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Growth, Expression, and Possibility with Bryant & Jenni On the Go in Austin

Growth, Expression, and Possibility with Bryant & Jenni "On the Go!" in Austin

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Cesar Guzman
I really liked your inspiring words. On my way to work I give my last dollar to the man with the sign because I believe he needs it more than I. I'm new in town and I smile at sad faces some times, but I'm trying! Thank you!
Mahenthiran Nadarajah
I am from Malaysia. Truly Asia
Rodoljub Vidojevic
hello from Belgrade Serbia.I hear you good
Daine Jones
That's true cause I don't have much but i will give to anyone but now i just give to homeless people that sleep on the streets
Ruthie Noël Caffrey
Thanks for inviting us on your journey of awesomeness in Austin! 👍🏻✔️
Ruthie Noël Caffrey
I can see you, love your shades! 😂
Ruthie Noël Caffrey
I can hear you loud and clear...😂
Ruthie Noël Caffrey
Yes, "It is working." 😂
Sarah Mac Tonguis
The comment stream is not working I have to stop the video to comment for some reason
Ruthie Noël Caffrey
#Austin 👍🏻
Sarah Mac Tonguis
Hey there stranger long time no see lol
Ruthie Noël Caffrey
Shared Fo' Sure! 👍🏻😂✌🏻️❤️🙏🏻🙋🎉✔️
Ruthie Noël Caffrey
You are so funny...hello, hello. 😂
Olga Chuklanov
Hello from Vancouver WA!!
Goddesses, a New Consciousness
Well said Emilie ❤️ To You ❤️ :-)
Nancy Coe
HI I'm from Michigan
Nadeem Salmani
Brenda Bernard
Like both of you. Kudos and God Bless !
Kimberley Bonomini Kilcher
I hear you
Kimberley Bonomini Kilcher
Hey good to see ya, awesome readings
Alex Margate Lim
Irene Miller
Love u the we bits n spices bless u
Elvie Hadlocon Sablawon
Thank you and May God bless you
Zarah Elizabeth Arellano Fernandez
Hello Mr . Bryant McGill from Phillipinnes...
Lilliam Ayala
Hello from Miami Florida
Mayah Ali Fatmah
Always with you...thank you.♡♡♡
Gordana Markovic
Thank You for spending Your time with us.Pozdrav od Skopje,Makedonija
Enrique Federico III
Saying hello from Long Beach, California to you Jenny and Bryant....you guys are awesome....
Enrique Federico III
Loved it!!!! Uplifting and inspiring.....I liked what you had to say....Being generous and caring is what we all human beings should strive for.....I'm gonna love it up in life!!!!! Live and Love on my bredren and sistren..…
Una Jay Tlhagwane
Josphine Houston
Hi..Clan,Mr.Bryant McGill.. I'm Josphine Houston..i came from Philippines, but i'n recently live here in Bierut Lebanon. It's my pleasure to meet and Jenny on your live video. Hi..there!! Really i'm so happy to have your video..and Thanks a lot to sent me these good and clear video...i heared all things about you'v had been spoken...that makes me add more strenght to my soul. I'm very Thankful to our God cos he blessed you to shared your lovely ..spiritualy quotes of knowledge to us that gives me more courage to continue my life journey to move on with my faith. And i'm very grateful to your Simple Reminder to be with me most of the day... More power to you Simple Reminder...More Blessing will upon you and to you Family.
Gul Andam
Hello from Pakistan I was missing you .internet is so slow that I can't see the video.
Ezia Grace
I like your creativity... God bless you
Linda Leone
Diana Faith Tan
Hi Bryant greetings from SG😄✋👏💪🙏✌️💖
Nelly Tilanas
Hi Mr. Bryant McGill....
Chet Ayres
Hello Mr. McGill. I am from Calif. When is your book coming out to buy.
Silheouette Zchevannie Valente
Sometimes we need someone to motivate us in order for us to redeem our self esteem..
Silheouette Zchevannie Valente
Thank you sir for your good words about my country Philippines and the nice words you mention wth regards to my fellowmen..
Ed Aspacio Accad
Hello there..thanks for the very inspiring messages!
Silheouette Zchevannie Valente
Sorry ive just view it late..its gud evening here in the philippines..gud evening Sir Bryant...
Shelley Winders
Hello from Shelley Winders in Washington State😃
Eunice N Dani Sandoval
Hello from Wichita ks
Nusrat Wahid
Hi, I belong to Pakistan, living in Karachi😊
Bayan Shibib
Bayan Shibib
I can hear you 🌼
Dlonra Yatug Lohob
Hello Bryan McGill how you doing.
Xoxmykaren Gozon
Hello Sr where is that place?
Marlene Young
Im so sorry Mr. BRYANT McGILL I'm from St. Louis, Mo.
Marlene Young
Hello Mr. AUSTIN I'm from St. Louis, Mo.
Bill Horne
Thanks Jenette Tory MA for the intro to Bryant McGill. Seems like his fan base if the other side of you...a lot of shout-outs to female followers. He just relocated to Austin, and you to Phoenix....both no doubt to do good works and help people. Perhaps you could help build his media empire. Just think about the possibilities! Saw you stopped in Texas. Austin by chance?
Uma Jothi
Hello bryant thank u for the messages that truly uplift
Bibi Gagliano
Hi Mr.Bryant McGill i'm from Italy💟
Maria Neil Layola
Hello Mr.Bryant McGill from Manila Philippines
Faye Williams
Loved it and going to be loving it up!.
Melissa Handzic
Hey Jenny I noticed when people shared your live video always froze I can see you there and hear you in Dublin without any problem. You guys look amazing. Sending you so much love.
Daine Jones
Hello sir how are you
Ruth Curayag Costillas
Hi! 😊
Melissa Handzic
Hello Bryant. Hello Austin. Hello Texas. Hello Beautiful World. Greetings from Dublin City -Ireland. Let's show begin. :)
Katie Allen
A Texan here
Shan Adam Sevani
hello Sir Bryant McGill I'm from Pampanga .
Lot Lot
Glynis Lee Vincent-Dorgan
Glynis Lee Vincent-Dorgan
Qui Yam
Hello ! Have a grEatdAy!
Glynis Lee Vincent-Dorgan
Hi from London UK
Siobhan Andrews
Hi iam Siobhan from Dublin Ireland
Suzanne Hancock
hello from New Zealand :)
Sadie Salvi
Hallo from london UK
Mariam F. Mohammed
Hi , MrByrant . I'm from Egypt 👊
Debbie Costello
Hi ya from New Zealand :-)
Victor Cudjoe
Hi there
Catherine Boylan Buckley
Greetings from Dublin, Ireland
Tonix Purple
Hello, me from iloilo
Pamela Hussein
Hello to you too
Morocz Carmen
Hi Bryant McGill ,i,m from Romania,thanks for the inspiring words that feeds our mentality that help us to rise our everyday thinking about life and our mistakes
Irene Pantaleon Vente
HelLo Mr Bryant McGilL im frOm zambOangA city...
Marie France Marie
Hello Mr McGill, i'm from Seychelles
Heather Belle
Bryant .if you know a fairy godmother or father message me 😊🙇
Heather Belle
Hello Bryant from the south west of England 😊💕
Syvel Buhat
Lraep Einron Yag Ososila
hello Bryant..
Sabrina Decock
Hello Bryant, I'm from Belgium. Thanks for inspiring us 😄😘❤️
Lena Pitidou
Hello from Greece 😊😊😊
Kai Kai
Big Hello McGill from Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan and Istanbul
Ging Ging Lee
Hello Mr McGill, resentLy im Kuwait my hometown Zamboanga City, PhiLippines Thank you!
Lena Jim
Hi there Bryant, im from Malaysia
Mercie M. Reyes
Hello Sir Bryant McGill we're from Bicol
Olivia Hossell
You done a wonderful work I love it
Daway Li
Thank you Mr.Bryant McGill
Majida Madi
My beautiful hometown 👍🌺❤️🌺
Geophel Sayson
OMG! Hi Bryant, I'm an avid fan here.. I really love reading your works everyday 😍😍😍.. Wish you well all the time for you to share more of your God's gift. Cheers!
Krevinyle Laura
Hello Mr.. Bryant McGill... I'm from Indonesia.. I always follow your quotes.. Thank you..
Tuba Atique
Hello Mr. Bryant I'm from pakistan.
Rehman Baloch
I mfrom pakistan
Rosemarie Pitallar Visto
hello Bryant McGill im from Batangas,Philippines. ..♥
Sadhana Temkar
Mr Bryant i m frm India its too early in India whn u r live😔
Indraa Greg
Awesome! Generous hearts! Blessings to both 💗🌝
Maria Gatt
Hello Mr Bryant from Malta
Yusuf Jahi Walker
I've not been to Austin, yet!
Lj P Ramos
Hello from bacolod!
Anry Bajado
Hello Bryant ! Thanks for inspiring me always
Tarek Farag
hello Bryant McGill I'm from Egypt
Larry Gamale Tinosa
Hello Bryant McGill, from Butuan Cirt, Mindanao,Philippines.
Maab Abdalla
Hello Mr Bryant McGill,Thank you ; you're amazing 😍😍
Joy A.Francisco
Hello sir👍❤️
Rosemarie Araño Rosalita
Hello Bryant McGill I'm from Philippines, recently in kuwait now.
Dixie Fehrmann-Lohse
Hi, love Australia. Spent 6 week there. .East coast &Tasmania. . Fantastic. .the reef and Port Arthur. & Sister Kenny s grave site , was awesome. .would love to go back..St. Louis , Missouri would welcome U..
Angela Vrissis
Good morning from Greece! ☺🙋👍🎆👋
M.b. Manoj
Hallo Bryant I am from India
Krishna Ram
Deepak Gore
Hi Bryant I am from India Thanks for inspiration
Percy Soriano
Yes I'm here in Philippines ....
Ma Teresa Uy Echevarria
Hello Bryant McGill...I'm blessed by your posts. I'm Teresa from Bacolod City, Philippines. God bless you more!
Elisa Gallagher
Hi there Bryant McGill I'm from California. USA.
Nitish Bharadwaj
Hello sir,I m from India. :)
Nitish Bharadwaj
How much u need ?
Nindi Soorae
I can hear u loud and clear.
Adeyl Webster
Enjoy you so much from South Africa
Jackie Fajardo Bayquin Briones
Hello Bryant McGill...from the state of Kuwait Godblessed you always. .good morning everyone. ..
Bianca Sly
Hello bryant bianca from kenya i love ur glasses u sim so happy.
Mark Zamora Flores
Hello from Saudi Arabia
Nindi Soorae
Austin Texas
Fauziea Bella
Hello Mr McGill..I am frm Malaysia
Fely Gunda Basilad
Hello Mr Bryant McGill I'm from Bohol,Philippines Thank you ...
BernisEarl McGill El
Hi cousin !!!
Julie Saraos
Hello Bryant McGill from Philippines "Negros Occidental"
Tammy Staat
Hello Bryant from Missoula Montana! Our family likes your positive attitude and uplifting posts! You're awesome!
Nindi Soorae
From kenya
Nindi Soorae
I can hear you.
Mayrie Philip
Love it
Rhonda Worley
Hello, Bryant....you inspire me, t y; here in Grand Prairie, Tx.
Jha Rah
Thanks Mr.Bryant.... God bless always:)
Angie Tablang Hilario Rojo
Hello Mr.Bryant McGill I'm from Manila.
Juliana Hoyos
Hello from NYC and COLOMBIA!!! How are you ?
Zaineb Moolla
As always,,, its a pleasure being in your company....with much love...♡
Marne Judge
Debbie Gallegos
My dream is to help my community start with the young lost for people and then help all people eventually helping everyone I always dreamed if I was rich I would open my own building and offer services and education on drug abuse parenting knife I also quit school in the eighth grade and became a mother and 18 Merrimack College 16 years and was a single mom my baby just turned 18 divorced when she was five months old you're very inspiring and I love your story I need to buy your books you might be the inspiration I needed and 49 will be 50 in December and want to start a new life and get healthy my dream is to help others it's always been I hope to hear from you someday see you in my city love Debbie Gallegos💋💘💯
Chaz Chaz Gail Ring
Hello from buuutiful South Africa. .
Gwen Alfaro
Hi! Can you please take the tag off from my account? No offense but its annoying.
Reynaldi Suwardi
Hello, I'm from Indonesia, love ❤️
Dena Donovan
Mr. McGill I enjoy your posts. They are soul food! Best wishes in your new home!
Đazzling Çhandrani Çhakraborty
Hello Bryant McGill am from INDIA :)
Georgina Gunigin
Hello Mr. McGill. I am from Papua New Guinea.
Dena Donovan
Hello from Central Coast of Cali!
Sweetyvan Joee
Hello Mr.Bryant from manila but im working in Hongkong..
Trudie du Preez
Hello Mr Bryant, I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa...
Isabel Manayon Legaspi
Hello Bryant McGill I am from Philippines...
Arlette Anne
Last name is BRYANT
Arlette Anne
Me too Beverly Hills, westlake, Santa Monica
Carolina Iris Pinilla
I couldn't make it live but awesome 👍🏼
Yolandi Du Plessis
Hi there, from Namibia 😆
Len Act
Hello sir, you look awesome!!! From Oman with love.
Arlette Anne
Hello from Tennessee!! Thank You
Maria Fe de Torres
Hello Mr. Bryant McGill. I'm from Philippines
Lhoubelle Natzkhie
Susie Stewart Washburn
Thanks from Utah
Lalai Ebc
Helow frm philippines God bls u
Imelda Juan Castillo
Hi I'm from Tarlac, Philippine
Diana Nunuhitu
Hello Bryant 👍
Marsha Wier
Welcome to Austin!
Annie Patillas
hello Mr.brayant Mc Gill
Taiseer Ahamed
Hy I am From India 😊
Drsamina Nazir
Hello,Bryant from India.
Melissa Hankey
Hello Bryant mcgill Melissa Hankey from trinidad &tobago
Zeitgeist Mpofu
I would like to thank this man of words ,I think some of his inspiring words should lift us up and change the whole concept s of thinking
Caroline Privaldos
Hi there Mr.McGill! I'm from the Philippines
Debbie Gallegos
Hello from Albuquerque New Mexico👣😇💋💘👼
Norlyn Tio Palalon Gajelomo
Hello Mr Bryant McGill from Philippines!❤❤❤
Mian Shahid
Hello Bryant McGill I'm from Pakistan
Margaret Santone
Hi I am from the universe,I choose to live in no particular place. I am of the spirit, I choose to co exist in peace in this chaotic world.
Jennifer Helms
Hi Im Jennifer from Texas!!
Edna Flores Encabo
Hello Mr. McGill I am from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.
Carina Sanchez
Hi, Bryant McGill, I'm fr Guam ..thank you my dear..
Elha Sy Sulaiman
Olaa frm Malaysia..
Joanne Johnson
Hello Mr McGill I am from Massachusetts USA
Sijan KC
Hydee Orbase
Hello Bryant,Good morning! Nice view,and you're looking good!
Sijan KC
Patricia Zacarias Berr
Teng Papica
Hellow mr.bryant McGill am from philippines thank you
Chie Belan
Welcome Mr.Bryant McGill Thank you for your help. The "FOC" ( free of charge ) Direct knowledge & wisdom. Indeed you made me cry a lot... and I learned a lot from your posts... thank you once again. You're such a beautiful person , mam of wisdom and very good heart... May our Heavenly Father bless you in everything you do... Your life to share... for God be thy Glory... more ageless wisdom to share that everyone will benefit from generation to generation I love you Mr.McGill... you remind me of two men in my life ... I loved so dearly... my late father & my one true love eml. ❤️. I wish I could have a copy of your book. Take care and God bless. ❤️.
Akram Vatani
Love it .we should respect all the people regardless of their religions.there are many ways to reach the truth or reach to the God. I agree with you Bryant.
Patricia Zacarias Berr
From Chile, thanks for moving us
Bevz Araneta-Saraña
Hi Bryant! So glad to hear nice words from you about Filipinos. Thank you...Hope you can visit Philippines soon. God bless you!
Valerie Hawkins
Hello,Bryant Am from white river,Az
Bharat Bhushan
Hello Mr.Bryant from Bahrat, India
Razzan Shreiki
Hello from Syria ☺
Edita Merza
Hi Bryant see u at Willis Tower Chicago.
Ruth Ventura
My brother was murdered in may. ..in Toronto.....we live on a shitty world
Batya Maman
sharing is caring ❤️
Batya Maman
My daily visits http://bryantmcgill.com/
คุณพัชมณ จันทเขตต์
So cute..
Veegee Abunda
Here's A WARM HELLO from Tiwi,Albay PHILIPPINES ! Sir Brynt, You're great !
Batya Maman
Stacie Hammond i appreciate you! :)
Ruth Ventura
No one cares about kindness nowadays
Mhel Espanto
Hello Mr Bryant im from philippines
Cheryl Ann Silvey
Hello from Louisiana, I' m cheryl Smith
Ruth Ventura
Nas Sen
Love & Respect
Mazzie Lowe
Hello from Australia xxx
Lucy Naris
Hello from Namibia!
Musyoka Syokau
Hi Rebecca Musyoka from Kenya
Yan Heri
Hello there Bryant McGill..Good morning from Indonesia.
Geraldine Petrullo Blanco
Hello from north Carolina
Mary Ann Abellano Tabulao
hello brayant from manila.
Dorothy Damar Pion
Hello Bryant McGill. Greetings from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
Leighann Marion
Paws N Claws
Precious Heart
From Hong Kong thanks. .
Romi Makan
Hello Bryant I m from India....
Noemis Odacrem Lee
thanks for me your true inspiration
Dolores Populi
Hi po im from manila philippines,thks for the beautiful msg everyday,godbless you more...
Armani Soler
Eva M. Cielo
Hi Mr.Bryant McGill...how are u today?thank you for your inspiring post...God bless..from: Philippines
Lori A. Hutchcraft
Not froze HERE!
Encar Dandulab
Thanks for the inspiring messages. From Baguio city Phil.
กมลรส โรส อินทรประเสริฐ
nice that well come with friend too thank you okay good morning bye
Jonathan G Fuentes
You are a truly inspirational guy 👏🏻😉
Season Mi
Thanks awesome
กมลรส โรส อินทรประเสริฐ
nice that well come with friend too thank you okay good morning bye
Edith Juta Schmidt
Hi I'm from South Africa..
Kathy Gonzales Borkowski
Where yat in Austin?!?
Linda Mercer-Kuhn
Srushti Holandi
Hello Mr McGill . I'm from Kurdistan
Bernie Uy
Hello Mr Bryant Mcgill from Cebu City Phils.
Nut Kittidechprecha
Helloooo! (:
Lori A. Hutchcraft
Yes I can hear you from Missouri
Yvonne C Laye
Blessing to you thanks for your inspiring us that listen and look forward to daily it help a lot when you have someone share there wisdom
Gerleene Johnson
Hello from Baton Rouge, LA.
Sherry Abrand Newme Sims
Hi sherry from Elgin
Yvonne C Laye
Hello Bryant I'm in Holiday,Fl my day is not complete with out you and quotes and Gods wisdom
Theresa Litzinger
From California. Hello. :) you are a true inspiration.
Uttam Singh Khangar
Hello Mr.McGill I'm an indian Gd morng sir
Yvonne C Laye
I very thank ful for your tool to us for everyday living
Diane Langman
Take your glasses off
Janie Hensley
I'm writing from Henderson Nevada :-) :-) :-)
Janie Hensley
Hello Bryant I would have enjoyed your speech alot more if I could have seen your eyes. Didn't like the sunglasses. The pathway to a person's soul is through their eyes and I could not see yours :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Jose Torres
Hi Bryant
Lori A. Hutchcraft
Hello from Missouri!
Sonja Brawner
Hello MR. Bryant McGill From Portland Oregon! God Bless You!
Isabel Pinto
Hello Mr. Bryant McGill thank you, I am from Portugal, Madeira Islands.
Michelle Barber
Hello!! This is michelle from Nashville tn.
Lisa Mejias
New York
Lisa Mejias
Olivia Olino
Wel wel wel... Helloo Bryant.
Michelle Chan
Blessed morning Mr Bryant McGrill. I'm from Malaysia & like your sharing.
Coco Warner
LA is my least favorite city second to London in the amount of cold and callous ppl I've ever encountered..
Apple Po
Hi sir McGill I'm from Tubao La Union, Philippines ^^
Lucia Davis Paschal
Hi Bryant from Boston
Gayle Zandbergen
Hello Mr Bryant. I need money. I need to break free
Mohamad Al Bahar
Hello Bryant McGill I'm from Syria
Mohamad Al Bahar
Nice video Bryant McGil
Anita Pong Cruz Ignacio
Good day...God bless...
Monzita Williams
Hello from Tampa, FL
Marilia Hidalgo
Hello! I am from Campinas - SP
Jamaica May S. Uy
Hi Mr. Bryant McGill! I'm always inspired by you! From the Philippines ❤
Felima Mariano
Good advice sir very nice and thanks...
Shara N Rasheed
Hello. I'm Kurdish from Georgia USA
Mimi Zaza
Stephanie Checchi
Hi Bryant, Stephanie from Boston, not Austin ;) Love your vibe ;)
Annaliza Consingnado
Hi Byant ,im ur avid follower,thanx for always posting nice words of wisdom…Godbless
Znerol Lierbag Leined
Hello Bryan mcgill from davao city Philippines
Elizabeth Mangaoang Molina
Hi,Mr Bryant McGill from hongkong a domestic helper, have a nice day
Sylvia Benitez
Hello from Grand Prairie!
Rose Wanat Zeyer
You're a blessing to listen to!!
Shameerah Paulse
South africa
Kat Kristina
Hi Bryant,i've never seen u before,but your thoughts r very informative🌸
Phine Dee Abad
hello Bryant ..... from joan in Manila
Sue Profeta
Positive feeds positive!!!!
Just Jules
Hi there from Australia and thank you for all the inspiring posts that warm the heart :)
Rose Wanat Zeyer
Rose Wanat Zeyer
Love your posts!
Jareen Garcia
Hi! Thank you Bryant... from Iloilo City.
Efairam Agetro Atsoca
Hi vryant from baguio city , philipines
Elizabeth Meyer
Judy Nevarrez
Hello from Lakewood, Co
Wendy Whatley Fregeau
It costs nothing to be kind....
Cindy Johannson
Hello bryant mcgill from davao
Michaela Jane Belaños
Thanks Bryant McGill I'm from Manila Philippines :)
Jaslina Lamon
Hi assalam muallaikom Mr Brayant I'm from Philippines
Maria Visitacion Sacasac Adducul
Hi, Sir Bryant! I'm fr Tuguegarao City, Philippines😊 Thank you😊
Lisa Marlo
Cindy Johannson
Monkrixanelle Carpio Fernando
Hi sir Bryant McGill from manila with love..
Emmeruth Lopez Pineda
Hi Bryant ! In case you didnt see my shoutout earlier ✌🏽️I'm your biggest fan and you inspire me in many ways. I'm A Filipina in Toronto Canada.
Ella Peña Parma
Hi Bryant, how bout giving a thought to visit Singapore my work base?😀
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas. Reno nv
Thet Thet Khaing
Hello Mr Bryant, I'm from Burma(Myanma). I'd like your posts very much. Its make me stronger than before. Thank you very much. May God bless you.
Lisa Kelsey
Hello from Idaho
Linda Franco
Hi Bryant and fam! Thanks for all your inspiration
Ghada Massoud
Congratulation for your new home
Kim Weaver
In Houston Texas
Kathee Caban
I hear you
Peggy Gonzalez Havlin
Hello from the Bronx, New York
Kathee Caban
Hello from New Jersey
Sally Swindle
Hello Mr Bryant I'm fr AL. But I drive over the road I'm in North Bend, WA today 😊
Vicki Kithcart
Hi Brian this is vicki rom Ohio love you
Sarah Russell
Spokane WA
CamnJoe Schimmel
Hello from Sheboygan wisconsin
Jeffery Thorn
Didn't know you was from Mobile Alabama. I was born in redbay alabama. I had been thinking you had southern country feel about you. I would like to thank you for just being you. I have been following yall for a little while and I love what I have seen and heard thus far. :) ♡ well done my friends. Well done. I am encouraged everytime love yall.
Debbie Marie
Found this broadcast by "accident" for lack of a better word. You are just what I needed today. I've been a forever fan. Having a very rough couple of weeks. You made me smile. You made my day keep it up. I'm with you and Jenny all the way!!!!
Elena Pader Tamayo
Hi good morning Bryant God bless
Nory Floreno Canoy Daud
Hello Bryant McGill I'm working here in Saudi Arabia and I'm from Philippines!!
Ricardo Loredo
Yuli Ani
Hello Mr Bryant...l'm from Indonesia.
Julie Gores
Darn I missed you
Vangie Cinco
Hello Mr.Bryan ! Im one of your followers and fans of course I appreciated all those you inspirring words and I always share it on my Facebook wall thank you More power to you God bless you more I am here in Hong Kong and this is Vangie Cinco
Sky Roldan
Omg!!! 💖 Welcome to Austin !!!!!!!!!!!!🎉😻🎉 YaYYY 🎊😛🎊🙌🏻🎉👻
Sandra Lee Jacobs
Thank you Thank you Thank you.. Bryant and Jenny. Congratulations on your move to Austin...your going to soar like an eagle...love and best wishes ♡
Arlene Renee
Love is the answer....:)
Lot Lot
nice and inspiration
Clint Meloche
Jesus loves you too
Francisco Pinochet
Tatoy Roberto
Bettina Bonterre
Y'all keep it tight !
Pablo Cámara
Refka Ben Romdhane
I SO LOVED your respect to each other and your love ❤️ ❤️ thank you for the inspiration we lovveeeeuu
Zuly Verdera Alvarez
This is so awesome
Michelle Beber
Many blessings to you and your family in Austin! 🙏😇
Patricia Harriet-Jackson
Continue to be a blessing........
Dawna Dickson
It's a commitment.
Mimi Carroll Pace
Clint Meloche
John hagee preaches the love of God and Jesus as the ever lasting life
Sheila Mcshane
ireland is watching
Ria Nicholls
Parm Hans
Thank you
Bonnie Vent
Thx for the inspiration!
Susan Young
I am so excited for you both!!!!
Ken Chong
Bravo Jenni & Bryant.
Mikaela Jewel
Thanks for the inspiration!!! (-,:
Robin Franklin-Buck
Looking forward to the next one....thank you
Tabby Tab
Blessings to YOU
Diana Sumbe
You're an angel
Dawna Dickson
Generosity is a blessing of the heart. 💜
Cathy Anderson Warren
Bless you guys...love yal!
Sherrene Rigby Branch
Until next time! Thank YOU!
Deb Kritzer
No! I always seen to miss you lately. Do you have a live schedule?
Author Holly Ruttenbur Dickinson
Sending love and appreciation
Said ALhawiti
Good luck
Dennis Darnell
This was Fun. Good to see y'all !
Susan Young
sending big love
Tracy Campbell
Love you guys !
Annette Ziegler
Love it up in Austin babes!! Love it! ❤️
Cynthia Cormier
Michelle Diane
God Bless thank you
Susan Hathaway
Your vibration is through the roof! Thanks for sharing! ❤️
Mimi Carroll Pace
love it up
Lot Lot
hi jenny
Sharon Primeaux
Thank you, your writings do help my broken heart
Blaine Twoine
If you lost your child to an abusive parent and a corrupt court system, how do you bounce back from that, while youre still fighting? How do you keep positive?
Dannielle Parovel-Norris
Thank you
Pablo Cámara
The same for you both
Syakir Zaini
Brandy McKey
Tabby Tab
Thank you!!!
Muna Isir Abdullahi
Even the rich seek for content & happiness which they can't buy. You see when you have very little you are more happy coz the little you have you thank GOD and appreciate.
Robin Franklin-Buck
Cathy Anderson Warren
Love you guys!!!
Sky Roldan
Hi beautiful wife 😘
Diana Sumbe
You're amazing couple!
Lot Lot
hi jenny
Robin Franklin-Buck
Good night
Zuly Verdera Alvarez
Come to Florida!!!!!
Tabby Tab
Austin is a great city...
Said ALhawiti
r u habby man
Lot Lot
how about in philippines
Claudia Wöhrle
You are very inspirational. Thank you very much for your live videos! :-D
Jeysom Cabrera
We want more live chat!
Syakir Zaini
Thank you Bryant n Jenny. You guys rocksss!!
John Pizanis
Win the day
Kimberley Bonomini Kilcher
Hello from mount olive , New Jersey ~ love everything you put out!
Michelle Beber
Love it up!!!!! 🌟❤️🌟
Emilie Brynhildr Volsung
That's a good revenge on life :)
Dawna Dickson
It's spiritual. It's a way of life!!
Abba Sorrel
Hi Bryant..you really inspired me and a lot the people..thanks and more power!
Parm Hans
Diana Sumbe
I can't wait to get there!
Bettina Bonterre
Some of My family is from Huntsville Alabama
Lot Lot
Hazel Chick
Awesome✌🏼️ keep living life good 👊🏻👊🏻💪🏼💪🏼🎉🎉🎉go Jenny
Sherrene Rigby Branch
Love being able to watch you and your lovely wife.
Karin Newman
You are so inspiring. Love you two. Love it up.
Susan Young
John Pizanis
Let's do this people! Keep the focus
Sheila Mcshane
say hello to ireland ?
Michelle Beber
Thank you both for doing another live broadcast! ❤️
Clint Meloche
Corner stone church in San Antonio will take over. In Jesus name amen
Lot Lot
I hope so
Alia Sha
Hello! I am from Philippines Bryant McGill.. Someday you come here Philippines' I believed about your good inspiration from your heart...
Rahima Diocolano Balimbingan Mala
Hi!Mr Mc Gill, from Mindanao Philippines.
Angie Siens Peoples
👍🏻 I appreciate all you do and say. Blessings to you and yours! Hugs!
Lot Lot
wow thank you
Parm Hans
Thank you
Pablo Cámara
Thanks for your words
Carl E Lohmeyer
I'm at dinner, now. I'll see you later.
John Pizanis
Yeah this is cool
Susan Hathaway
Thank you bunches! I needed a boost today. ❤️
Sky Roldan
ThanX ThanX ThanX 👊🏻😜
Jude Lynn
Thank you for your giving!!💝💝💝💝
Diana Sumbe
I'm lost in space!
Author Holly Ruttenbur Dickinson
Very cool. Austin will be blessed to have you then.
Dawna Dickson
Generosity is action. Be generous to yourself and others equally, fairly. It begins with an attitude and a behavior of action, action, action!!!💞
Said ALhawiti
u care to Mach abut money .
Bettina Bonterre
I've been taking care of a 90 yr old disabled uncle who has dementia for the past few years outta my own pocket when I know I couldn't afford it but humanity and family is priceless
Parm Hans
Syakir Zaini
Are you going to end soon?
Ronnie W Jordan
Hello Mr. Bryant from Oklahoma.
Deb Kritzer
Good karma blesses you whether you help with money or just a smile to make sometimes day
Susan Young
Love it!!!!
Tabby Tab
I love your live chats!! This is fabulous!
John Pizanis
Susan Young
Hazel Chick
Kevin LaSaga
I'm the guy Bryant
Vi Autencio de Castro
hi from Manila, Philippines :)
Sharon Cupal
Hi I'm from Bohol phillipines
Nikki Nicole
Thank you for your inspiration!!
Patricia Harriet-Jackson
Tell me how to help my kids in my Adolescent AIDS Program
Tabby Tab
Giving is part of your soul and heart
Susan Young
that is so true
Said ALhawiti
u need more drank
Sheila Mcshane
my daughter has a brain injury , money that was raiesd in chicago is helping her with therophy the last 5 years i thankthem from my heart !
Ken Chong
Generosity of heart. A drop of kindness perfumes the world. Can you do it today?
Melisa Nash
Your are very inspiring and motivating thank you for not just sitting on your couch you help a lot of people
Parm Hans
It's your personality
Dannielle Parovel-Norris
Volunteer at any shelter at any church, animal shelter all is good thing
Annette Ziegler
That's right....people can be kind....that's free and blessings come your way.
Sharon Primeaux
Why it appears that Clint is standing in judgement with you
Karin Newman
Volunteering is a great way to be generous.
Tabby Tab
Even if you don't give money...give food if you have it..
Hazel Chick
I'm very generous.. A big heart, smiles are free❤️🙏🏼👍🏼
Diana Sumbe
I'll tell yo what, you're from planet Mars!
John Pizanis
How do you be nice but not a pushover
Mimi Carroll Pace
I volunteer at a animal shelter
Robin Aldridge
Kindness is free.
Angie Siens Peoples
I'm poor but I give of my time and what little I do have because that's what life is about.
Karin Newman
I agree it's the love of money that creates evil. I would put more money towards others especially for the poor and towards the arts.
Said ALhawiti
I need money r u hevea me Sam
Lhiel Gomez
Hello sir,I can hear u now
Shelly Moore
That is so true smiling makes a big difference
Cynthia Cormier
Ready to be generous exponentially. Teach others to be generous and not fearful of giving!
Emilie Brynhildr Volsung
Did you ever think of giving conferences abroad? Like in Europe?
Cheryl Zippay
Homes not horses :)
Lean Delos Reyes
Hello Mr. McGill... I'm from the Philippines.. . 😊😀
Clint Meloche
Why do you look mad Bryant? Your getting aggressive it seems
Lot Lot
Author Holly Ruttenbur Dickinson
Me and my Girl Scout troop help lots of people
Claudia Wöhrle
I gave a homeless EUR 5 and a few minutes later I found EUR 10 on the street. The universe has its ways!
Tabby Tab
yes if you don't give now as an average person, having more money won't make you do it...it's in your soul to give
Diana Sumbe
So how the hell you do that?
Joyce Gilliam
I would like to have it to spread around to all who were in need!!
Robin Franklin-Buck
It makes me feel good to give so I always do😊
Sharon Primeaux
Tea the southern drink
Robin Swezea
I feed feral cats from my neighborhood
Tracy Campbell
How did you start
Said ALhawiti
no good
Annette Ziegler
Nothing is wrong with having money LOL.....I have known you for years and I know you love people and you have done a lot for others too!
Sky Roldan
Hi Bryant ✌🏻️welcome to Austin 👻
John Pizanis
Thank you
Mimi Carroll Pace
i do not have it but I help others with what I do have
Author Holly Ruttenbur Dickinson
I already do help the homeless
Parm Hans
Lot Lot
I need money Bryant 😍
Cheryl Zippay
I want to rehab homes for people who normally could not afford to buy a home with services and wares that are bartered for.
Clint Meloche
Yes your right Bryant the love of money is evil. You either will love one and despise the other.
Lim AH Ran Marco
God bless u bryant from cavite, phillippines!! Thanks for giving us hope!😍😄👏
Author Holly Ruttenbur Dickinson
Good then because I share all the time.
John Pizanis
What are you drinking
Sharon Primeaux
Give until it helps
Deb Kritzer
Hello handsome!! Yes I should have money!!!
Josephine Delid
hello Sir Bryant thank you for being my great motivator and inspiration God bless you more and more I'm a Filipino so proud of you Sir👍👍👍💟💟💟
Michelle Beber
The universe wants to give everyone abundance!
Hazel Chick
I try my best to help our homeless I take food out of my own fridge
Lot Lot
Author Holly Ruttenbur Dickinson
It's what's in your heart.
Sherrene Rigby Branch
You need money to help and bless others.
Lot Lot
Said ALhawiti
Tabby Tab
I would help with the homeless
Robin Franklin-Buck
Robbie H. Andrews
Author Holly Ruttenbur Dickinson
What you do with money is either evil or good.
John Pizanis
Make it rain
Sherrene Rigby Branch
Money is fluid. In order to have money, you must give money....
Emilie Brynhildr Volsung
Frustration doesn't get one anywhere, nor does jealousy indeed.
Lot Lot
I need money hihihi
Robin Franklin-Buck
Claudia Wöhrle
I'd help aminals and poeple who don't have a home and food!
Blaine Twoine
I would share it
Lilian Kehoe
hi Bryant ! look forward,+let yourself Live ,Smile + Love ..Wexford , Ireland ❤️
Susan Young
Right on!!!!
Lot Lot
yes we are all need money
Mimi Carroll Pace
it depends what you do with it
Robin Swezea
I'd buy property and build a furever farm for animals
Syakir Zaini
You define your yourself with your money. If you think its evil, its mean you are evil then.
Author Holly Ruttenbur Dickinson
I want to help the homeless
Michelle Beber
On the choo choo! 🌟
Pablo Cámara
With money we can educate more people

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