Helicopter Adventure to Catalina Island with Jenni & Daughters. #GoMcGill

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George Boateng
Please peace and love joy blessed
Marie Fay Inspiration
Aw so cute! ❤️
Michelle Lynn Pyles
You have a beautiful family! Awe that little one she is a little angel 💓😇
Amie Shoji
Happy bonding! Love it!.,
Michaela Jane Belaños
Have a safe travel Bryant :)
Jenette Grubb
Have a great day Namaste x
Valerie Rickel
Awesome!! Looks like fun!! I LOVE Catalina ❤️
Carol Fruzzetti
Thanks for sharing. I've never been in a helicopter and totally felt like I was in there !! 🎉💕
Cristy Aboc Ricaplaza
Gud evening from kuwait.. enjoy your island adventure sir...
Terry Mungia Guerrero
Awesome 😄😆😉😝
Kathi Walters Talley
Awesome! Enjoy! Thanks for sharing!
Docan Haraga Mirela
Thanks from Romania !
Corazones Vk
Where is my ticket.
Dastan Kaka
Hello Bryant , nice 2 c u🌼
Robin Aldridge
Hi,sounds like a great adventure!
Aida Tanael
Sikandar Jaan Ali
Good travels👍
Fragile Heart's
Wow..had a safety trip enjoy...
Una Jay Tlhagwane
Wow lovely.
Fidl Z Partiz
Have fun buddy
Niko King Parker
Chrislet Morales
Leo Rita Bordon Senio
Cindy Petty
Always wanted to go up in a helicopter. Fun adventure! Thank you for sharing
Maiza Tariq
John Casillas
Truly amazing to have your family experience that with you a true blessing keep living the dream wow GET IN THE CHOPPPA LOL
Rebekah Perez
Safe travels!! 🚁
Paulina Wright
Thank u for sharing
กมลรส โรส อินทรประเสริฐ
very good so much
กมลรส โรส อินทรประเสริฐ
well good
Michelle Holz Bailey
"Life,Health, wealth ......... Ok my mind is open Bryant, lets see it.
Sharon K. Brayfield
Good Morning from Dallas :)
Diane Brown
Cindy Martens Benitez , your right just when it was getting good ! 😒🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁
Brandy Kontrath
Oh my word, must be so exciting! I'm sure i would be! Have fun kids!
Deborah McNeese
Cindy Martens Benitez
Cindy Martens Benitez
True Ericka
Cindy Martens Benitez
Out of range perhaps
Cindy Martens Benitez
Safe travels to them
Charlotte Sophia Frazer
Right?! :p
Terri Grigsby
Yall be careful
Cindy Martens Benitez
Just when it was getting good too!
Cathy Anderson Warren
Linda Ortiz Castillo
How exciting, have a great time , from Linda in Texas
Charlotte Sophia Frazer
Cindy Martens Benitez
Charlotte Sophia Frazer
Mine tooo
Cindy Martens Benitez
Haleh Rahmani
Melisa Magodić
Catalina Island in DR! The most most beautiful. I have been there. The best vacation. Enjoy and be safe.🚁⚓️🌴☀️
Charlotte Sophia Frazer
Stopped working!
Mary Moraites
Nice view...
Cindy Martens Benitez
Ugur Altas
Why ı am here😊
Cindy Martens Benitez
You can ^^^
Charlotte Sophia Frazer
How exciting! Thanks for sharing this with us!!
Julie Lyn
Wish I could ride in a private helicopter....
Haleh Rahmani
Pi Kirro
Wow nice:)
Divina Gómez
Niceeee have fun
Diane Brown
Safety first ! 🚁
Mayra Munoz
Elizabeth Carder
Have Fun!
Cindy Martens Benitez
Safe travels
Linda Ortiz Castillo
Awesome 😃
Diane Brown
Life , health and wealth! 🌴🚁
Nadia Toma
Haleh Rahmani
Charlotte Sophia Frazer
Safe travels!
Cathy Anderson Warren
Linda Ortiz Castillo
Woohoo 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Linda Ortiz Castillo
Hi Everyone have fun !!!!!!!
Selenia Carrico
Let's go!!!!
Mary Moraites
Hi sweet family....enjoy yourselves...much love..from Mukonos island Greece
Selenia Carrico
Hey pretty girl!
Arrietty Janiva Adams
Hello Bryant many thanks
Sarah Moore
Hiya 😀😀
Jennie Norton
Melanie Di Pino
Hello💜from Switzerland
Dominique Mathieu
Hi from Belgium!!
LJ Pelke
Good morning;)
Selenia Carrico
Doing good! Have fun!! Be safe!!!
Cathy Anderson Warren
Terri Grigsby
Sai Ram
Hi bryant
Selenia Carrico
Hello pilot!!!

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