree there is many toxic people on this earth but you can walk away from it as it is not necessary to talk to them as they are using your oxygen in trying to explain to them right from wrong
Margo Preslar
#hear you both pound and clear
Roselyn Waters
Wonder why you would assume this?
Roselyn Waters
Hi Nicole from Adelaide south aus
Margo Preslar
Margo Preslar
No we will NOT
Fenix Ryan James
Burry Whine
Hello!!Loyalty from Philippines!!!
Sabiru Bello
Hello Great Royals>>> from Africa, NIGERIA
Monik Burn
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Gayle Eisenberg-Ward ever listen to these two?
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#Sound is okay
HudaIbrahim Jumaa Dito
Margo Preslar
# America
Sonya Shirley Varnadore
Hello Mary how you feeling hope better
Lori Butler-Contreras
To infinity and beyond......🌸
Margo Preslar
It is I meant to say
Nefrateria Johnson
I know that I am royalty. I tried to avoid any negative people but sometimes I must allow my family into my realm. They tend not to stay too long though.
Margo Preslar
I'm unconditional love and hope
Irene Garnett
Linda Lou Leitzke
Jacqueline Kemp sadly going there in first place does not take place in the beginning ..sometimes builts up lowly over years ...plus many adult victims were victims in youth were they were taught..programmed... not to speak up ..put up/shut up ..better not tell anyone (fear instilled) sooo as adult when abuse (verbal /mental/emotional/physical/sexual) starts victims handle as did when were children..the saving grace is now there are talk shows that have been showing victims we are not alone ..and what to do ..when seen enough times it often can build up courage to take steps to get help/get out ..it just not as easy as recognize/run ...those who have not experienced abuse/programing do not understand/have grace for victims ...one should not judge til have walked in the very same shoes (not all put shoes on and take off immediately knowing new shoes are expected to stretch for comfort in time...of course sometimes comfort never comes : 0)
Sabiha Rauf
If someone is not taking care propeerly,what tto do
Mazal Taib
First time
Ramesh Gulati
Very true.
Kyle Novem Rivera Miguel
Don't let toxic people get your time
Margo Preslar
But why let somebody win when all you're doing is letting rent free space in your head why not charging by ignoring them
Aneth Balumaga
Hi...from phillipines..U help me so much..thanks
Kendra Wyatt
Pound Washington state
Vhera E. Venzon
first timer here
Barbara Vega
Emily S. Goepel
This was the first time for me to see a whole video like this and I thought it was very good! Thank you for the first time experience and hope to be more to come!
Carmela Cuda Albanese
Lina Cuda
Pam Brady
# Fan..
Margo Preslar
Like losing marriage due to death of a child at 8 month old from drowning in the tub. Then like losing family members. Because of this.
Akshay Sharma
Avii Pathak watch this please
Margo Preslar
Yes you both do
Dona Torres
I'm been following simple reminders since 2010
Suresh Chanda
"In life, empathy and emotional intelligence rules over logic. That power is latent and already exist in You."😊😊
Christiana Holtby
How much pain is too much pain?
Kanjel Mloba
Hi from Tanzania you are awesome may our Lord continue to use you. You are inspiring!
Christiana Holtby
Take your power back and know your own self worth. You deserve better than what you are getting but only you can change that when you change how you think. Don't stand or put up with that and go rebuild your life on your own without him. Believe in yourself.
Christiana Holtby
Koli Mzukisi
Dona Torres
Hi good to meet you both
Ellie Lambert
Andrew Waswa
Cristina Rossi
Good night
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👊🏼 fan of simple reminders😉
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Thank you so much for the video its open up to all viewers
Richard Jimenez
Tracey Calder Roberts
Thank you Jenny, Bryant and all at Simple Reminders .... You are my daily dose of inspiration...... Love love love your honesty and souls ..... Tracey KwaZulu South Africa 💐
Margo Preslar
Right now
Margo Preslar
I'm in the hounds of hell at down town Denver co greyhound station!!!
Jill Whiteside Vitek
I'm here
Christiana Holtby
Hello I'm doing well. How are all of you doing? Which part of Alberta is your friend from seriah?
Lynette van der Linde
Jennifer Florendo
Thank you
Donna Wood
I'm out of a toxic relationship have been for two years and just the thought of him coming back is unnerving me and making me feel like the victim again and have no control l hate that feeling
Ana Marie Bacod Yap
Росица Манолова
2 years I think
Malindie MaBhanqo Zano Stootman
Malbran Ricardo
Helena Wetsel
One of the best broadcasts to date! Thank you, Bryant and Jenni and thank you Royals for showing up and co-creating this landmark community! Changing the world one video at a time! #BeRoyal #RoyalFruit
Sarah Louise Strong
Hello from Cyprus! ! :-)
Carol Murray
Thank you Alexandre Sophie !! God Bless !! :)
Vidya Taucoor
Hello dear
Margo Preslar
I have
Pam Kelly
Hi there to you and all from South Africa. Thankyou for a awesome page.
Almaz Grma
Kathryn Lydia Bendon
Hi Nicole from Troy, New York USA :-)
Jhulz Lambuson Silva
Marimar N Dianne ...ohhhh sad i can relate you Ms.Marimar well i need to move on to i waste the time that i share with him but it seems he didnt value for it so i better let go of him.thanx for the words its an open reminder to me..GOD bless
Kimberley Mouser
Kimberley Mouser Adelaide Australia
Nancy Delos Reyes Medina
Hi from Davao City Philippines!!Thank you simple reminders for daily inspiration.I am grateful.
Laurie Lankins Farley
Love you Jamie Caudill Odiorne
Margo Preslar
I love simple reminders
Angela Johnston
Lynda E Megino
Lynda E Megino
Lynda E Megino
Ranjana Dhawan
Annie Calvez
Hi!!!!bFrom the Philippines👍👍👍
Elaine Martinez
Jean Haila Katz
Kashif Abidi
Kashif Abidi
Michelle Ward Hernandez
How can you stay away from negative people, toxic ppl, ... When they are your own family??
Grace Augus
Grace from Windhoek, Namibia
Jhulz Lambuson Silva
its been a month i following and likes Simple Reminders good luck and good job for staffs behind Simple Reminder you help a lot thank you and GOD speed.. Im Julie from Singapore 👍💝💝💝
Emily S. Goepel
Amanda Rangel
SR 1
Carlos Akpet
From Nigeria,i have been a fan for 3yrs..love everyday and been following you on instagram,follow back mentor
Bekah Mulder
#Phoenix, AZ seen on FB, new to broadcast ~ & Thank You !! ❤️
Patti Barboza
Friend..., I know God gives strength in those days and I admire you as a mother dealing with CP you show the world at your child it's a gift to us we actually are learning patience kindness and love thank you moms
Diane Seyler McAndrew
Love I got to see the whole video!!!!!
Kashif Abidi
Jalouqa Naseem
l love you soooo much your words are my guide for life every day Helllllloo from Jordan ..
M J Melinda Jaye
Jamie Caudill Odiorne - I tried to respond to this earlier in the webcast but was having technical difficulties. :) Love you too girl!! Thinking of Melinda J once I can change my Facebook name again. ;)
Mark Isaacs
The negative things in life are important but our focus will be on the Positive Things
Kashif Abidi
Kashif Abidi
Venkatesh Kumar
Thank you so much for your presentation
Elizabeth Manzo
I like your advices it help me a lot .thank you for that..i am from the phils
Chaz Chaz Gail Ring
Thank you. . Fantastic word. .
Venkatesh Kumar
Thank you so much for your presentation.
Venkatesh Kumar
Thank you so much for your presentation.
Romi Romaisa
Hmmm all great
George Chijioke Brown
Ordinary people, extra ordinary people, positive people, etc. I will always be with them.
Venkatesh Kumar
Thank you so much for your presentation... All the best 🏆
Kashif Abidi
Pound fan
Katrina Torres Castro
Satheesh Muthusamy
The day without SimpleReminders post is really incomplete for me. Each post gives me a immense positive energy to move forward in my life. I love to share the same with my group. Satheesh Muthusamy from India.
Karen Kamps
Lots of negativity all around me
Naima Barbie Lilly
Watch the movie "Perfect Guy". Sometimes the men or women portray what our hearts long for because that person did something different that sent a stimulating feeling then months later they are beating you down with negativity that makes you feel embarrassed bc you allowed yourself to fall victim. I say your not a victim of that circumstance and you cannot change anyone who does not want to change their negative verbal cues. Life is too short sitting on lemons not making a refreshing lemonade bc life is here to be enjoyed. If your tired of being tired you will leave. God always says "If there is a will there is a way" nothing or no one can hold back a determined mind once they want a joyous and fulfilled life....Know your self worth and that being strong doesn't always mean sticking something painful out it means having the courage to leave!! Everyone makes mistakes and people shouldn't judge bc no one person is perfect.
Karen Kamps
Love your page! You keep me positive everyday in a non-positive world!
Victoria Singson
We all need simple reminders every now & then. Be merciful & bless the remaining years with happiness. So, we too, will be able to pass it on to the next generation specially our loved Ones!!
Jean Miller
Bashy Goodas
Oh Brooke, you speak much truth......
Vibha Sharma
U help me definitely because ur words help me so much Iam Indian they truly help me everyday! Thanks
Gloria Smith
Eleanor Seriña Mamhot
Simple Reminder serves as my guide in my daily encounterle with the varied chal
Bharatendu Yashvantrai Vyas
Lisa May McCulloch
Judgement is fear of the Unknown. Those who do judge you bares all the reflection on themselves as its not about the person they are judging it is about them!! Sad but true! This keeps me going everyday in my life, it's dragged me through the toughest times! People can be nasty as hell... But remember it is about them not you! I battled stage 3 Colon cancer, an abusive relationship, undeserving family members and I stand here far from perfect but I am happy because I won't stand for someone treating me ill, I do not give permission anymore! Be safe be well and be happy ladies, all my love xx
Jean Miller
Jean Miller-Alabama-Love Simple Reminders!
Tata Sherla
Junior Dixon
I couldn't stand listening to you for 2 minutes let alone watch the whole broadcast.
Emily S. Goepel
#first time
Anna Marie Menear
Julie Dorcas Oloya
Emily S. Goepel
Bryant McGill that's a fabulous suit your wearing! :)
Ellen Villanueva Montes
Hello from Philippines!..love "Simple Reminders"..this helps me lift my spirits and inspire me alot..thank You all so much!!!
Colene Brown
Joanne Hodge
Too long on intro.. Bored.
Abby Blum
Bill Neace
Always be positive!
Henry Silva
You messages are fantastic!
Karen Williams
Inferior complexes/ control freaks/ fear driven
Sheela Roy
Hey am a first timer...
Marjorie Murphy
Deanne Aubee your kingdom needs it's queen.
Karen Xavier
I did and what a good feeling to get your life back
Jamie Riley
Claudia Blanco
I love this! I'm my worst enemy and always am trying to keep myself safe by staying in the back and out of the way. But gosh, I can tell you, change is hard.

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