Part 2: Interview with Darius Barazandeh β€” You Wealth Revolution

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Aimee Burke Fletcher
"Wisdom all around", "choose your passion", "feelings are messengers"....pure awesomeness!! #RoyalStudentStudying
Ashely Ashley
i am a very sensitive person... i get fast inlove and i love all the people in this world also.... i love God, but i take very fast the problem of others in my soul, and i feel all the negative thouths of other people... and i get also very fast hurt ... how i do not to have any expectaction from people?
Arthur Erison
Toshi Nagar
Always agree with you ,
Michelle Beber
Wow! This was so powerful! I enjoyed listening to both of you ... but Bryant, you were on fire! I love your passion and especially enjoyed your "joy rant!" Your heart was definitely speaking to all of us. Thank you for all you do to help others. 🌟❀️🌟
Robin Franklin-Buck
Sorry I missed this one....I was at work
Jude Lynn
Rena Audrey
Great broadcast. I feel well and charged. Thank you Bryant for giving this to me today. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š
Angel Angel
Nice beautiful.
Darius Barazandeh-You Wealth Revolution
What an amazing session...thank you Bryant and :) Much love to everyone!
Darlene Hayes
Much love and blessings!!!!
Darlene Hayes
Enjoyed our time together ! WOW so much good...
Darlene Hayes
I am new to your 'family' of fans. So very grateful for you all as well.
Francis Jackson
And we(myself especially) are very grateful to you for all that you do!!! Have your book and it's life-changing!!!
Emma Hand
I think what you and Jenni are doing is commendable :) So many people are in need of positivite outlooks in life right now xxx
Darlene Hayes
I agree
Francis Jackson
Judy Tolentino
Not everyone thinks like you.
Ginger Quinton
Hello Bryant 😊
Darlene Hayes
Thank you Bryant, Jenni and Darius, for this excellent message today!
Shoaib Maher
Good job brant i really appriciated βœ¨πŸ‘
Carol Meerbeek
Bonnie Vent
Even the Muppet Show has gone ugly and dark. I hope parents are not showing this to their children.
Dominika Gutierrez
This is awesome! Thank you for doing this πŸ’œ I feel connected, happy vibes, happy life ... Positivity πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š
Vera Gr
Totally agree with that! Being around negative people and having all the negativityaround you will draw you down! The negativity is infecting! Being around positive people will recharge us!
Emma Hand
I'm now watching Bryant McGill daily lol :) Inspiring xxx
Leann Tupper
Where you at
Candy Loubser
Loving yourself is wen you have peace within an you are happy
Darlene Hayes
Such wisdom!
Emma Hand
A 3D tv that had the tiniest hairline scratch on it saved me Β£100.... You can't even see it !!!
Francis Jackson
Hi Bryant
Francis Jackson
John Pizanis
Hi candy
Candy Loubser
John Pizanis
CΓ€sar Jacobson
Janice Holmes
strength within, self empowerment, exuding confidence...... can be infectious
Bonnie Vent
A friend will not let you cry. A therapist will hand you a box of tissues and listen to you cry.
Giovanni Gramegna
I'm passioned about my work but i don't talk about it with people 'cause i'm introvert.
Emma Hand
Enjoying life... and enjoying what you do :) xx
Kevin LaSaga
Kevin LaSaga
Ohhh here he goes again ☝️
Marie-Christine Morin
Yeah !!! Alignement :)
Melch Tower
Essie Smith
I agree πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Brooke Gutshall
Love this
Alison Jayne
Hi from Alberta, Canada!
April M Oresik
That's right no one lives your life you do
Keith Bowers

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