Taking Your Power Back. Awareness Is Power. More On The Laser Beam.

Taking your power back. Awareness is power. More on the laser beam. How to be strong and kind. Focus, clarity, listening, and leadership. Establishing your authority with knowledge, critical thinking, and manners. How people recognize authority unconsciously. Tweet questions and comments to @BryantMcGill See More...

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prabhakar rajarapu
Mousumi Das
Hi Bryant n Jenni...gud morning...your reminders and videos are remarkable!! I always love reading and watching both of you..they really teach values and give confidence...teaches morals ....amazing!!
Christie Mcguigan
Christie Mcguigan
My son is now suffering from the same thing but keeps saying that he is socially inept like a broken record ... or no social skills ... how do you teach yourself those skills with past trauma or childhood memories ... that’s a form of bad meditation too
Christie Mcguigan
I found that out early in life ... not being a good communicator was detrimental to my self esteem ...
Christie Mcguigan
I so get Jenni ... me too
Christie Mcguigan
It takes risks...
Christie Mcguigan
You can’t fake what you don’t know it comes out in the end ...
Christie Mcguigan
Because they don’t know everything and it’s too important to screw up ... aware of being incompetent in certain areas of expertise?
Christie Mcguigan
They need problem solvers ... I need to share this to my son who works with computers and would get so much out of this ...
Christie Mcguigan
I’ve been told negative things like airhead ... etc
Christie Mcguigan
Sort of a paying it forward 😊
Christie Mcguigan
I love hanging out with you all on video... it’s edifying and informational on self development...I currently am working on my son with it . Simple Reminders is 👏
Christie Mcguigan
On snapchat
Heidi Baumgartner
Set my mind on fire
Anand Dadson
Good morning
Kathy McInerny
I LOVE your posts!!!
Ingrid Aponte
Maryam Karimi
appreciate for this lessons.
Maryam Karimi
because i believe here to learn and im starving to learn so im listening
Maryam Karimi
im aware of that
Maryam Karimi
I believe mass success
Maryam Karimi
thank nyou for teaching
Shawn Bernthold
Lol stay off the crack
Desmond Alleyne Allysha Byrne
Tanya Byrne
Donna Machado
Jeffrey Moss
Amen understood
Shanyn Vieira
:) ❤️
Cynthia Sims
what were the primary, most powerful, steps and transitions helped you go from hopeless to joyous? I had enough joy & passion to share, much less for myself... Used to " light up the room"... I never could have imagined being this beat down - me? No way! Well, yes me. I believe 1 key to everything is reaching out. I need all of the guidance I can be blessed with. If you could share, I'd appreciate it very much! I'm so glad you made the journey!
Thanks for a simple reminder '' stupid people are dangerous' 'love listing.. long time since I heard myself talk ,your the best 4 me right now. Weeee continue I need this.hugs.
Stacey Curran
Wow I am awakened finally xxx
ShEen Kausar
Sarah Spirito
Amazing !!!!! Truth be told. Thank you for your divine insight.
Karen Blair
This was pure awesomeness! Loved it! Thanks Bryant and Jenny!
Bonnie Reinhardt
Please unsubsidized me
Zho An
late to warch this video and i love the snap shots i hope i have a good phone to join you on snap shots.
Peggy Paluda
Laurie Leo
I love what u say
Wilkin Ogando
Wilkin Ogando
That is real empower man
Mo Bye
I want real empowerment. I do feel alive. I want to grow. I have a vision for myself that I have yet reinvented myself to accomplish it. I'm ready. Thank you so much simplereminders.com!! I've already started my metamorphosis and physically people are noticing
Mo Bye
Hello, how are you? How are you feeling? You look great today. I'd love to do business with you I'm looking forward to meeting you I'm looking forward to our relationship thank you and having great manners and caring about people and communicating with them regardless of what else is going on in your life and your business development with them I've found has to be supported by caring and sharing personal development but sometimes it seems like I befriend people that aren't as nice and kind as I am in their evil and toxic and I've learned to let them go
Mo Bye
I've been told especially by my family that I talk too much but my reaction to them after it hurt me for many years and I self-sabotage myself and myself was to understand that it was their issue that they could not keep up with my brain and the communication between my mouth
Mo Bye
I Love your broadcast already!! You are both great! North Coastal San Diego County. Maureen Byers Maureen Byers
Peggy Kane
First time
Peggy Kane
Quit bragging and love on please
Kelly V Wash
Thank you..
Debra Joy
Exactly! The power of words. Not only in the usage, but in the understanding of the context in which they appear. My bachelor's degree, biology major, english minor. I actually use my minor much, much more! It does, yes, drive some people into downright frustration, in trying to deal with me at times. Be it spoken, OR written, communication. But ya know what? They can't get past, around, or through me, without clarifying. I do, however, be nice, acknowledge that maybe certain things, circumstances, situations, etc., may be beyond their control. Thank you two so much for the great work you do! I am loving being a part of this group!
Shiraz Arain
i am tired :( what i have noticed here were i live is that when a person says he or she wants to say i listen but when i want to say something or have conversation they start to look here and there oh my God that boils the hell out of my blood . i am so much tried of getting betrayed and many people dont treat me good which is slowly turning me in an animal . now people specailly my friends say shiraz you are so extreme no you have changed . i try to be nice but they forget that they just want to be my friend to full fill there selfish needs only and i dont have snapchat and i still dont use anroid smart phones .Today is the first time i listened your broadcast till 1:08:12 after that i didnt had energy to use pc because i was sleepy .
Berit-Aya Jensen
❤️ OMG ❤️. Thank you. So much to work with. Especially about the listening - I hear how their wish to be seen as well as their subconscious tracks and roadmaps. Thank you so much. (ps. from Denmark ;-D ),
Christina Nadeau
Thank you for giving me the honor of listening. It's been the reinforcement of EVERYTHING that I've suspected for years. Wishing I'd have been blessed to hear your motavations earlier in my life..I will be indebted too you both for the heartfelt honesty and truth that you share. Take Care and please continue to be a blessing to one and all.
Kevin Warwick
:D shared :D
Kevin Warwick
Karen Blair
I agree and thank you both for giving of yourselves. I listened to every word. I also post your simple reminders posts. You help people see from a different and empowering position. I have seen your posts all over Facebook. You have touched a chord within many people. God bless you both!
Been beaten down..by editors
Irene Carlson and people such as..BC Personal Injury Lawyers and ICBC Claims Lawyers Erik Y M .
My father saw the power in me and I followed his ways and could do anything he undertook .Ha, now I get it.. but it keeps me isolated.. Most all I knew tried to silence ,stop me no one could.. So they shun me with stories about me and they grew wings.. They at times get in my way.. People are speed bumps I need folks like you two, thanks..
My mother would always say don't get ahead of yourself again happiness always turns sorrwow e then where will you be. Your over confident..or who do you think you are..
I need to take my power back in order to survive. .I have don't so much and no one pleased me to tell what I was able to do alone .I am so very proud of me however when no one sees it I began to doubt as well. I love and great at it, helping others achieve there best they can be.. Irene CarlsonI can't stop and love it and don't suffer fools. BC Canada.
No one has made me want my life over again like you. I don't have to be perfect for others just have rights to take time for me no matter what others are going through I met a young lawyer who started this awaking in me. .Have You Ever Seen the Rain? are so real, you keep my blood boil too.
How can one set this up when so isolated community is important, just now I think like you always did.. lost along the way .I rather be alone then with most I meet. But sure like what you do.. wow I love it.
I love you 4 what yur doing to my heart, s my soul my life! so right you R just to be that free, wow love it. .real empowerment..
JoJo La
Just came across this...loving it!
Mie Kyaw
Misty Holt
First time listener
Robin Bailey
Roy-ality...perfect! I'm in:)
Nene Llupar Castillo
Alisa Leftwich
First time, looks intriguing. Live New Zealand
Amanda Acker
I like you guys!
Caroline Watier
:) ❤️
Sunita Durgah
McGill Media
McGill Media
McGill Media
Zaman Wahid
Dear .,Time is soo Critical Or distance far long ! I wish BE 'Happy u r & I try too Meet
Wendi Hosac
Wendi Hosac first time listener! Love you Guys! This is an Awesome Show, Keep Going! Thank You for your Energy!
Tony Hunt
I agree Vicki Maren Reed, Same thoughts with me.
Motasm Abu Alheja
Donna Swanson
I want some more of the good stuff you are on. Lol know what I mean don't you. Do you have kid's or something you love more than the drug's? ??
Donna Swanson
How do you get over the murder of my son? In a couple days I have to know he is gone. I want to be with him and not hurt so bad I can't breathe. HOW
Christine Nicholson
Yes I would like to be supported by many things in my life
Kelly Cameron
John J Haydock
Carolann Silva
Love ya! Everybody open your minds! Knowledge is empowerment!
Jen Akin
Thank you so much for your inspiration. I really enjoy and I also need to hear these words of encouragement I am also sharing with friends. Thank you!
Lis Eccles
😀 sounds amazing😀
Edmund Ngu
Dear Bryant & Jenny, I am a first timer listening to your video. When it comes to the word 'awareness', you really walk the talk. Am very impressed by the way you speak about leadership and reality. You know, am now a step closer to show kindness and powerfulness to lead. I wanna thank you for your empowerment to motivate people around the world to just listen to your talk n talk. Both of you are so blessed with such a talent, mindset, caliber and development. Keep it up with the good works and God Bless.
Josephine Delid
You are both so inspiring and I can't help but to read more about your posts and writings and the videos. Thank you so much for the motivations and they really helped me a lot. May the Good Lord bless you more with good health and love.. You are both angels to all people who connect with you.. That's selfless love that you convey with us.. You help us grow and more aware of all the things, people, and situations that we are with.. God bless your family and more power. I'm looking forward to read more about your writings and I'm sharing you with my friends to follow you more everyday.. You're one of my favorite writers of my time. Take care and God bless us all. Josephine from the Philippines
Caroline Watier
This is brilliantly AWESOME!!!!! lol :D Great admiration for you guys!
Linda Quinn
An unknown phycic approached me anouncing, "you should write, write write! ' A stunning blow to my phycicy as these words echoed sine jounur
Vesna Kovač
Wow! A BIG YES!!!
Sandra St Clair
thank you bryant
Marianne Santos
Sandra St Clair
"Ignorant can't see it self " very empowering message for me Bryant and Jennie I am new to your podcast i would love to share my story just don't have the strength yet
Dorica James
Ive taken my power back i feel stronger than ever even if im sick now i have a smile
Tisa Summers
Thank you Bryant and Jenni! I watched your Broadcast today while having my morning coffee...My favorite part was when you said in essence...to assert ourselves & then draw back & watch the other person try to cross our boundary line again to take back their power over us...meanwhile we have drawn back to in essence show that we are serious and that our new boundaries stand! And I also liked that we should break the routine of their expectations on us! Let them see that getting by, by being kind & submissive...is not our mold anymore! We're breaking out into a new higher being! Just like Jenni has done! Going through this now...with my step dad...It isn't easy....Lol....I'm tired of being his doormat! I'm using tactics that you teach me to gain empowerment! It isn't easy...Lol....
Ayu Powell
I love when you called Jen *QUEEN* ❤️ yesss!! she is our queen!! And I always thanks you guys for what you doing in this community !! Funny snap chat ! Lol
Tina Larsen
Thank you - that was actually very interesting. (useful)
Karen Susan Hand
Sara Ashlea
Talked about this too much for too long 😐
Shama Ayub Muhammad Ayub
Plz tell me the source of earning money on net by making something
April Johnson
I truly love your posts. Please do not ever stop. Keep the good going. Thanks.
Nancy Delos Reyes Medina
A prayerful person is a powerful child of God.
Kelly Brownlie
I just want to thank you pair your amazing and listening to your videos whilst working on our own business really helps us I love the energy, the connection between the two of you is beautiful and your doing a brilliant job keep up the good work guys 😍 helping people find peace in this crazy world xx
Judy Vandale
Why can't I unsubscribe this guy????
Fred Hutcherson
" DO YOUR THING " !!!*****💡💡💡😃💡💎💎💎💎💎🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👊👊👊👊👊💯💯💯💯💯🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌐🌍🌏🌎😉😊😍😎♠🎯🎨☑
Sandy Bryson
Pittsburgh PA
Sandy Bryson
👑👑👑👑👑👑👑brag away👑❤️👑👑❤️❤️❤️
Donald J Mannion
I like the mindset of ideals ... Insight and real issues and real solutions ... Excellent.. Thank u
Natasha Isabel Parsons
How do I find you on snap chat? This is my first time trying snapchat. 👑👑👑👑
Isabelita Idjao Ancog
May I
Sandy Bryson
On snapchat
Razeen Rahim
I love how deep and intense the level of thoughts are being pushed here. This has been a favorite subject and I learn a lot from here. This also helps me reconfirm my personal experiences, adding my to my self esteem! All the best! ❤️!
Razeen Rahim
This is sick! Super [email protected]! (Y)
Irina Gonzalez
I want it,add me please!!!! I send request :)
Khadidja Loumi
Nang Lin
Teresa Ausmus
I am Teresa from Oklahoma
Debbie Litz
Terry Clingan
Connie Raffo
DC Benett
To many control issues in this !
Tina Larsen
Wow what an awesome apartment...looking forward to listening to what you have to say ...you gotta lose the music its really annoying....and confusing. (I wonder when you start saying something ? now its 1.09 and you stil have not said anything ?????
Deandrea AuCoin
Deandrea AuCoin
David Floyd
Jeremy Eberhard
My choice on how to view life. I also got rid of all my fear and resentments. Everything happens for a reason, but it only lasts a season.
Casanova Shirley
I want to join !!!
Vicki Maren Reed
Thanks El. Anyone who goes to bat for people and wears their heart on their sleeve day in and day out, for the betterment of mankind, is a person worth having in your court. And someone I personally want to know. Power used for the good, is always the best kind of power out there. And he deserves to ROAR!!!
Donna LiAne
Thanks Jeremy ... I accidentally fell into a live chat about 3 weeks ago - not so intense but powerful just the same - I immediately "got it" I love what they are doing - all of the videos can be replayed - I have found that some people have taken to sharing pretty much all negative personal drama - don't let that get in the way there are so many wonderful royals sharing thoughts, spreading love & getting the messages Bryant & Jennie share out there ... 2 main websites BeRoyal.com & simplereminders.net then Bryantmcgill.com .... Have a Beautiful day!!!
Tonia Ridner
Thank you for sharing your program truly appreciate it☺
Rommel E. Maderal
Roli Magar
Es Ther
Caroline Douglas
Thanks, I enjoyed x
Julian Bernabe
Im living here in South Korea even im busy i take time to watch and listen to your videos^^
Kajol Bhuiyan
Holly Grace Kellums
Hi sweetie 😘
Caron McBride
Reid Cunningham xo
El Vali
Bravo Vicki Maren Reed. Great statement!
El Vali
Bravo Jeremy Eberhard !
El Vali
Bravo! I Salute You to expose all these societal issues!
Danielle Brown-Douglas
I've requested to join. My life sounds like many of the people who have requested to join. I'm saddened by the lives of people around me, but mostly, I'm saddened by MY life. I am in a toxic relationship and have a heart that is too big to throw the toxicity out! I NEED positive, uplifting, and supportive strength that this group sounds like it can give. Thank you for accepting me ♡
Faelivrin Lorien
I worked with computer engineers for 2 years, it was SO GREAT to work with them. But the managers were not engineers, just regular corporate, ego-boosted narcissist abusers. That is the reason I quitted, I could work with engineers forever :)
El Vali
Good reasoning and explanation of how society functions. Perfectly stated! Many thanks Bryant!
Rolla Jane Carneiro
Honey Lene
Jeremy Eberhard
Life is so simple. I wish everyone just realized that happiness is a choice. I definitely want to know more about you two. I just fell into that live chat, and coincidentally enough everything he was talking about was exactly how I feel. There is times in conversations where people try to struggle for control and I don't even have to speak. Look forward to more of you two.
Symphatique Bahia Moreau
thank you soo much,more power to your
Iyan Whitewolf
Barbara Twilley thank you. ❤️
Symphatique Bahia Moreau
i believed this,thank you
Bella Finn
💃👏Ima An 1st Timer & Im An"D"Personality Type#DOMINANT 👏So Far I'm Only Watched Abt 20minz📽On Ma 📲& Ima Likin What I'm Seein👁👁& Hearin👂Soo Far I Respect The Truth & Honesty&Integrity In Other Human Beingz👏🗣I Dnt Like Wastin My ⌚️On Negative Bullsh!t Or Listening 2 💩Talkerz 😖Yeah I Say Amen🙏His Showin U All Frm Watching It Soo Far Is 2 Stop Bein An Puppet🗣Speak Up Take Riskz👏& Dnt Just Exist In This 🌎Fuck!n Live U Only Get 1 Chance Dnt Be A Slave 2 All These Puppet Masterz😈Ima Not 1 Who Wld Eva Bow Down😖😖Fuck That💩Life Experience Is Where I Got My University Degrees👏💃& Havin Intelligent Conversations With 😍Ppl Who Owned A Brain Of Their Own👏Knowledge Is Power&Feed Ya Brain With As Much Of That 💩& Piss Off The Bull💩in Text 📚Fuckaz Excuse Sm Of My Wordz👏I Wld Neva Let Anybody Send My Open Mind In2 Sub Submission 🙆Fuck That Yeah & This 😈Wearz Prada👜👠👠Also I Will Watch The Rest Of Ur Broadcast On YouTube ✌️☮Give Them Heapz Lmao😂❤️Sit Cheerz🍹💯🔙⭐️Thanxz 4 Sharin😋🎶💃👏
Symphatique Bahia Moreau
i really appriciate your video,sir,you wake me up,thank you soo much this video
Verna Avila
Unsubscribe me
Symphatique Bahia Moreau
more power to your broadcast !you give me a more lessons and more knowledge,i am consiouse of time,desame situation about your subject,soo im listening this broadcast,i need it,
Crystal D'Esprit
Joy Balayo Canja
Wow so fantastic GOD*Bless you all cheers WORLD
Crystal D'Esprit
wow Bryant McGill that's amazing ❤️
Seemi Sattar
I want to know simply form SR that what purpose is performed by SR?based in humane welfare,is it
Seemi Sattar
Praise Sp
Seemi Sattar
Lisa Adams
There is a glitch in your video. I have tried to go past the part where you speak about "unwritten and unspoken conventions that our society is run on and how we must understand what they are..........." Personally, I am very much so intriqued by your teaching and am disappointed that I am not able to continue watching this presentation...... I could relate to your reference of Shakespeare amd would like to know of there is another way I could finish viewing this video ( or read)? Thank you for genuinely caring about and teaching people another way to get back our power. Yes, I do also relate to practicing being "present in the moment," and similar things. However, I have always felt stuck....like my gut tells me there is a more useful way to grow and I haven't learned yet. Watching and listening sparked a new hope for me.
Christopher Taylor
Fancy moving tings forward? I am ready for the next stage. [email protected] ail.com. sorry if I a little rude 😊 I will send U my telephone number when I have a permanent one in next couple of week 😊
McGill Media
Haneen Baradiya
Thanx you so much every day we have to be strong because every day gets a new teach us new things in life and work and with our relations with the people ;)
Christine Nicholson
Love your message I read them all the times and this video it good.
Sylvana Albanozzo
Keep up your good work. I am from Malta...a small island under Sicily in the med sea
Liliane Dubois
Liza Capacio Flores
Lisa G Mathias
Love you noth😘😍💗😆💏sharing videos might not be looking like I am but I am grateful
Jacqueline Jonker
Nicolene Kritzinger
Stephen Michael
Jeremy Eberhard what changed you the most?
Stephen Michael
Melissa Blackburn as much as we want to help our family, it pains me to say but they have to be ready and hungry to learn. Until then we can just introduce ideas new to them and let them take it or leave it.
Barbara Twilley
Ignorance can not see itself
Barbara Twilley
Iyan you are almost there love you girl keep up the great work ❤️
Barbara Twilley
I have learned so much from you tonight thanks so much Bryant and jenni
Aamir Khalil
Nia Ridley
I'm in a situation where I'm likely to lose my job. How can I stay positive whilst I'm feeling so negative??
Smith Amanda-jane
Dave Upton love this..listen to this dude xx
Mercedes Gallardo
Thank you!! Your messages are fantastic!!
Sylvana Albanozzo
Brag all you want man....This is a healthy ego function..... A balance of hard and soft only a few have mastered!
Ankica Sched
# Not yet, Second broadcast I am listening and watching and love what you guys talk about and the fact that you are honest, real and humble. 😆😆😆
Vishal Sharma
Ann Bell
Christina Foster
I had to stop watching because you were making me dizzy with all that walking around in circles !!!
Honorine Lam
Thank you
Lonna Marie Anderson
I know this posting, #AMothersRevolution, is semi-obnoxious and then semi-intriguing. It is most certainly a conscious move, and strategy to avoid isolation and coercion into silence. I know my power, I am trying to share and collaborate, not necessarily annoy, but PERSISTENT WITH THE MESSAGE. Bring River Home Now-Stop Domestic Violence Using The Courts And Children #MyChildStolen △🌹▽ #AMothersRevolution https://bringriverhometomamalonna.wordpress.com/2016/03/12/31216-declaration-for-a-new-trial-amothersrevolution-bringriverhome/
Lila Stevenson
I am in, would love to join!!!
Shelley Lynn Harju
First time listener
Josephine Catameo Sanchez
I become like to listen to you its sounds interested an d make me inspired. when i first time i heard you and watch you in my friend mobile. I feel the spirit... and this morning before i i going out.
Open Book Life
❤️ Scheduled to share on my FB!
Lisa Adams
First time listener and #notonsnapchatyet.
Jabeen Jadoon
very true
Alida Annandale
Joshua San Miguel Langurayan
Josephine Sanchez
Dianne Chaplin
Maria Matos
Maria Matos
Aune Kangas
thank you:))
Mary Louise
I always miss your live shows. I have to get with technology and renew my twitter account and figure out periscope.
Rahan Farooq
Thank u so much sir
Marlene Cronje
Thank u
Susan Blackburn
Mala Koravenciah
Deana Hulsey
I like you and say something always say something Deana Hulsey
Maryrose Urbano
I really do!
Kajol Bhuiyan
I'm Really Supporting U.I want to back my Strength.I'm depresses for death My Parents.I'm a Lawyer But I Can't back My Stamina.Please help Me.
Jhosiediesta Diesta
Im always dissapointed in my life especially my own.i dont know why.relationships always negative to me not successfull.
Stephanie Marie Galloway
I can join you with the help that I need is appearant here! Been put down too much in my journey of life.. Time for me to stand tall !!!
Wendi Barnes
Love your blender you have in the kitchen. What is it?
Donna LiAne
It irritates you and frustrates the hell outa the pig - is the rest of that :) some people have tier eyes closed too tightly!
Karabo Legodi
Stev Johnson
It's sad that when I try to share my wisdom and knowledge, ignorance speaks up staying I don't know what I'm talking about.
Elizabeth Hack
You two are too cute. I drink mineral water in a green bottle. One day, watching your video we will synchronize taking a drink from our green bottles. Thank you for your time and effort. I appreciate it.
Ford Ecosport
Really good work
Shri Nair
dnt find a way out to use it..the sources i search are not hiring no response
Shri Nair
yeah..am nothing nowhere but have skills and talent
Shri Nair
Roseann Salas
Melissa thank you. It's been very tough for me to let people go that I cared for so much. The hardest thing to get past was the guilt I felt "leaving them behind" so I can keep growing and moving without the dead weight keeping me and dragging me down.
Corrie Doktor
Hi from Edmonton Alberta Canada and by the way I enjoy your guys videos
Izhar Baacha
Liv Damino
K thanks for the post
Joella Ryland
Nice topic, didn't listen to your video yet. Cheers
Elisa Paler
I would like to join....
Seemi Sattar
Mind blowing but do share information at simpl reminder
Janet Fischer Walker
I'm sorry to hear people assault you with there negativity when all you're doing is simply offering to uplift those who want it! I love what you do and I love to see your view!
John Luis
Have a nice day ahead.. 😉
Claudia Blanco
I've always told myself the problem is me, and I believe I have always been right about that. I know what it feels like to be looked down on and walked all over. I have often chosen silence because I don't seem to voice my opinions accurately. Disagreeing only brings problems so I try to remember to just nod and try to go along with it. Lately I am having a harder time keeping my opinions to myself so my strategy of living have to change. The message shared is correct, knowledge is power, and without it, no one will ever take me seriously. Without listening to myself and hearing how I express myself and the type of language I use, no one will even want to hear me. So I agree with what was shared.
ရဲးထက္ ေအာင္
MgWin MgWin
Amal Ahmed
hi my beloved
Juhi Gupta
Yes. Amen
Melissa Blackburn
Feel ya friend. Chosen family will soon replace the defectors. Hang in there and go where you are celebrated!!
Nancie Foreman
I have a great song I wrote: BRIGHTER DAY ~ it would be excellent for you guys - haven't published it yet 💖
Que Suze
Love it!
Que Suze
Love it!
Nancy DeBaca
Dana Winsey Mohamed
Never watched you before! Excellent find!!
Diana Ochoa
I'm so touched by this thank you so much!!!!
Naomi Picotte
I loved it! Thanks from Tokyo!
Pollyanna Hardesty
Of course I'm tired of negative ppl!
Melanie Lawrence
I'm getting dizzy 😳
Rica Kocemba
You guys are so great. .loving it...
Oscar Rieken
No dont take my powers off leave them please heavanly father
Lynne Santen
My third time.
Mattie DuBose
Teresita Cueto
It's the best! Listen well and be impowered!!'
Maria Stan
Thank you so much Bryant for your beautiful energy! Love your house. Hello Jenny! You are so beautiful and delicate ... 💖👑💖
Alina Otero El-Salhy
Ruben Martinez
california temecula
Susan Gallardo
Love the Freedom Fighter of our own lives.
Rajesh Katwe
Melissa Blackburn
"Love Healthy Pride" I know I am really good at what I do and not even my FOO can touch that!
Kathy Littlebear
Hbpi Tribal Council! YESSSS!
Patricia Louise Barnhart
This is all so true
Jeanette Aquino Edano
Watching the full video again... :)
Ruben Martinez
be happy in love
Marcela Sotto-Rafanan
Cecile Rafanan Abejero
Jojie Capistrano
Hla Yin Win
Second time!
Vicki Maren Reed
Hla Yin Win
I love this topics.
Nitu Dansinghani
Thankuuuuu for sharing😊👌👌👌
Nitu Dansinghani
Vicki Maren Reed
This was without a doubt the best talk I have ever heard you give Bryant McGill, and I have been listening to you for quite sometime now. At almost 58 years of age I have become increasingly aware of the power within myself. And so much of what you had to say was so relatable. I agree it takes so much more than kindness to get through this life, but I do the best I can to practice kindness on a daily basis. Thank you so much for this brilliant talk. You are such an inspiration to me and I have to say you are teaching me that I just might be doing some things right in this life. Please keep believing in this forum of communication that you have obviously worked so hard to develop. You will and are changing lives and helping to make this world a much better place to be.❤❤
Kelly Hack
Awesome broadcast today. Loved the music as well. Thank you.
Dianna Antes
You don't have to submit If you turn on your laser beam When you are Empowered with Spirit and knowledge and critical thinking...you don't have to submit....Bryant McGill
Courtney May
Thank you
Courtney May
Thank you
Peggy J Widener Bates
That is true I'm in a company like that now
Vajiheh Arasteh
Simone Bennett
Lov r the way tou put people straight and tell it like it is!
Raihana Habib Kanth
I like it ....'Try saying something nice',Yes if we start a conversation with nice words,it does make the whole debate easier and amiable.
Tiffany Wenner
I want to join . I'm struggling right now. And sometime Simplereminders helps me get through my day. Ty
Josh Anthony Corella
Sweet, were not alone. Thats awesome!
Fathima Aliyar Kasim Bawa
Luann Perhay
I am tired
Rauha Ali
Hiii from ksa
Renee Griffiths
Loving it so far
Millie Correa
Yes I've been through alot in my life. Now I have left all negativity
Renee Griffiths
I love the music ! My first time here but you got my attention!!!!
Sondra Tucker
I do, do that look through lenses and I have an open mind. I meet people who can't do that and it doesn't bother me that they can't see... hum interesting thank you it's nice to be able to talk with others that can see it. Thank you for sharing
Pamela Price Zummo
Dude u look like Brad Pitt bald! Watched ur video the other day
Lois Titus
First time listener
Donetta Gabriel
And my inherintance!
Donetta Gabriel
I want to take my power back!!! My Step family is denying my Mama the right to be burried with my Stepfather!
Adri Fontanell
you know! ?? no you don't ..it was utterly rethorical,, I want to be financially in charge of my life . doing what I love and know on a skin and underskirn level what I do : work with children for them to acquire the self esteem necessary to do what needs to be done. do I have experience? yes !! 15 years working on a public school system gave me that ....and the creeps!! then there are the dogs and cats that for some reason end up without a human or set of humans to give then some HUMANE treatment and most importantly LOVE!! the unconditional kind...
Jen Piro
You're from Nutley NJ?
Sondra Tucker
Thank you
Jen Piro
On snapchat
Gladis Joimelus
Kim Gross
Aww you guys are awesome
Tiffiany Torres
Love and appreciate every broadcast! Amazing once again!
Kamla Hassea
Julie Martinez
I love you guys you are Awesome 👍👍💖🌹😄
Robby Wiggins
Gotta love Austin 🙄
Kamla Hassea
Thank u very much. I would like to join
Barbie Schultz
United Kingdom.
Miguel Figueroa
I would like to join if i may please
Leslie Fields-Adams
Linda Berman Mallon I totally agree!..I just sent them a private message to remove me from their list...if not may have to report them.
Linda Berman Mallon
I'm sick of this guy! There's nothing to click on to get rid of the post! A very clever ploy.
Jack Williss
Are you live on Twitter?
Leslie Fields-Adams
I want to know the same thing!..can't seem to get hem off my face book!
Linda Berman Mallon
How do you stop sending posts to me?
Sondra Tucker
Lol motor mouth
Lorie J Brown
I'm happy for you guys, but I lost a lot of love ones because Im a straight shooter they all say my mouth and I'm very respectful if you are respectful. I'm kind and was taught if I don't have nothing nice to say say nothing.
Ketan Bhagat
Chrisey Alfree
Sandra Gutierrez
What type of music is that if i may ask? It sounds pretty amazing :)
Cath Curry
Second time listening but have to unfortunately leave soon, I think yous are fantastic and as far as I know yous are the only ones who do a live chat for over an hour. Good job, love the pad.. Taking it back! Inspiring and Fun! Yes!!! :-)
Prem Selvi
Susette Fontelieu
I would love to join you guys. Starting with a broken heart but I know the negativity of that relationship has put a real hurting on me. Was so excited to find you. May I join?
Lisa Pineau
Have an account but ... now I know someone else on it lol
Barbie Schultz
Not yet on snap chat. Love you guys and God bless xxx
Pilgrim Gemini
First time Listening! Thank You So Much Blessing.
Tami Gerke
I hate you don't answer really luvs anyway
Susan Giesau
Hello, first time watching in Green Bay WI
Jennifer JC Atzbach
Hello lovely Laurie Lankins Farley 👑
Helen Sims
Nfld Canada .... I also have been watching about a month ... Good stuff :)
Badmus Sikiru Teammy
Power must change in my life
Scott Solotki
No audio
Greg Dutilly
Judy Carroll
Aisha Brown
Thank you. [email protected]
Judy Carroll
Jeremy Eberhard
That's a hard one. People project how they feel about themselves outward. Its hard to feel bad for someone when your the victim. Glad to hear that you found your worth.
Maria Yates
Thank you for all you do.
Kari Chambliss
I am
Lee Travathan
I've been teaching most of what you teach now for some 40 years. In the beginning, I was looked at like I had 10 heads, brows scrunched. I'm glad time has caught up to concept.
Karen Blair
This comes from a time I was faced with mental abuse. I left. I know my own worth!
Lori Lankin
Stop moving around...yur makin me dizzy...lol!!!
Aruna Dee
For few sec
Aruna Dee
Let me chat
Aruna Dee
to बे frank verbal ।hai
Andreas Schreiber
Nice to meet you
Norma Soto
all i want to do is cry :(
Debra L.Guzman
1st timer!
Adele Caruana
Im always fighting for my own freedom. Just bought a new Tshirt which says Forever Free !!!!!!!
Norma Soto
I love it !!!! this is how feel like no matter how hard i work its not enough .. I need my power back!!
Sherron Mahabir
Simple reminders reminds me of stuff i once knew but forget along the way of life Love u guys
Norma Allex
OK...... I am getting a little frustrated. I need your help Bryant or Jenni. I used to get notified from SimpleReminders you were going live in my FB notifications. They have stopped. Can someone please help? I would love to show up live.
Ali Moore
Awesome intensity
Aruna Dee
अ great recreation
Aruna Dee
बुत इ play wth them
Masood Hyder
Good one
Aruna Dee
इ कैंट manage elders
Aruna Dee
that waस मय सेक्रेट तो बे हप्प3always
Shirley S Willis
Michelle Fisher-Wirtz
I forgot my power 😢
Aruna Dee
ल लोवे my sisters children so much
Aruna Dee
कीप सलौ तो work
Crego Mar
Thankful for finding you🍃 Love you work!
Aruna Dee
but इन पास
Maureen Tse
good. morning...from.malaysia
Aruna Dee
मय बरक्सस इट्स ok to be over रुन
Cayliegh Recalde
Baby infant learn environment awareness.... Toddler learn social awareness..... Young teeneager learn self-advancement..... Mature people learn to self-awareness..... Old people learn to spiritual awareness.....
Aruna Dee
तिलल 6 अम
Sherron Mahabir
What you think about Karma
Aruna Dee
वहै र उ अइट्स तिमे तो स्लीप
Danielle Marie VB
Respect however they may try to resect it also. Ironic that word came out
Aruna Dee
इ गेट सज़
Aruna Dee
r उ नोट kidding मे
Aruna Dee
ति whom do इ अड्रेस व अऊ
Cayliegh Recalde
Ashley Androwich
Love the view
Aruna Dee
गोदस लोवे इस सो हिघ
Sherron Mahabir
K knowledge is power
Ashley Androwich
Love your glasses
Mages MagesRoss
Aruna Dee
गोहिस लोवे इस सो हिघ
Aruna Dee
एंड इ ठंकमूर्ति मय फ्रं
LeZan S. Xoshnaw
Diane Little
“For a world consumed by a Culture of Violence, a Voice of Reason comes as a breath of fresh, positive air. The only hope of transforming the world from the tsunami of violence is for each of us to Become the Change We Wish To See in the World. Bryant McGill shows us the way.” — Dr. Arun M. Gandhi Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi
Jeremy Eberhard
Right there with you. Sounds like you received a gift. Found positives in every situation. Keep learning always remain teachable.
Darlene Jollie
You guy's rock very uplifting and spiritual !
Aruna Dee
By the author i ve to mention
Aruna Dee
U can heal yourself
Jeremy Eberhard
Maybe they are not ready to hear
Aruna Dee
For guiding me
Aruna Dee
My brothers.i thank jyothsna
Melanie Jayne
You're posts mean so much to me at this time in my life ..i cry at them, im trying to learn by them and they also comfort me in my dark times.. Thank you x
Michelle Fisher-Wirtz
Every step of the way I release power..... Your quote bryant
Trisha Jane Sorenid
hi good morning. ....
Jeremy Eberhard
Power up
Aruna Dee
God saved me for many troubles.i thank god
Aruna Dee
Nee karrayu nee badithayu. nee kolayu nanu kapaduchundunu. ps 23
Aruna Dee
But to best qpart qof it.no more storms a family can take
Kelly Anne Farmer
Count me in!
Veronica Cook
Cool !
Shaz Crowe
I wrote my family a huge letter last September wishing them all well but I have seen them for there true colors , bullying and manipulation one to many times and it's time to bid you all farewell and have a nice life , respect my wishes and never contact me again , new phone number , new name ...... NEW ME !!!and good riddens ! Feeling empowered 🙏🏻❤️
Michelle Omalza
Thank you Bryant and Jenni! I have a head full!
Michelle Greb
I want to JOIN !!
Aruna Dee
No my family support all storms for me
Aruna Dee
I love to live.no more i attempt to any bad endeavour of suic
Diane Little
There is no nobility in poverty; that is to say there are beautiful people who are poor, but being poor does not necessarily make you beautiful. There is no sense in relishing in poverty. We serve no purpose by being small, and we can best help others from a position of strength; not weakness. Take a vow of total abundance. Declare that you believe in balance, and therefore, full spectrum inner and outer (spiritual and worldly) wealth and empowerment, also known as freedom. — Bryant McGill
Jeremy Eberhard
The real deal right here.
Aruna Dee
The world is so good to me
Marina Mangupag
Jeremy Eberhard
Aruna Dee
No i mean im ok with everything.with what i learnt and taught
Courtney May
Thank you
Courtney May
Thank you
Courtney May
Thank you
Courtney May
Thank you
Courtney May
Thank you
Aruna Dee
Celebrating the the royal f shipq
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Congratulations ...love you
Bobbi Martin
Look so fake prove me wrong righteously
Sajeda Manzoor
Awesome thank you for the wonderful presentation 👍❤thank you. Have a lovely day
Carolyn McRae
Yes want be supported and appreciate
Stella Dynamite
Would love to join. I have sent my request. Many thanks and blessings. Stella.
Joanna Hamm
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Never to late to relive your childhood
Aruna Dee
But i can manage right
Aruna Dee
I ve sight1
Aruna Dee
Dominique Buchberg
OMG!!!! https://youtu.be/NN3GQygbCC8
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Its never to late to relive YOUR childhe
Yaya Yaya
Aruna Dee
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Angel Romero
Hahaha i love it
Rich Fowler
1st time
Yolanda Acosta
Congratulations, I am happy for you.
Teressa Wirz Pinto
You have helped me so much
Shaz Crowe
Love you guys ❤️🙏🏻
Teressa Wirz Pinto
So far love yall
Alyson Hearn
Me. First time listening :)
Deborah Stark
Best way to hang out
Kris Anderson
I do not want to see these any more!!!!! REMOVE ME!
Teressa Wirz Pinto
1st time
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Kelly Kirkman
Love you but you need to sit still....
Teressa Wirz Pinto
How do you deal w a dysfunction family...me 1 time
Faten Nana
Aimee Theriault Millea
Watch him wipe out in the chair
Aimie Louise Cosgrove
Subscribed Bryant McGill. Thank you so much :-)
Alyson Hearn
You guys rock!
Deborah Stark
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Beautiful place
Aruna Dee
Whlile on conversatio n.i seen some cmnts pass by.Can u reoeat again
Teressa Wirz Pinto
You two are awesome
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Love you
Deborah Stark
Deborah Stark
U2r grear
Aimie Louise Cosgrove
I joined Be Royal a while ago but have been nervous amongst other things. I'm not sure what to say yet
Teressa Wirz Pinto
I need you
Teressa Wirz Pinto
So true
Todd Hirstein
I don't agree with some things on this site but appreciate an informative neutral site. Always verify sources!
Teressa Wirz Pinto
I love your everything
Aimie Louise Cosgrove
Thank you everybody. Be Royal, Be Cool! You guys are my family, and you're so freakin awesome. You have been my inspiration, and helped me get back my determination to be better ❤️
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Love it
Aruna Dee
Can I chat in ur way
Deborah Stark
Ronnix Arvesu
Nice one :)
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Hey im ready
Joy Collado Lapitan
Aruna Dee
Than i love the pricess.believe the process.
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Omg yesssss
Latana Broadnax
Love y'alls commute and wonder twin power thing. Beautiful!!
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Love u
Karen Blair
Know your self worth! Real love doesn't have conditions. Don't let someone project their insecurities on you! LEAVE! I did, because I know I'm so much better than that! Sent with love, Karen
Teressa Wirz Pinto
Love you so far
Deborah Stark
All the time
Aruna Dee
No wrong to do in good way
Aimie Louise Cosgrove
Iyan Whitewolf Be Royal, Be Cool girl. Of course you're my friend 💝
Sajeda Manzoor
Thanks Sarah you aŕe encoùrager❤👑👑👑sister
Mys Edi
I was able to see the show from another family members FB page....but not this one...I heard you say if someone is banned they will only see black...was I banned? I have never made a comment before now...so I hope that is not the case. I subscribe to your page and find that you post exactly what I need for that moment and I appreciate that you share. 
Leanne Olstad
DeAnna Bush, I should've established strict boundaries in a very dysfunctional family long before, however, I'm even better at it. I do NOT budge just to please someone else to only make myself miserable. You come first and everyone else can take a backseat. Tough! That's POWER! 💪💪💪💪
Joy Collado Lapitan
Teressa Wirz Pinto
My family is doing me wrong
Aruna Dee
Choose holyness to happiness.a way
Jennifer JC Atzbach
Hello Larry 👑💕👑
Lillie Jefferson
Jeremy Eberhard
I practice some principles in AA, however my spirituality spans far beyond that. I have recovered from a hopeless state of mind. I went from under a bridge with no will left to live, to employing 6 people and running a successful construction company. I wake up like a kid on Christmas, and suck all the positivity out of life. Its a beautiful world if you want it to be, and simple reminders helps me to see that.
Wendifer Hughes
Yes my ex
Janice Wayne
As always thanks you
Sajeda Manzoor
Absolutely positive words they are teaching and implementing that is practice of every day as royal👑👑❤
Heidi Ewert
Hi! From Arizona :)!!
Debby Perry
Aruna Dee
Can i Join
Donna LiAne
Gereza Ng
Abdul-Rahman Samaraie
Thanks, everything OK with me
Sandy Depew
Is it Royal.com?
Sabrina Antoine Dupigny
Great stuff thank you guys.
Sue DeCaro
Sharing with love and gratitude!!
Buddy Ortiz
Donna LiAne
Aruba Dee BeRoyal.com
Sajeda Manzoor
They deserve a 3 *** 👍👍❤❤
Alex Zandra
I need to put on my door Bryant and Jenny are on now .GO AWAY ..
Sally Walsh
Ciao to you too 😃
Latana Broadnax
That was amazing, I'm glad I finally caught you live
Debra L.Guzman
Ill be at the next one
Dawnita Murrell
Love u guys
Karla Heffernan
OK thank you
Karla Heffernan
I so needed to hear this
Iyan Whitewolf
Aimie Louise Cosgrove Hello to you as well beautiful royal. 👑
Stan Richards
Just what I was looking for today, will play again. ❤️
Dominique Aubry
Merci! God Bess! xox
Karla Heffernan
Dang I love this thank You

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