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The Jerry Springer Test. A Re-Cap of Compounding. Strategic disengagement. You are the gatekeeper of your life.

The Jerry Springer Test. A Re-Cap of Compounding. Strategic disengagement. You are the gatekeeper of your life.

The Jerry Springer test. A re-cap of Compounding. Strategic disengagement. You are the gatekeeper of your life. See More...

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Brenda Parker
Brenda Parker
Yes indeed, thank u
Brenda Parker
Run like the wind
Brenda Parker
Yes I've tried to help
Brenda Parker
I love me, and I have that right
Brenda Parker
No you don't
Brenda Parker
Brenda Parker
I would cut the rope
Kitika Medina
Bertiejane Shabel
Doddie Nicosia Fry
Rajesh Joshi
Love is Life........
Libby Trahan
i found you lost you guys so glad yo reu ite
R Dawn Renforth
I like you're energy & you're message but just a tad long winded....
Valerie Lane
Mike krebs
Traci-lee McKean
When u try and help others with a open heart and from a good place and get crapped all over time n time again cause u know that pain n still carry it everyday you eventually just give up n I think it does more damage to u every time and then you just become more of what u don't wish to be. And when you need some help you realize who your real friends are no one
Angella Evans
So true
Angella Evans
Really needed to hear this today!
Steph Mccormick
Toxic people. Let me give you an example. My boss is also a friend so we had a party at his for all the people at work. Except some of his male frends were there. Someone spilt their drink and so another person who i get on with was on the floor wiping it up. The both of us were jokin about it and i said "Ahhh tracy youre always the mummy, clearing up after everyone" Now, a guy there who i havd briefly met once before yrs ago actualy said to me "You will never be a mummy, and do u know why - because youre a cold heartless bitch" This is someone ive never even had a conversation with. He knows nothing about me. As im 43 im going through a phase of realising i wont have kids & for him to come out with that has made me insecure and a nervous wreck. How dare he! I was so shocked i said nothing which goes over and over in my mind, i shouldve walked straight outta there. Ive now told my boss (and, what i thought, frend for 12 yrs) that i wont be stepping one foot over the door if that persons in the house. My boss didnt really care and brushed it off as this guy is his best frend. I never want to see this person again, and i wont. That comment will haunt me forever, to say someone should never be a mum as theyre cold and heartless is as nasty as it gets. He doesnt know me from a sack of spuds. I change the conversation now at work if my boss mentions his name. Hateful person.
Mary Wilson
# me#not anymore# partytime
Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson
Maureen Amber Brooks
Debbie Russell Hall
Debbie Russell Hall
No CUSS words what would JESUS SAY? OrDO?
Debbie Russell Hall
Debbie Russell Hall
TRUST in the LORD He H a s set yo u free, ,AMEN
Debbie Russell Hall
Debbie Russell Hall
T r u s t I n the LORD H e haS SET YOU FREE on the CROSS HE S a I'd IT IS FINISHED.
Debbie Russell Hall
You are the gatekeeper of your heart.gaurd it closely.
Debbie Russell Hall
Amen so true
Debbie Russell Hall
So so true
Gladys Santiago
Yes ty for all you help
Joan Giacalone
That me
Michella Foged
I love this
Marianne Bruun-Petersen
"You won't be able to stop Yourself from setting boundaries"
Marianne Bruun-Petersen
#No TV
Carolyn Smith
Ty i needed that
Noelle Dodge
It is affecting my child and that's why am taking a stand.
Noelle Dodge
Robs my energy, feel depressed, I numb with food
Noelle Dodge
Yep! You think you reached them and they are great for a few days and then right back to toxic thought patterns and behaviors. Can't keep subjecting me or my kids to that anymore.
Noelle Dodge
Yep done with people using me as their personal counselor and then want to attack & blame me when I challenge their dysfunction. Same people who refuse to get counseling. No more! I'm not a dumping ground who then ends up deflecting the blame on me. It feels good to be free of that.
Noelle Dodge
Yep. Drained
Noelle Dodge
Let them go, let them blame you. That's what toxic people do. They transfer dysfunction from childhood and accuse you of being who traumatized them. If they refuse to fix it, let them go!
Noelle Dodge
#iwas no more. My child's well being comes before dysfunctional adults.
Noelle Dodge
Noelle Dodge
Susan Bystrom Dolcimascolo
Adriana Campione
Great video!!!! Thank you...very helpful and inspiring💛💙💜👑👑👑
Denise Senécal
I wrote 7 songs and would like to have a musician put music to them, how to I do that? I am a young 64 and 1/2 yrs. old and still at it ! Have been through helll and back, you guys have really kept me above water. Please continue, my email address is rosedends@bell.net. Any takers for my music .. it's pretty good, English & French ... Québecois ... speak both languages ...have to try something, right !!! ... Peace, love ...xx
Denise Senécal
Love you guys, you perk me up and are real !!!! Denise Senécal .. xx
Robin Ruppel Linhart
I've been to the "dumping ground" and finally had the courage to leave and make a change. It was super scary, but I have never once regretted it.
Judith Shields
Love your broadcasts, how well I know about being a toxic ground for dumping. I need to learn to Let go and Let God. I will no longer be the place for dumping their trash. I will be free from now on and enjoy life. Thank you for your Simple Reminders. I read it and save them everyday and have for years.
Veronica Eileen Burr-Lucas
Ploskonka Ciapponi Decker Margaret
Anna Vandyck
Marbe Abanil
Only the studying stuff coz it needs three years more to finish
Marbe Abanil
Me, tiresome Yes little by little needs moving with distance since there is first thing I am committed to maybe 3 years from now, just let it that something to accomplish.
Marbe Abanil
Can hear but there is sudden interruption of winds blowing
Marbe Abanil
Can hear
Teresa Williams Posey
Teresa Williams Posey
Melissa Beth
Cara Lassner
Best. Broadcast. Ever. Thank you!
Kelly Cameron
John J Haydock
Agnes Tan
What if it's war btw soldiers and civilians? Who should be the goalkeeper then?
Neicy Adderley
it's cost family relationship career and most of all my peace of mind
Neicy Adderley
it's happening to me right now and im so tired of it living with tyrant
Neicy Adderley
hash tag me
Kelly Johnson
I have seen entire social groups based on gossip and negativity!
Kelly Johnson
#Royal #lovebryantandjenni
Kelly Johnson
OMG, I got to warn you all about the fb chat where they say you have won money if you pay for shipping of check. SUCH A SCAM. BE WARNED AND BLOCK THE SENDER! FB is getting irritating with the loss of your videos. GRRRRRRR!
Kelly Johnson
subscribed! I am watching on my day off at a bookstore cafe. Thank you for archiving!
Surekha Patel
Tammy Whitaker Livingston
Tammy Whitaker Livingston
This is probally my MOST FAVORITE VIDEO,, I soo needed to hear confirmation on what I have been learning and Speaking myself< Unlearning TOXIC THOUGHTS <, and letting people Go and DEMANDING RESPECT and AVOIDING NEGATIVE PEOPLE, <<< Learning to SAVE MYSELF and honoring and lovong myself is possible by stop retreiving outside world opinions and not being sucked into others problems yet still Loving them and answering the calls of desperations then backing away and Letting them figure it out on their own ,
Ayesha Malik
It's only you who can make yourself happy & positive!!!!!!!
Sakshi Vats
Sakshi Vats
Sakshi Vats
Sakshi Vats
Debra Burke
I def feel.....feathering away.........
Prissy Peshavaria
Monica Shukla start at 35 minutes
Linda Kohls
Depressing I feel so sad now. That the dog had to chew of his leg. And theman on the bottom of the rope had to die. Probably the man on top also fell. Because the rope was frayed A very sad story.
Diana Guess Stewart
Just like animal rescue . We don't want to part with those broken souls w helped or tried to help ,but if we don't say goodbye and move them on to their new homes we don't have the room ,time or resources to rescue another any more . I've been doing rescue as long as I can remember and it's hard to say goodbye but when you look back at how far you have brought them it's a precious gift ! So as a volunteer of parrot rescue for the last 15 ,20 years . Still have all my fingers .lol
Tonny Anditi
Very correct, never let them
Gwen Avery
Wonderful to hear your thoughts and ideas for the explanation of how better to live our lives and its free .Thank you very much both of you for your help and advice. Its a great pleasure to know that you are helping people people and that your voices spread all over the world.
Lwin Rita
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K.d. Jackson
Back at you! Thank you!
June Simpson
Suzan Kasaby
Sarah Hello Sarah I'm happy to have met you via Facebook, if you need any info on Egypt or the middle east I'm here :D hope u have a wonderful week ❤️
Suzan Kasaby
Mahesh I'm proud you didn't get sucked in by other's negativity, because that's a vicious circle, you have done yourself a great favor. Lots of love your way ❤️
Suzan Kasaby
Georgia Amen, I agree with you hope your positivity and peacefulness spreads around this world ❤️
Suzan Kasaby
K.d. ❤️ love and peace your way! Hope u have a wonderful week
Suzan Kasaby
Anna-Marie thank you
Vichet Chan
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Dianne Sowa
Yup done that your so right on the mark you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink lol☺😊😆
Dianne Sowa
On yes I'm cutting the rope ...and now not liked for it☺😊😆
Dianne Sowa
Dianne sowa☺👑
Mimi Candelaria-Sina
Richard Fernandes
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Jeannette Burchart Hans
Miss seeing ur beautiful artwork & sayings, haven't seen one in a while. They inspire me!🙏😇
Arlenne Marlenne
Its ok nowww im here
Xian Nelipgnad
Gabriella Placentia
Beautiful life changes amen
Susan Palmerton
Amen 💫💫💫
Bradley Warmouth
Ileana Raducan
We are a tample of our body have to take care
Danneil Ryan
Marty May Field
Jonathan Miller
Lena Reagon
Lena Reagon give
Lena Reagon
In doing this right now. Its hard. I will not hive up.
Anna Cyr
I don't get tired of listening to this video over and over. Thank you sooo much SimpleReminders.
Sheila Forte
April I don't know you but this stand you made for yourself is inspiring. AMEN to you girl. Stay close to Him, God bless!
Jack Pan
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Joy Aserit
SimpleReminders is. Blessing to me I used it in my day today life struggle thank you so much. Sometimes i used your word in my personal posting iluv you
Muhammad Asif
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Jibson Jarry
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Prachi Kapoor
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April Dawson
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April Dawson
Another beautiful day royals.....let s jeep our positive non toxic enviroment going. Job interview tomorrow.. more leads...thank you for the support and positive energy. Wishing you all a day full of positive energy, and beautiful blessings. Thank you again for all the support and kind wishes. I love positive energy and being a royal. Have an amazing day.
Vansuy Sos
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Frances Collins
Frances Collins
So true go for you to take a stand for yourself and family
Heather Finlayson Brassard
I must be helping a few people, I guess. Too much physical and emotional pain to hold in. I had to let it out. Try to do it in a positive way. Mine started with a renewal, or more open heart, to my Lord and Savior. I pray to Mary often, too. I talk to a shrink, but talking to my sister, who has been there through the ups and downs, helps more. God and she knew the pain. Few others did. I have terminal cancer, with only a miracle saving me. Not yet, at least. but I understand now. Love. Forgive. Forgive yourself---that one is so hard.. Embrace life and laughter. And never let go of your God. He will never turn you away. Love to you and yours. And with my coffee, I raise it in deference to all those fighting the myriad of problems that life throws at us. Keep the faith, and Satan can stay where he belongs. Stick with the good folks that love you. May the Saints be with you. Heather
Angie Karan
Barbs Hadebe
Its pains alot but we also pick a lesson surely pain
Barbs Hadebe
Lets be thankful for all its pains alot but we pick one or to things to build ourselves
Julemar Rojo
Tendai Lioga I am so affected by your experiences back then with your bully and selfish friends. but we cant live in the past. We all can lookback in our past,but dont dwell on it. Just pick a lesson fr it. Lets all be thankful for the Royal family and society
Tara Keaveney
Well said Hector Flores i totally agree!
Rachel Carroll
Well said
Linda Garrison
Leaving the place that I used to call home for 28years.. Broward County!! I am doing the right thing. I'm not sure what each day brings, but it is a lot better than the life I was living... Sober.... I have to say that the first step is a big one.. Lessons learned from the mistakes, finally.. I'm in the best shape of my life and it took 60 year's to get here.. Too bad I can't turn the clock around and see what I have done, should have done, it's never too late. If I can live another 30 years, time enough to do the right thing!! I'm A better person than I used to be.. I am feeling better anyway... Liking my new address and I am happy.
Patty Dalmau
Good job💪👏🌹Your children will remember your integrity and how you walked away and put your emotional health as a family unit first. I walked away too, very hard as I gave away my power when I agreed not to work and stay home. I'm an incurable optimist like you. Dreams have no expiration date🌹🌹🌹
Veronica Tinoso
Thanks SimpleReminders.more power!!!
Larni Jayne Mailer
Sam ❤
Traci Nicole
Been there done that, won't let it happen to me again.
Martin Issa
not all of it, it's an hour and half long and i was playing noddy!
Traci Nicole
YES!!!!... They will shatter themselves...
Traci Nicole
Bryant is speaking exact truth, I have been through this... find your person and your entire life will change.
Samantha Mumfy Outlaw
gee s
Samantha Mumfy Outlaw
fees I wAtched this last night n feel so empowered ...today I'm doing the same thing and expecting different results... am I sinking.
Sherry Vanderhoof
Bobbie Neff Long thank you, your inspiration and nice words are uplifting and encouraging.
Rachel Carroll
Good idea.
Novella Goggins
Thank you for sharing Awesome GBY Yes Amen
Suz Sarries
I have a lot of toxic people around who try to let me down. This video is a great source of encouragement but i feel to find a supporter who is self sufficient is a difficult task
Kenna Kai
💜👑💜 Thank you for being you! This has become my very favorite part of the day. I have found my smiles again ☺️ whilst in a situation where I was not sure smiles could exist. It's like listening to myself talk. And, since I am not good at taking my own advice , I am so grateful you choose to share your energy and perspective with us everyday. For all those "rascals" , they are just projecting their fear of the truths they will not allow themselves to embrace. Keep it up! You are changing lives, you are helping me survive when I tonight I was all alone . Blessings!!!
Ninette Giunta
did you watch the video?
Lori Tunstall
Julie Nulty
Hi April I hope you do not mind I shared two of your positive quote s..you sound stronge and really motivated. ..great to read your living your choice...best to you
Bertha Layman
Basically you're trying to tell people to guard their heart it even says so in the Bible.... It also says don't throw your pearls to swine...... Don't throw your love and charity away on people that just want to absorb it in without concern for your own well being. On a personal level not on the great world level of loving and charity. That's a whole different game ...wich goes back to guard your heart. .... I want to call these people toxic vampires waiting to bite you with everything that you don't need to build yourself up and carry yourself on to help others out... They just want you to melt into their toxicity been there done that doesn't work but they don't mind draining the life force right out of you love love royal Mom....
Kaity Looper
Samuel Tarnell watch this vid if you have the time ❤️
Sonia Scheiner
Beautiful 💯 Bryant e Jenny
Cathy Taurisano
Patty Dalmau
My AGT 2016 audition is this Saturday! I'm in full preparation swing for IMPROV comedy. So many comments; so little time. I'll do my first video the way I look now as six loads of laundry summon me✌️😑 This is my entry, I'm high functioning mildTBI--couldn't find the thread🙄 The Royals, a group of ferocious interdependent individuals who fail, nurse their wounds, continue its mission: with benevolent energy, aim to balance world's negativity. Patty Dalmau
Thule Kleinbooi
The gatekeeper I am!
Pratibha Patel
Shirley Jackson
You Don't Have To Let People Use You To Their Advantage Prayer Changes All Things In Jesus Precious Name!! Much Love
Shirley Jackson
Bobbie Neff Long
Sherry Vanderhoof so true Royal Sister and Yes Bryant and Jenni are such a Blessing to me as well. Sherry know this sweetheart God gives his strongest Battles to his Strongest Warriors. I know things seem so overwhelming right now But Things will get better soon. Have faith that all will be taken care of Sister and before you know it you'll be telling yourself Damn that was one hell of a ride but look how far I have come and how wonderful things are now. :)
Sherry Vanderhoof
Bobbie Neff Long Thank you Bobbie for the words of encouragement. I'm dealing with it but at times I forget who I am thru the stress. Listening to Bryant and Jennie has helped me look at my situation and to look at things differently. When a person gets wrapped up in the moment, there are times I don't apply the Royal concept. So I am diligently working on that. Reading other peoples struggles has helped me realize I'm not the only person that is struggling with this. I can't give up on her because she is my daughter, but I'm like how much more can I take. One day at a time I guess and that's what I do.
Donna Tanner
Shared, love this, thank you.......It's been happening to me for a long time. Surrounded by toxic people, user's, theives, psychopath's.
Marija Narandzic
Erin McMahon
Yes I have Federer away for a Toxic person who has entered my life, and my life quickly has become a circus, a Maury Povich and Jerry Springer show. I fear everyday they will self destruct and slowly or quickly bring me down and everyone around, I do feel a bit like a wolf knawing it's paw off to survive but it hurts to see your loyalty, love, compassion, help, support and time do or mean nothing in the life of someone who has all their life also been knawing their paws off until they have nothing left. It saddens me and breaks my heart but this is true...
Emine Ralston
Look forward, My Dear, everything happens for a reason.. Trust Yourself ... You can do everything once you put your mind to it...Take Good Care of You... The rest will come...👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Love Yourself ❤️🌹🙏🏻🌞🌎
Carmen Prieto
Omg I really hate these show these people at times make them self look like ilots in talk show
Kathy Martindale
Thanks I needed this. I am learning to let go of an adult daughter and everything in me says love her be kind but she loves and creates so much drama that it physically makes me sick. I have MS and the stress is horrible so I really really needed this.
Laura Corona
Tonny Anditi
You are always welcomed dr not even distance can stop us to care for our great pple like u, am in Nairobi Kenya welcome one day we love youu
Sami Hannon
U look realy ill
Adrienne Mc Adam
Tonny Anditi oh man. I am on the bus and I feel so cared about. Thanks from ireland
Tonny Anditi
You are our hero Andrienne Nolan and i love that keep it up
Kelly Ann Dimon
Bobbie Neff Long
Kelly Ann Dimon so very True. It also helps knowing that all will be OK soon :) Blessings to you ❤️
Tonny Anditi
Very true dr we love forever, strong strong strong
Malinda K Steele
This is a message I needed to hear today!!! I have been contemplating disengaging from family members I consider to be energy vampires. I have had a couple of people try to convince me that I “SHOULDN’T”, “CAN’T” and, “…must love unconditionally…” I simply DON’T WANT TO. As you mentioned, I felt myself getting physically ill over the last 5/6 months. I tried to convince myself that I could push through and this feeling would pass, but it hasn’t. Then, last week the final boundary was crossed for me. It put me in bed for 3 days. I cannot be a productive person if I can’t get out of bed. Therefore, strategic disengagement is a necessary survival mechanism. #strategicallydisengaged
Molly Blackwell Nafarrate
Adrienne Mc Adam
Tonny Anditi thanks buddy. Means so much. God is good and life is great. Xxa
Tonny Anditi
You will live long sister, we need u soo much keep it strong, God is great
Kelly Ann Dimon
Such a strong resonance of peace we can feel for each other's circumstances. Learning to 'detach with love' so that we grow stronger each day by learning new ways to make time for ourselves! I will be in touch! Love & light to you today and always! ☺😇
Bobbie Neff Long
Sherry Vanderhoof Sherry Thank You for sharing Royal Sister. I know what you are going through I do the same thing with my grandkids the Love that I have for them is what helps me through this. Sending Prayers Love and Light to you. Always here if you need to talk ok
Ma-al Digan
Thank you for the message. Creating boundaries is what i needed.
Bobbie Neff Long
Kelly Ann Dimon Sister I know what you mean I am going through this myself the only difference is my mother had throat Cancer she is in remition now and she just lays around and does nothing but want me to wait on her and watch her just throw her life away. The rest of my family dont even come see her. And It's literally making me sick taking all the abuse I have taken from her over the years its even worse now. But I come to realize that I need to make that change not only for myself but her also. Stay strong Sweet Sister. You are not alone. I'm sending Prayers up for you. All will be OK soon your a Warrior that has over come so much so far and I know you will get through this. Just like I will get through my current circumstances also. We learn from the things that happen to us. I'm here if you ever need to talk OK Love and Light to you
Analiza Donato
... when we sharw
Gopalbhai Trivedi
Regina Pumares de Vera
Dannie Mabao exactly! !!😊super agree...
Devon Martin
It's called suicide
Kirsi Marjatta Pentikäinen
Adrienne Mc Adam
Rob DuChene way to go you. The courage to live and laugh is ur gift. Xxa
Biljana Janeska
Adrienne Nolan love from Macedonia :)
Pamela Vause
Awesome... I needed this today!
Jennifer Crawford
Why is she always on her phone in the background?....
Suzie Jones
Escaping quote is amazing!!! love this ❤️ And I have found it to be true for me!!! I have moved ON, but I HAD to escape AND take care of ME first so I COULD continue on. The rewards are many whey you do this!!! Keep on keeping on and you will get all the blessings of the Universe!! And un-like the wolf, your leg WILL grow back as you grow
Volkan Obut
# life changing
Soyala El
Lyzmarie Ortiz thx u. I'm a very strong person but this nearly killed me. Im trying to focus on me & my children & fight the pain & disappointment. Hope he finds what he is looking for.
Edilberto Beto Beitia
Es por el Libera Un Mundos
Sadhna Gosh
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Ley Chanse
I really like MMM Global because they can provide us up to 100% per month. #MMM_Extra
Maggie Moreno
#exhaused #drained
Bridget Fitzgerald
Sue Gray Forsyth, I honestly didn't know narsassictic people existed, only what I saw on t.v. I knew I was being emotionally abused and sometimes thought to myself that I wish he would just hit me instead, at least that would heal..... We had an age difference too, I was six years older so, it was easy to blame myself.... I could go on and on. I'm sorry for ANYONE who goes through this, I wouldn't wish it on an enemy.
Yok Kyoya
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Dont be a part of the toxic problem, let MMM Global unite people helping people #MMM_Extra
Wayne Wang
JL du Preez
#MMM_Extra Thank you MMM for this great community!! It is a golden opportunity for us to have prompted finance and not to make money like “slaves” every day! It is to enjoy the fun of money and for everyone together to participate in it. Together we can change the world!
Robert A Polimeni
Lots of blessings coming! :)
April Dawson
I m glad I shared. I hope my story helps... please Don t stay in a toxic enviroment, lord knows I stayed way to long.. I thank God and my children for for helping me to let go.. and move on....and reminding me.. I deserve better. An I thank God for all of you. It s nice to know we are not alone...and there are non toxic people left in this world full of negative.
Steph Kolonkowski
Boy, if that ISN'T the truth! I never thought of any of this before UNTIL I started reading your posts. I took a closer look at my "so-called friends" and found they all had the same thing in common...using me to their benefit ONLY. None of them cared about what they said or did to me. I was always there for them because I never thought of "my friends" as being toxic and needy people. I guess people like that tend to "latch on" to people like me. It was like ALL of them were "sucking the life" out of me. I asked myself..."What exactly have any of them ever done for me?" Nothing! As I unloaded them from my life, they became very angry with me...and BOY DO I FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER NOW! I've decided to be careful with who I let into my life now. I'd rather have a couple good friends than many who are JUST out their to use me to benefit themselves.
Consuelo Martinez
April Dawson
Good morning royals. Thank you for sharing all your stories, for the words of encouragement, an all the support. I feel all of your positive energy. An it fills my heart and soul with such awe, and joy. I am sending all my thoughts and prayers to all of you also. We can do this. Face our fears, have the courage to leave toxic people and enviroments, an have the courage to love ourselves enough to move on, to happier people and places. The hardest part is taking the first step. It feels amazing and freeing. Then the next step of grabbing our dreams. Start with a baby step, and before we know it we will be running the marathon. Keep the positive energy coming....I woke up to amazing people and encouraging words, and alot more job openings this morning. I will keep you all updated. Please keep me updated also......shine like the stars we are. We ve got this.
Douglas Maduabuchi Enwere
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Viola December Welsh
This was amazing. Will listen to it again today
Sherry Vanderhoof
Kelly Ann Dimon I have a daughter who is a recovering addict. She has done so many evil things to me, like steal, lie everyday, lost her children to the system. I used my whole savings on a recovery program for her, then I had to sell my house because I didn't have money left to pay for upkeep, taxes, insurance, ect. She can see her kids, 8 & 10 yrs. old, every other weekend with me supervising only. Court ordered. My grandkids want to see their mom so bad, it just breaks my heart that she doesn't feel or see that. She doesn't work, so when is her weekend I buy food, gas, or whatever is needed. Christmas and birthdays I buy all the gifts. It takes me a few days to pull myself together after the weekend because of emotional drain on me. If it wasn't for the grandkids it would be easier to handle. I just can't abandon them and have them feel bad. Its such a catch 22 situation, I don't know how to change it. This is only a very small part of the situation, but I'm stuck in this and I can't get out without hurting my grandkids. I've tried talking to her several times, just talk, and it always turns into a argument. If I don't take the kids every other weekend the blame will be on me and I don't want them growing up feeling abandoned and alone. I wish she would care more, it would be so much easier on me. Thanks for listening.
Kamphon Saelim
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Hnong Satharn
MMM Global is the best help. MMM Global pay 100% per month. Thank you MMM Global. #MMM_Extra
Catrina Holsinger
#thats been me🙏💔🙏
Monica Frascone Bergdahl
Martin Issa
never a truer word spoken baby!! I promise no more division as long as we work towards unity TOGETHER!
Hera Tucal
Thank you for sharing ...ms April Dawson
Catrina Holsinger
"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. The light of the body is the eye: if therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light. But if your eye be evil, your whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness! No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. Therefore I say to you, Take no thought for your life, what you shall eat, or what you shall drink; not yet for your body, what you shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment? ... (For all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your Heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things. But seek you first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you." Matthew 6:22-25, 32-33🙏❤️🙏
Monica Frascone Bergdahl
You are explaining my sad life to a t!! It is going on in my life right now!
Michelle Sarks Williams
You guys are awesome and inspirational! Thanks for all you do.
Priyanka Chauhan
MMM is a community where people help each other.MMM proves that cooperation between people, based on trust and sincerity, is possible #MMMExtra
Catrina Holsinger
"And if your right eye offend you, pluck it out, and cast it from you: for it is profitable for you that one of your members should perish, and not that your whole body should be cast into hell. And if your right hand offend you, cut it off, and cast it from you: for it is profitable for you that one of your members should perish, and not that your whole body should be cast into hell." Matthew 5:29-30🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾
Geri Schoff
Geri Schoff
Dannie Mabao
Saving people once is just ok, but doing it often doesnt make sense you just teach them to become parasites.
Geri Schoff
Catrina Holsinger
"For though He was crucified through weakness, yet He lives by the power of God. For we also are weak in Him, but we shall live with Him by the power of God toward you. Examine yourselves, whether you be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know you not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except you be reprobates? But I trust that you shall know that we are not reprobates. Now I pray to God that you do no evil; not that we should appear approved, but that you should do that which is honest, though we be as reprobates. For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the Truth. For we are glad, when we are weak, and you are strong: and this also we wish, even your perfection." 2 Corinthians 13:4-9🙏❤️🙏
Monica Frascone Bergdahl
Adnil Sam
we need to learn that we are valuable,fight for freedom and worth to love...be happy is our choice😊❤
Catrina Holsinger
"For what is it wherein you were inferior to other churches, except it be that I myself was not burdensome to you? forgive me this wrong. Behold, the third time I am ready to come to you; and I will not be burdensome to you: for I seek not yours, but you: for the children ought not to lay up for parents, but the parents for the children. And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you; though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved. But be it so, I did not burden you: nevertheless, being crafty, I caught you with guile. ... And lest, when I come again, my God will humble me among you, and that I shall bewail many which have sinned already, and have not repented of the uncleanness and fornication and lasciviousness which they have committed." 2 Corinthians 12:13-16, 21🙏❤️🙏
Susan Potter
Amy Pezzella Baird xxx😇😆😅
Catrina Holsinger
"Be you not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion has light with darkness? And what concord has Christ with Belial? or what part has he that believes with an infidel? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? for you are the temple of the living God; as God has said, and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be you separate, says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty." 2 Corinthians 6:14-18🙏❤️🙏
Angie Watson
Catrina Holsinger
"And base things of the world, and things which are despised, has God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nothing things that are: That no flesh should glory in His presence. But of Him are you in Christ Jesus, who of God is made to us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: That, according as it is written, he that glories, let him glory in the Lord." 1 Corinthians 1:28-31🙏❤️🙏
Hazel Piollo
Catrina Holsinger
"Whether therefore you eat, or drink, or whatsoever you do, do all things to the glory of God. Give no offense, neither to the Jews, nor to the Gentiles, nor to the church of God: Even as I please all men in all things, not seeking my own profit, but the profit of many, that they may be saved." 1 Corinthians 10:33🙏❤️🙏
Catrina Holsinger
"And he that takes not his cross, and follows after Me, is not worthy of Me. He that finds his life shall lose it: and he that loses his life for My sake shall find it." Matthew 10:38-39🙏❤️🙏
Biljana Janeska
I dont see the comments on line in llife
Catrina Holsinger
Very true quote! 🙏💔🙏
Carole Santiago
No sound.
Mildred García
My working environment has turned into a very toxic one. I'm actually looking for and praying for a new job with a better environment and conditions! Hope you also find a job that offers the conditions that you hope for! 🙂
Barbs Hadebe
Linda Ronay
Rach E Will
Linda Ronay
Linda Ronay
That is for sure!
Linda Ronay
Linda Ronay
Linda Ronay
Frenemies are to be avoided at all times!!!
Linda Ronay
That is for most sure!!!
Linda Ronay
Great advice!
Linda Ronay
Linda Ronay
When someone toxic says "jump" you do NOT say "how high". You RUN, DONT WALK!!!
Linda Ronay
Always the best advice!!! 👍🏻😘👏🏻
Linda Ronay
Like this a lot ! AMEN!!!
Linda Ronay
Good for you! And best of luck in all your new pursuits!!! 👍🏻😘👏🏻
Donna Caldwell
Ninette Giunta
Martin Woof Issa A House Divided Cannot Stand
Melinda Hamilton Loloff
Been there done that myself! AA and God saved my life! I have found this prayer saves me in so many different ways..🤗💕🙏🏻
Tonya Turner
Only God can break that strong hold!! I believe that at least once in our lives we have encounter a toxic relationship..
Nazim Saifi
Elisa Singh
exactly Sandy. We should always put our children's needs before our own.
Michelle Nelson
Judy Taylor - Grief, Healing, Love, Inspiration & Hope
Dianne Treleaven Lewis
Michelle Nelson
Wies Kingma
i,m not a better person ,i djust protect myself
Verah Val
Never allow yourself to loss because of 'them'
Wies Kingma
toxic people out of my live!
Wies Kingma
so treu
Becky Smedley
Wishing you much happiness😊
Debbie Blocker Jarrell
You guys are nuts. Lol
Irene Naluwairo
This is so helpful thanks Miguel and co.
Zaidan M Safa
Hi everybody . First of all I would like to thank Royals ( Bryant and Jenny ) am really happy for join the group to be as a member My name's Safa'a am from Jordan
Jelle Berg
Astrid De Los Rios
Omg ..I wish I could listen to the video starting from the section where Bryant showed the SR photo of how to escape a trap the wolf will eat his own flesh ..and it's impossible cz the video forces me to go to the start of it again and again ..so frustrating
Muhsina Imran
Looking good in watery coler n with ur white dolphin
Rukhsana Khan
Rukhsana Khan
Amazing your all tips posts encourage me and I love a lot keep it up it's great social work may Allah bless you stay happy and blessed
Wies Kingma
wright they are vampires!
Jennifer Regan
Omg,this broadcast is amazing! Better late than never 👑👑💖💖
Lisa Stowe
I completely understand this....I am in a situation with my youngest daughter living with me and her 3 girls....her life is toxic she refuses to get help. The only stability the girls have is with me. I have no support from her dad (we are divirced)
Astrid De Los Rios
Why, why isn't possible to re start seeing a video half way through ..the system here doesn't allow for it..cz often I need to quot half way through and then when I want to continue later on I have to go back to the start !! Wish it was possibly to technically allow for this interrupted later resume viewing..
Celyn Dulanas
So true
Modesta Forkwa
I even started pouring out bad energy
Ann Jelly Puray
Hayley Tattle
So true
Kathey Snape
Tonnette Vilasquez
wwwooowww so good thank you lord for this wonderful thing...
Pamela Ray
Negative y is out
Joan Cotton
Brinda Mccray
When I was younger I did not know how to deal with my pain and I was frankly Ashame of it. But as I grew in Christ and learned to trust him I found out that indeed my pain had a purpose. So I share my experience with those who are hurting as I were. I realize that God uses my pain to help others. I'm so grateful to serve an omnipotent father who will not put more on me that I can't not bear but will provide a way out. My way out was confession. Funny how Satan wanted me to keep quite so others could not be healed. When I was a child I spake as a child. I'm not lame anymore. Praise be to God for his wisdom And love.
Jamie Miller Boggs
Betty Dorfling
Thats the way girl. Just be strong and be happy
Maryann Baretta
You got that right Hector I could not have said it any better ...omg
Maryann Baretta
Wow April so proud of u moving into a different direction...I had work with lots of toxic people ...so know a little of what that's like
Julemar Rojo
So true Hector. Your words hit the head of the nail.
Maryann Baretta
Maryann from Bay Area San Francisco....
Steppa Lion
For real
Maryann Baretta
Thank You Bryant and Jenni for sharing this important message...,I am a royal always have been..I definetly need a mentor to show me like u mentioned...Love u both
Teresa Sapphire Horner
Most certainly did
Julia Kinandu
Kimmer Rowe congrats with you happiness and prosperity.
Julia Kinandu
Bernice Wade congrats for taking yourself out
Natalie Butt
Getting off this site that woman continually distracted with her phone drives me nuts. Can't take them seriously, it was all right until they went on camera.
Maralyn Friess
Awsome you keep on doing what your doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Darcy
Amen Shalom...YAH All the best...living tEStAmOnY...elected.. JC bIBLE...book InssstrUctION bEfOrELeavinearth 4reason His StORY in ewe,me toGEtHER...can do tHESE ...my yah say...hOoYah to ewe We me ewe...do know outpouring tedImony OBADIAH 15 SEt THE cAptIvEsss freee as promised Worship together eye with in will show my living tree Liong of JuDa MT.ZiONjesusyahsayIsREAL Amen Huggs cuddlin ...ewe .. We all can do soo much greater in our twn,city,country s....together...with purpose...known. ...no together wathc Ias,43:8 Shalom...lvyv mom n dad s My EtERNAL woRSHIP Yahs brought uS A along journey s....ssss yah.giggles Who loves culinary...grew up aroun beaches...fishinh...loving alll ...working....my life HIS stORY Myself loved to hear over music. Conversation s ...theator...art...life cuddled Amen Grow love aspire ewe,we myself I Love eweAlll Eternally in JCs in the flesh...thnkful4hius stiry outpouring in me... Ewe....know without any doubt YahIsreal :)
Shel Pretty
Noemi Mahinay
Tendai Lioga
If had formed these boundaries ten years ago I would be in a much better place. These toxic people may be toxic but someone of the ones I knew are happy and have a life better than me why would I want them back in my life I look at them in their glory. And remember how it I had put up my boundaries I may be in a better place than them . They will come and look at the state I'm in with pity but they will never admit that when they where getting money from me and ruining my chances as I failed to put boundaries in place they played a very selfish part. I remember a old friend telling a guy I was dating I was busy as he picked up my call after I told him not I may well have been married by now. I also remember a friend of mine back then at a house party telling me I'm beautiful but just not that beautiful a real confidence ruining comment. They try to talk to me sometimes the ones that don't know better as I am not bitter but they know they ruined things that could have blossomed.
Roopmatee Narine
This is so true
Angel Simmons
Been there done that NA 9 years clean and sandee Hughes I agree I couldn't of done it with out God
Joanna Strom
# interested
Edith Alvaran
Thank you sir Bryan you are AN inspiration
Joanna Strom
I love you guys. I have missed your live broadcast 2 days in a row. I'm trying to catch up :-/
Ashleigh King
Amen x
Joanna Strom
Joanna Strom
Insanity: Doing the same thing over & over, expecting a different result. Someone said this is one of the tenets of AA or NA I think.
Angie Karan
~Your pain has a purpose; to help other heal.~ WOW :) Thank you~ Bless you
Susan Ann Schofield Margolis
Yes I have been there many times. Today when the red flag is up I run.
Saurabh Tiwari
Maureen Nissen
Yes get your body healthy and strong first so you can feel amazing Yourself , then you will generate so much love and compassion to people around you ❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑👑👑
Amy Pezzella Baird
Leaving a toxic marriage is the most gut wrenching thing I've ever done in my whole life!! It ripped out my heart . After 33yrs, there was no other recourse. The toxicity (emotional abuse) was killing me and my 5 children. The lies, deceit, manipulation, & his Addiction was literally draining the emotional life out of us-the survivors. Gratefully, God gave me the faith & strength to move forward with no regrets and with renewed hope in life! There's more healing ahead & I'm choosing happiness. :) :)
Hattie Strader
Samantha Storm
MOM, 👑(Cheryl) 👑YOU'LL LOVE THIS ONE!!!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸💜👑💜¸.•*¨*•♫♪
Joe Hope
Michelle Ver Elst
How do you access after broadcast,? This is the story of my life, so interesting.
Pamela Brittain
It hurts real bad!
Christina Renee Bellsnyder
Noooooo don't talk or think that way , if you need someone reaching out to you , I'm in Horrible pain an suffering too from a almost decade long relationship where I was engaged for 7 or more of it he beat me lied to my face stole from me publicly humiliated me , left me sick scared to death an homeless an this has been going on FOR A WHOLE YEAR , an I can barely stand the Pain an hurt an deception too , but THAT IS NOT THE ANSWER..I don't know you but know your pain an care , so PLEASE INBOX ME your # or anything I can do to help you feel Less Alone , I'm scared to death , but don't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing HE TOOK ME OUT , he is a pile of 💩 an guessing the person who is doing this to you is to , so DONT LET HIM WIN .. I'm fighting so hard an sick terrified an TIERD an don't even know yet but have faith this Is Not my or your destiny. So don't know the story or situation, but whatever it is THAT IS NOT A OPTION!! 😕😧😥 please if you can if not me call a hospital an get help an to SAFTEY an with someone try with everything in you to come up with a plan to see you through , that is where I am right now , feeling very alone afraid an misunderstood, so sending you love an healing hugs an a invitation to listen or share or Whatever I CAN . This hurts me 💔from one woman in Pain to another, I'm here for you if even just to listen an vent to someone who understands. Love Renee👋🏻 ✌🏻️💜🙏🏻🙌🏻
Brooke Lillith
Brooke Lillith
Faythe A. Kobbo
Ruth Oluka, Herbert Wafula, Ronald Kobbo, Malava Oyalo, Phoebe Oluka
Judee Catherine
Yes, Lisa, you will. Trust in the Lord, he will cure you! 💟💞💝💕💖
Georgia Alsip
Teresa Recoy Wilson
So happy to see both of you again! :) ❤️
JoLynn Higgins
You have a great evening too, Sheri Gibe! Nice to see we were both on line from our Queen City!
Nudin Chewell
All's belongs to god. Live on right path by this age .. greeting older.
Daniel MacDonald
The inner peace is everything. :)
Valerie Poarch
I must say, reading your comments with words of wisdom is truly inspirational. Thx everyone!
Tanya Kime
Hi royals ❤️💋👑
Tonny Anditi
Correct Kellie
Amie Richards
Thank you Jenni and Bryant, you guys are a great coach my fab couple just want you to know I'm very grateful God bless and more power 👑👄💞👄 👑💞 👄👑
Joanna Strom
This hurt to hear because my husband's family are so toxic, so dysfunctional, and I have kept my children from being around them because they will never change. It's sad but my children are old enough now to think for themselves and they see it. To keep yourself mentally healthy, you must set boundaries. Detach and live your own life.
Asma Y. Bustami
Always be there for others coz you'll never know when you need them 🌹
Katt Hall
I didn't get to see this live, but I have been pummeled by toxicity. Feel trapped. Drowning in my own tears. Fears. I live with a monster.
Lise Andersen Nordberg
Hi royals from denmark love light peace and unity 👑👑👑💖
Amie Richards
Stress can drained your energy indeed 👑💗👄💗👑
Mo Poppins
Bravo and congrats!! I stayed at multiple jobs where I didn't leave until I developed health problems, as growing up in an abusive home, a toxic environment felt "normal," and I'd wondered all my life about what was acceptable behavior. Of course, no toxic person is going to admit to you that you shouldn't be putting up with their shit--in fact, they'll often tell you explicitly that their abuse is all you deserve. I hope that you act of faith and courage will soon lead you to your next calling. Whatever happens, you know for certain that you did the right thing, and that you are already on, or closer to your path. All the best... ❤️ :)
Danielle Hartzenberg
Thank you... just waatched the second half x love it xx
Valerie Rowan
It gets better. Then you'll see them for what they were. You'll find yourself again and wonder what all the fuss was about. Happy life ahead. Onwards and upwards. ❤
Brandon Parker
I completely understand that, but you know when you have to move on you there's no going back. Yes still love him, but if you they don't want to help themselves that's on them.
Tracie Denchfield
Hear, but wind is loud
Jo Merencillo Lavendia
its easy i turn off ur page on my wall.. Just it simple...
Jerusalem Yibeltal
Thanks all!
Florenda Conti
I will give a verse from the bible.....god said ,,,for the wages of sins is death but the gift of god is eternal life,through jesus christ our lord. Romans 6;23
Iris Sochor
Royal 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Frances Dakay
it hurts to say bye to people you have care but yet they rejected it ..but its okay life is
Tracie Denchfield
How did you know my life is surrounded, by wolves in family?
Roselinda Sabado Tadeo
To become strong let your pain be an inspiration to fight those toxic people that may ruin your life...let God lead you to fight those strugle will.come in your life...be strong and believe in the miracle of God.
Roselinda Sabado Tadeo
To become strong let your pain be an inspiration to fight those toxic people that may ruin your life...let God lead you to fight those strugle will.come in your life...be strong and believe in the miracle of God.
Joy Strange
Dislike comment and hate videos
Izhar Sadiq
you two are fantabulous
Sweetrose Asumbrado
I did..i am a fighter..
Michelle Ver Elst
Tracie Denchfield
What about your children?
NanDar HhOo
I really promise Never turn back
Dawn Ames
Sam Tharby
People are not toxic you talking about plutonium dont put plutonium in your tea But people are delicious just sprinkle a little cheese grill on a medium heat 🔥 Little salt n Peper hmmmmmm
NanDar HhOo
Let the past be the past. Never turn back I release for freedom I don't want to get hurt for other people inner peace ❤
Eveconcepcion Elvinia
She saidd " at my xpense " waah how greedy !
Ylonne Dela Cruz Belga
agree Adam James..
Ylonne Dela Cruz Belga
true...i'm also agree w/ u madam Jude Mitton and Vera Dougherty...we must need to know our value ..always ask God to have a right things to do and make some right decision..
Gladys Wambui Mungai
Thanks.. and Amen
Marilyn Jacqueline Borrero
Kerena Crowe
Good for you April as you say .... Your chest no longer hurts .... Says it all really
Georgia Gaines
Hello Suzan Kasab, l agree with your post these people are fighting giant demons so theyneed all the love and kindness we can share with them what goes around comes back around.AMEN.
Zaidan M Safa
I try to join the group It's closed so upset ☹
Regina Pumares de Vera
Wow! Very well said.😊 that's true 😊 a smooth sea can't make a skillful sailor.right.?Once in a while teach them how to catch fish by their own.
Zaidan M Safa
Unfortunately it's happening now a day Thanks a lot 4 ur pushing 😀😃 Good morning 👍🏻
Dismas Lyimo
Absolute,person attitude is the axis of the future don't allow anyone to change you ,because of their disappointmentD.T.L
Paula Brown
Thank you for sharing April Dawson. So many of us get paralyzed by fear. In my case, I let the toxicity infect me & I was sure nothing I did would be enough to make real change. In truth, I was paralyzed by the fear of what I knew had to be done. Leaving a toxic environment can be akin to severing an appendage. Kudos to you! Your story is an inspiration!
Jack House
Venieca Kusek... Check this out tell me if it speaks to you in a positive way...
Ina Isaacks
Oh yes ii am gatekeeper of my llife
Becky Abrams
It's hard when its your child of 27yrs
Rickey Reid
Prissy Peshavaria
Monica listen to this video. Absolutely terrific message
Sue Elizabeth Gray
Bridget Fitzgerald mine was 3 years . It's been the same process . Complete narcissist . Really soul destroying. I literally was kept on a string until yesterday. After 8 months of separation and honestly the worst pain I have EVER gone through I am free. A little scared as I truly want to believe I am over this . I don't want to break again. What I do not like at all is the anger and hatred I carry around for him. I know why I do Because I allowed him in to a sacred circle of myself And my children . My children loved him , I did everything to build him and the business we ran together. Only to find out all the lies , the other woman, the lies being basically left with nothing and living in ex husbands garage!! All while he spends our profits on drugs other woman and doest even care about the two little souls who let him in. He doesn't even realise what he has done because he has no conscious THAT is the part that fustrates me so so so much
Debby Mangold
How true this is. It is just so hurtful when the people you love don't care how you feel or who you are.
Michelle Ver Elst
Ako C AleThea
Thank you so much.Mr.Bryant McGill and mam jenny....
Susan Kruschke
#interested have been working on this, it actually works
Rubbina Hashmi
Maria Kristina Feliciano
Deedee Stottlemyer
Very true,it hurts but sometimes you have to cause some just want to keep you miserable cause their life is,they only way you can better yourself is to let go even if breaks your heart to do so
Jenalyn Daning Tubio
Yes of course fighting for our freedom is so right; but we have to consider many people. ..We should fight for the good of many and not for the good only of our very own self...
Deanne Hoff
Well said!...Amen!!!
Stacey Webster
I feel so left out when I can't watch it live... It's just I have to work and it usually during the time they do live broad cast"
Sakshi Arora
Laurie Lankins Farley
The link above didn't work for you? Here try this. www.youtube.com/bryantmcgill
Sherry Vanderhoof
You are so correct about toxic people. Its a little easier getting rid of a toxic friend, but family, it's been difficult for me. I really don't know if I could turn my back totally, but listening to this video has shed some light on me and what direction I need to pursue to handle this. Thank you.
Mo Bye
The last couple of broadcast I haven't been able to access while they're alive but I can access them after they're over. I'm guessing it's because Facebook is changing the quality but it's still annoying because I can't get in on real time. I see you're having the same issue.
Sylvia Pet-Petrushansky
I have my own dysfunctions to deal with. I don't need someone else's. 🙋😊
Donna T. Jones
Laurie Lankins Farley I must be doing something wrong because every time I click the link I get "page not found"...lol..I'm not at the least bit techy..but hey, I will continue to try. 👑💞
Dawn Nyholm
Christine Claire-Marie
I'm so happy I was able to see this and part 2. FB dropped me and I finally was able to get it and view it. Very profound. I'm retraining my brain to say, "no!" When I mean it. I don't want what I don't want!
Catsya Angkouw
Michelle Mintch
Hello is this live
Dawn Nyholm
Christina Renee Bellsnyder
Not Always .. #truth
Becki Lee
Perfect words!
Nadeem Butt
Becki Lee
Going on right now! Taking away my health and my peace of mind! Taking away both my kids' health! Feel helpless and completely unheard! Not giving up ...just exhausted!
David Morrison
I live my own life not anyone else's and have done since i was a young teen. I have learnt along my path to keep all the leaches, parasites and negativity they give off in life behind and create something special for myself and family! I totally agree its the answer to be positive, honest and keep your actions true and life becomes simpler. Thanks SimpleReminders.com
Marisol Nocete Rubios
Saya Smalls
#freedomfighter I love you, Bryant and Jenni, and all Royal sisters and brothers! 👑💖💖👑👑
Dawn Nyholm
All the time
Chris Hanifan Woods
You are absolutely right Bryant!!!
Chryso Christodoulou
Michelle Ver Elst
I would love to listen to your 1st broadcast,, don't quite understand how to access it. I'm on an Android cellphone for computer? Thanks so much.
Shiniel Stevens
Shoo thanks for that piece of advice. Im deeply hurt too and svared to make that choice for the sake of my kids but what about my feelings
Adeela Syed
Sulochini Motheelal
Thank you God bless
Mary Thomas
Hello two of my favorite people....love to see you!!!! So great ful...
Holly Wayman
You are very inspiring. Thank you :-) :-)
Tina Turley
Cut the rope ........done....Thank you.......much LOVE
Evelyn Obidos Romero
Mumbi Karoki
Mahira Shaikh
Aftr al Im nt a doormat....😡
Anik Suman
Avoid negativity, avoid negative ppl.like attracts like, if u r positive, full f lives, u ll end up finding them.I trust n it.
Mahira Shaikh
Eve Cook
I am glad Jesus doesn't agree with you!
Olivia Hossell
If you are in a toxic relationship you must decide it is better to let go
Jahangir Ali
Mashala. Is.good. bra lite. Mcgale. .jani. All.famile Frand.more think. Vare machine. Sara.woold king. Motva. Shake. Amer. Shak.motva. all.liders. Pore.doniko.is..all.pepol. vare.good. All.famile Frand.more. .im..no.schol. Please help. All.famile Frand.more. Call me. Mobile 0552770687. Please helpful. .agar.mosha. Galti.ho.to. mafkarad. ..allahlla.kareem. ...thanks. Sukran. Good. Vare.good. ............................
Rob DuChene
Adrienne Nolan i was 8 years old with lukemia at 10 bone marrow transplant and living life to the fullest ever since
Cheryl Lynn Dunn
Sandee Hughes I just celebrated two years! Congrats! 😊
Cheryl Lynn Dunn
This prayer covers it all.
Liz Baker
I am behind you
Nancy Delos Reyes Medina
Stay away from toxic people.Period.
Dawn Faith
Dawn Faith
Susan McGregor
I'm going through the same... but still there. 😕
Susan Kruschke
Much needed videos. Thank you to Bryant McGill & Jenni Young ❤️ 👑
Jennifer Skains
Katrin Sianipar
Susan Kruschke
Good fences make good neighbors. So true.
Lori Baillie
😊 love you!!
Rosa Radia
a vacuum cleaner instead
Jan Pendergast
Denise Beckman
Josefa Ramos
Exactly ,we are.p
Karen Durand
AMEN Its a true test of Strength and Faith. But when you Cross over and Rise above the Storm you find SUNSHINE. And things about yourself you would have never if you didn't experience the Heart break .
Ronald E Webb
Julie Watkins Plumley
You can love unconditionally but from a distance you don't have to be on there rope
Maine Andersen
nice topic u have keep it up guys...
Diana Vermeulen
Laurie Lankins Farley
Angie Flores Dominguez
Elvira Trujillo
Good prayer ADAM JAMES.....
Claudia Stevens
Asha Rani
Solomon V Kumar
Live with out fear live in Truth for Truth shall liberate You
Dana Maria Dillon Powers
more like www.fuckoff.com
Leonora Gonora
Thank you Bryant & Jenny for all the Incharagin Words your sharing with us . God bls you
Dana Maria Dillon Powers
the assumption of ones own fabricated importance...quack..i mean quick...
Ahlam Al Sheikh
👍👍totally agree
Susan Kruschke
Isabel Rodriquez
Laurie Ann
I'm glad I saw this group! Needed seeing these posts. Broken heart.
Kim Walker
I absolutely love you guys! You both have helped me way more than you will ever know and thank you!!!
Jessica Oliver
Absolutely loved it ! New Royal here ☺️👑
محمد يعقوب
I believe that human beings are one family
Muney Munavvaru
Kelly Ann Dimon
Amen sister! My mother had brain surgery in 2004. She has short term memory loss. But now my oldest daughter is toxic to me. She blames me for everything wrong in her life..She needs help but I cannot help her. I'm really excited to have a new family to help me through the difficult process of letting go of old patterns and learning to stand up for ourselves! :)
Dorie Hiebert
Am in the Exact Process of Your Topic... Devine Appointment
Debra Burke
Freedom fighter finally back.......
Marie Uszynski Bieksha
👑👑👑#strangels us from afar#no other way#
Marcia Lee
thank you for the information
Emily Braasch
How do I get off this page
Melanie Lawrence
It's hard to hear but you both are rocking the shades.
Michael L Murphy
Why don' t you get to your point wtf
Bridgett Borja
Thank you April I'll pray for you to find the best happiest job you have ever had!
Suzanne White
They don't know they are toxic...... It is a brave thing to leave a long term relationship for your own good...
Elizabeth Heffern
Because I don't love myself or feel I'm worthy of better
Chris Hanifan Woods
Hi Bryant and Jenni
Marie Uszynski Bieksha
#me#me#stsy to save my sons life#if I leave he hides the $$. No food no #will not see his critical son#
Sharon Kassa
I just want to make sure people find out about you!
Elizabeth Heffern
It took away my freedom, my communication with God, my spirit.
Sharon Kassa
I use it for bank transfers and that is it!
Sharon Kassa
Sharon Kassa the only other computer that I have is a Windows Vista updated to Windows 7. It weights TOO MUCH TO LIFT IT. I HAVE BACK PROBLEMS!!
Elizabeth Heffern
It makes me feel worthless, vulnerable, useless, guilty, angry, degraded

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