Overcoming Fear...

Overcoming fear… (Sorry for the low quality upload. Facebook deleted the original with 80k views and deleted all comments) See More...

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Edenice Araujo
David Stuart
Annie Roberts
"Ciao for now" ... ❤️ ❤️ :)
Annie Roberts
Thank You Jenni & Bryant ... nice touch ... Take Care there ... ❤️ ❤️ (y) (y)
Annie Roberts
That sky is so beautiful - WoW !!! Thank You for sharing your view - Awesome !!! Angry clouds - Cool !!! ❤️ (y) (y)
Annie Roberts
Never got a notification for this one - glad to watch it now ... 3:28am Sunday 11/20 ... :)
Annie Roberts
This was a / the video before you showed your 'Art' a.k.a 'NOT ART' ... ;) (y)
Annie Roberts
Awesome view - just found this video ... ❤️ ❤️
Janny Nguyen
Matilda Marie Nawakayas
Bel Centeno
❤️❤️❤️ this video thank you both! Choosing faith and courage over fear...
Lawrence Mungai Kimemia
Looking great.
Michele Goren
Dear Jenni and Bryant, I want to tell you something that touched me very deeply in the broadcast last night. Bryant was speaking about his inability to file things and how you just stepped in with love and did what needed to be done without judgment of him or ridicule. In fact you seemed delighted that you could be part of picking up the pieces he could not place. This brought me to tears, literally. How beautiful to hear this and see your faces light up while talking about it. My experience was so different. I am computer illiterate, hence why 3 of the videos I've done for the Royal group are still spinning and spinning on my phone. When I was married I asked my husband to help me with technology things and he would become irate, belittling, telling me how stupid I was. I would gently ask if he could paint or draw or write or show love to children in so many ways, he'd answer no...Then I'd explain that each of us have gifts and each of us have shortcomings, if we want to view them that way. He never got it. So to see both of you getting it, living that love and understanding...well, it's beautiful and I am very happy to see it in you, in your lives....and I hope one day to see that in my life too. Thank you for sharing your truths so lovingly. Love to you both. Michele
Jr Lawes
''Funny-real'' ride the vibe, because it is there,and it's { Our's } true to self.
Gina Iannucci Feddersen
Unfortunately Facebook is controlling what everyone sees and doesn't. It is frustrating. A while back as a small business using Facebook to share was a very good tool. It still is to a certain degree but frustrating that they can delete posts and hide posts.
Thea Butler
The music in the beginning is great lol
Sarah Caruso
love you too. 👑💛🌟👑💛🌟👑
Linda Brooks
I didn't look at the house but it looks like you gave good advice. I wonder why Facebook didn't keep it all on there?
Jayne Gale
Cindy J Stahl
Xoxoxo I could listen to you both all day long got rid of my cable eating healthier getting in tune with my soul and have been getting rid of my fear and moving with my strength into the future with more blessings that I could ever imagine
Cindy J Stahl
Sweethearts with so much love to pour on the universe you are a gift from the higher power your smiles and energy is contagious
Cindy J Stahl
Looks very yummy I love cabbage
Cindy J Stahl
Love you Bryant and Jenni your changing the world just by care and sharing you're so real and genuine thank you so much for your royal love
Yatiah Sulaiman
i love the view of yr apartment.i love the red cabbage n i like to see you two in blacks.keep it up.
Tonya Noble
Whatever you do, do it from your heart or not at all. Xoxo 👑👑👑💖💖💖
Nelly Ibarra
As always, thank you both for investing so much of your time, lives, knowledge & energy into teaching & empowering this Royal Community/Family!! You are both so intelligent, loving, giving & a Huge Blessing to us all!! Thank you & much love to you always!! ♡♡♡
Lisa S Medium
Hi Bryant & Jenni Love you guys! 👑💞👑
Barbie Schultz
Thanks Bryant love it. God bless xxx
Yasmine Jamila
Michael Van Gulik
Loving it
Rebecca Jarrett
Is it just me or does he seem to not want her to be a part of this? Hes standing in front of her not allowing her space. Every time she speaks, he starts shouting over her as if shes annoying him. Shes standing behind him trying to jump into the video. The competition between them is extremely distracting. I cant take your words seriously.
Stacey Curran
Hey guys, fellow royals. Xxx I've saved the video for tomorrow morn. I av2 go bk to bed get some sleep. Xxx take care xxx
Susan Kruschke
Love this ❤️ Thank you Bryant and Jenni ❤️ Thinking about growing like a garden or farm. Took many notes on this one. Awesome. We can do what we love. Just believe in your vision, focus. Royal cry fest. Pay attention to your feelings. Be positive :)
Barbie Schultz
Hi.Bryant xxx
Tia Smith
Hi from Santa Barbara. I love this video. I am pretty sure they were talking to me
Christina Soliz
Good inspiring message today! Bring it!
Susan Kruschke
Dinner looks great :)
Ginger Marie
Odette Ale Ladiv Bucsit
Yes we can see :)
Susan Kruschke
Susan Kruschke
The scenery is beautiful ❤️
Susan Kruschke
Hello Royals ❤️
Annabella Adams
It's ok thanks for sharing it again loved the broadcast learned a lot to. 👑👑👑👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖
Carolyn Schepers
Hello Royals
Lori Rodriguez
Lisa Dorety-Walkingstick McDonald
Hello Royals
Johanna LaPerle
I would like to know the jeweler lady; like to see if I like her pieces!
Jimmy Southidara
Hey! You guys look wonderful!
Dianna Traney
Hello what is the deal
Richie Dryman
Brooke Lucas
Deanna Cichewicz
Not the first time that they deleted this...?
Archie D'arc
Bill Brigden
Please don't let her interrupt you all the time - so distracting
Dorothy Penn
Enjoyed what I watched
Dely Rivera
It's ok, it happens
Gina Rose De-Juliis Mallia
Really, why. I saw the other one
Silke Stoecklein
Overcoming fear???
Liza Bergholtz
Awe sorry to hear that.
Lyndsey Heart Alcazarin
but why?why should they do that,,??
Susan Butler Shepherd
Why would they do that ?

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