The world is full of beautiful people; all fine, worthy, and wondrous beings.

Relaxing with friends… Tapat na kalooban at pakikipagkaibigan ang aking pinaaabot sa inyo, Bryant. #filipino #Philippines #Malaysia The world is full of beautiful people; unique and precious, each of us are fine, worthy and wondrous beings. Every person has something meaningful to say in the conversation of life. Let people speak. Let people disagree. Communicate. … See More...

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Marivic Calceta Abellar
Great work...GBU
Pba Ylen
A Million Thanks,Sir.Please continue to inspire many people like me.❤️
Juanita Chacon Morgan
Love you Beutiful humans. Juanita Chacon Morgan
Deborah Keefe
God Bless you!
Ruthie Noël Caffrey
Hi, sorry but not really been with Momma! Sending love...
Deb Sudduth-bates
Beautiful...thanks for reminding me...
Ajoke Iyinolakan
Great work..God bless you Mr Bryant McGill @ Bryant McGill
Emerenciana M. Pelaez
Mr. Bryant McGill--it's been like ages that I was out. I am back and I greatly appreciate the miles you have gone. This is for us: "The real democratic American idea is not that every man shall be on a level with every other, but that every man shall have lIberty, without hindrance, to be what God made him". "Every man's work is a portrait of himself". Thank you once again...Every man I meet is in some way my superior; and in that I can learn from him.
Emerenciana M. Pelaez
I could somehow relate to you because I work as paraprofessional and I Get assigned to autistic students. God less us all. That's what I want to say.
Red Orange Reyes
Im overwhelmed by liking us filipono people thank u very much.
Neneth Ulanday
Mr.Bryant McGill,i really appreciate your inspirational message,ive learn many good words from you,more power to sir,God Bless
Sharon Stahlhut
Bryant, I didn't catch this live unfortunately. I wanted to say that I know exactly what you mean when you talk about your love for the people of the Phillipines. I am a regular traveler to Bali, Indonesia and I feel an affinity for those people there. They have a very simplistic life governed by their culture that is both beautiful and inspiring. I have been in the presence of great Balinese priests and feel such peace. These people are humble and live in gratitude. Thank you for the shout out today, a timely reminder to try to live in love and gratitude. Make the journey to see these beautiful people Bryant, do it soon. With love, Sharon ❤️
Genevera LaMease Mack Theis
Bryant McGill, have you ever been a guest of Gillian Ortega, National Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics?
Lady D Verzo-Basamot
Nakakatouch! "Tapat na kalooban at pakikipagkaibigan ang aking pinaaabot sa inyo, Bryant." Thank you very much sir Bryant McGill.. God bless you and more power.❤️ #Filipino #Philippines
Wila Rebaldo Victoriano
Kailanman marunong akong rumespito sa ibang tao dumaan ang daming pagsubok descrimination sa aming pagkatao at panlalait pero pilit akong lumalaban kasi sa pamilya ko kailangan kong maging matatag sa buhay salamat sa iyo kaibigan
Virgie Dabu Janoras
Hi Bryant McGill! Your doing great! God bless u!
Ayrm Yam Lemyam
very inspirational msge.. godbless
Gemeniox Oraye
Good evening!... I'm watching your video right now....thanks a lot for dedecating this video to all of us (your Filipino fans) I am a filipina living here in the Netherlad thank you so much for sharing your blessing...You are amazing I love the way you tell a story...So touching...really love love :)
Elvie Onag Nharg
Mabuhay ka Ginoong McGill! Greetings from Sweden!:)
Gelai Sanchez Licanto
Oh I'm so sad I missed this live video😒! But anyway, have stil another time.I'm proud to be a Filipino I'm living in Al-ain,UAE. I'm so thankful to u Sir Bryant to count us ( Filipino people) in ur success! Ur simple reminders is always have big impact in my life! I learned many things frm there that slowly changed the view of life!I talked about u to all my friends. Thank u so much again. May God bless both of u more and good health!😀
Katerina Fili Writter Speaker
Beautiful view!
Ritu Ranga
Wow sir.. i alwayz inspired by your thought... thanks for being part of my life... indirectly u motivate me,encourage me n much more... You actually told the right meaning of life nd the way how handle our problems in a positive manner.. Thanks a lot again... stay connected☺🙌
Andrea Jose-Lazaro
Ruth Curayag Costillas
I really like both of you guys💖💖💖
Bryant McGill
❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Bryant McGill
Kimberly Young Valenzuela-Massey
Awesome 💜
Jeannine Burruss
Truly this is the path I'm on, and it's humbling to see these words,#I'm grateful to be apart of this.
Linda Wells
Bryant thank you for your love for all peoples nations, you are a inspiration to me. I really actually thank God for you. I have learned so much about ME from your outright honest words of wisdom. Take care! Praise God for you!
Virgie Pasana
Will..its great God bless you..
Johana Fawaz
Good job !
Rea Nunez
Hello po! Magandang gabi sainyo especially the staff of sir Bryant McGill and members have a good day.
Lindsay Moore
Glo Lo
Good now get to know the rest of the world. Have a good life.
Shaz Moy
Thank you Bryant x
Shaz Moy
I really like this post 💜
Jojo Bowers
Wow... Wonderfully said, love it.
Sabile SAbi Mofokeng
Ladawan Ty Agmalem
thank you sir Bryant McGil for most inspiring show hello ma'am Jenny Iloveu ...i wish ti God to meet u both in person. ...nice day ahead & Godbless.
Stephanie Rigney
Listening is a sign of love
Ricky Harnanan
Thank you. .will try to remember this and practice..
Jennifer Fey Alip
Mabuhay ka Sir Bryant McGill. Salamat for sharing an inspirational messages. I'm so grateful & special as you mentioned as Filipino/Philippines followers... ",)
Zil Morales
Its so sweet... thanks😘
Jemarie Cortez Amero
All I can say is AMEN MR Bryant McGill !!! Since I started sharing your inspirational words changes my life especially most Pilipino Overseas, Faraway with thier family, you're amazing Gift from God to help People everywhere all over the world, we love you and Proud that you love our Country Philippines :) More Power to you and God Blessed you always... love From Jemarie of Canada. ..
Linda Sue Jones Lirette
Thank You Bryant McGill. You are always such a great inspiration to me! God bless
Esperanza Hart Nunez
Thank you and God bless you always and your family..
Agnes Ronquillo Macatuno
i am always inspired by your messages...they were all so inspiring...the best thing we can do to others is to RESPECT them...when we respect others we truly shows our love to everyone...RESPECT IS MUCH BETTER,,THAN RECOGNITION...i believe...GOD BLESS YOU BRYANT and more power...greetings from the Philippines!!!
Nanay Sol Olmedilla Delgado
Maria Elena Abueme
Thanks Bryant for inspiring us your words of wisdom and thoughts...loving us Filipinos...
Jon Lirio Ronquillo
Diana Lowrie
Can't wait to read them! I love passion projects. ✨❤️✨
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas
it was so damn awesome that bryant mcgill was in philippines hello kuya bryan i am a 14 year old i was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (Mild Autism). Many people says to me that why do you have that kind of brain speaking some words of wisdom and knowledge, well as i can say that One of my inspiration was you and Newton,Einstein,Tesla and Da Vinci THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORDS OF WISDOM AND GOD BLESS TO YOU :) ❤️
Irish Barcelona
The minute I heard church.....I decided to leave this brainwashed group of sheep.
Irish Barcelona
50 and 80 does not make 100
Irish Barcelona
Do you really believe in God? You're all brainwashed.
Essy Balbada
thank you po sir! kami din po! wow... ;D
Taylor Tomlin
Sorry I missed this one!
Irish Barcelona
Why are you all saying sir???? Did he get knighted by the queen of england? No.
Rosa Bonilla
Thanks you for the wonderful messages.
Wykenie Fernandez Owens
Hi Briant! I was at work when you were live here! I feel so special when you mentioned the Philippines. God bless your hearts Briant and Jenni!
Nhillrhed Jazzeejairroz Ahnne
Very inspiring..
Wardain Drake Banogon Pinili
Wow salamat Jen nd Bryant.
Daryl May Onque Filosopo
Same here Mr. McGill... I always look forward to every thing that you post...Thank you very much..
Elena Reyes
Hello,Bryant McGill,appreciated much i love it, you know pilipino language wow nice.God bless you more.
Patricia Ahumada
Love your message thank YouTube
Rick Reyes
Mabuhay ka sir bryant... you are a modern master : )
Elizabeth Meyer
Have a wonderful trip!
Julie Gores
I always miss you to.when you go live. I'm either Working or busy around the home . Give me heads up 1h.h4 LOL r great
Elizabeth Meyer
Thanks for editing message
Mavi Travino
Hi Bryant McGill, I just want to say that I do enjoy your "broadcast show" and do appreciate your tenacity on reaching out to all of us who needs encouragement. Although I only watch your show on a late feed as your time of broadcast always fell at 2 am here in Doha-Qatar where I am currently working, nevertheless I am amazed at the love that you wanted to impart to all of us. Also, as you mentioned in your broadcast today on " why we Filipinos, loves to say more power at the end of our message" , it means that we want you to have more courage, perseverance, patience and love to continue what you are doing. Because we know that only people who have these can do what you are doing. So without much further ado..... Thank You & MORE POWER!!! We 💞💗💖 You!!!
Ana Rosa Hernandez
Listening what a beautiful concept I need to work on my listening skills
Ana Rosa Hernandez
Love this ♡
Doris Balayong
thank u so much for the lovely sharing and i'm very proud for being one of your followers....very inspire us..😘😍😄
Monique Michaud
Thank you. Bryant. For. Beeing there. And. Your. Lovely. Wife. For. Caring. Of. Al of. Us❤️❤️❤️
Grace Celestial-Raza
Thanks for the beautiful, inspiring words Mr. Bryant McGill!! For encouraging more Filipinos to have the self confidence they need in facing future challenges because there are so many!! God bless!!
Toniaella Favour
God bless u pastor
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
Ah! Thank you it's another passion of mine. Hehe!!! Hopefully u like the poetry too. Thanks again for following. 🙏
Cymer Legaspi
Its our pleasure mr Bryant McGill..God bless u more...
Carol Williams
Vanessa Fountain
Ur food looks nutritional & delicious & I'm an American!!
Lea Alontaga
Thank you sir for your meaningful msg. I really like your Simple Reminders it gives guidance to each and every1of us. May God bless you always.
Marie Zelle
Thank you so much Mr. Bryant McGill... GOD will always guide and protect you...
Luna Moon
Lilian Tameta Julian
Thank you so much Bryant. I love your posts, quotes, and all your inspirational messages. God bless you more . We love you...
Gene Mijares Jimenea
Thank you very much Mr.Mcgill for your inspiring message... :)
Nickesha Lovelace
Ning G Llantino
Thank you sir! God bless
Aileen Alcantara Tumlad
thnks sir...
Diana Lowrie
Followed! Beautiful photography lady!
Rosal Paranada
Maraming Salamat G.Bryant McGill..God Bless u more🙏
Jillian Redoloza
^-^ truly inspired your words! thank you so much Bryant and GodBless you always!♥♥♥
Barbara Sammons
So true Bryant and Jenni she's so beautiful and has a great personallity and sense of humour. Love you both
Bryant McGill
Badal Arlene
Thank you so much Mr.Bryant McGill.God Bless and more power...
Aboughofrane Ahmad
Very well said dr Bryant
Bing Fabian Bayani
Wow..! I'm overwhelmed you mention Philippines, Bryant.. I'm truly inspired by your words.. Thank you so much.. God bless you always.. BB ❤️ :)
Zenfarm Seroid Barola
I am a Filipina frm Philippines and is working as a Visual Merchandiser here in Dubai,UAE and always like, always share and love your Simple Reminders....such an inspiration. I am in a challenging time in my life right now...but I know and I trust as you always remind us...that God has all the power to change things...for as long as we believe in ourself that It Does. You are a good hearted man. God bless you more and Jenny.
Edna Zipagan
touching, thank you very much Sir for mentioning our country, and for sharing all your beautiful message 👍💜💜💜😂😂
Anna Tomasello
Why do I get a sense of arrogance? Careful, remember to stay humble.
Analiza Tiberio
tnk u so much for insfiring me(:
Sarah Alcala Soriano
Muchos gracias Sir Bryant keep up the Good work God Bless
Zosimo Legaspi Caalim
good evening Bryant. yes, filipinos are friendly, loyal, generous and very much loving people. thank you for giving us importance.
Belle Arroyo
Renee Phillips
My Aunt's, Phillipino, Tagalog ? (On spelling) KOOL that you speak it, I'm learning! :-) Have a BLESSED Day. & Thank you for the ,POSITIVELY
Bryant McGill
Angel Fernandez Resurreccion
Salamat po moree power to u sir
May Flor Marie Macote
Salamat ng maraming marami s mga inspiring words SIR MCGILL
Myrna Dira
Thank you Bryant McGill GOD BLESS YOU . Amen
Lei Macailing
Hi from the Philippines! #WUVIP :)
Anewor Aicnelap
Woow!!Thank you so much again sir Bryant for inspiring us your beautiful thoughts and ideas.I am one of your hard fans and follower.We are absolutely happy for mentioning us one of your great follower.Pilipino people are well appreciated what you've than to change our lives,to understand the whole positive thing that usually posted.We are all inspiring and touching the message that you always posted.I,I am one of it.I always read everyday your very beautiful and inspiring quote and sometimes i apply it to my everyday life.Thank you sir..And also to your wife.your really such amazing and beautiful couple...God bless
Junko Izumi
Magandang buhay... Maraming salamat po Sir Bryant McGill
Oslec Dreu
Thanks all my friends bryant mcgill...
Ruby Saising
Thank you!
Ranjit Rai
Sir I want your books simpleremembers it is not available inmiddleeast I am workinginKuwait how youcan helpme thanks Ranjit Rai my mail address [email protected]
AJ Guerrero
Thank you sir Bryant McGill for recognizing us Filipinos😊. God bless😇
Lot Lot
Yeyyyy... I'm glad to hear about all filipinos, magaling Sir Bryant ang Jenni mabuhay ka! God bless you always..❤️❤️❤️
Violeta Pacres Vargas
thnks Bryant!!!! good vibes you bring....mwah mwah...
Adoracion Gonzales
Hi Bryant...salamat sau inspirasyon. Nice words and full of wisdom. I was so touched. Mabuhay at maraming salamat Mr. Bryant McGill. God bless you.
Jenny Gonzaga Osorio
Thank you
Nik Ki
I love following all your deeds.god bless
Lim AH Ran Marco
Thank you very much sir Bryant McGill so nice and proud to hear good words from you!! Filipino people loves you so much,, God Bless you!!!
Mary Antonette Taytayon
Mahal ka namin Ginoong Bryant McGill..isang mainit na pagbati rin sa inyo.. :-)
Elma Enrique
God bls....
Angelica M. Valega Pickarski
💕Lovely couple 👍👍👌
Will Nay Oo
Thanks you!
Gelay Rangela
Such a great inspiration sir. Thank you for the kind words to us Filipinos.
Leo Rita Bordon Senio
I love Jenny❤️❤️❤️ Jenny knows best, Jenny knows best Jenny Knows best😍😍 just like my husband says.. if you want peace, listen to ur wife😂😂😂😂
Maria Ruth Camartin
I'm blessed with this prgram
Aleli Muncada Calixto
Sajeda Manzoor
A nice humour Jenni knows surely best do not get into trouble smile nice couple you are fabulous thank you ❤️
Dianna Spurrier
Teresa Ninelives Mendoza
Enjoy ur Asian food. It looked yummy!.thank You for the inspirational words. Everyday.
Dianna Spurrier
I luv...this video of....u.....I don't sleep....EITHER...LUV ...THE ..VIEW...N...KOOL...VIDEO...TKS...
Sajeda Manzoor
These are the sweet humble words love to hear from you. You are awesome love it ❤️ the truth about you. I am also a humble person and admire you and all writings. Thank you-:)
Amie Richards
Thanks Bryant and Jenni, I'm originally from the Philippines....But now I live in UK. Thank you for the dedication very much appreciated love you guys my fav broadcasting 👄💋💖👍🌺🌷🌺
Tonnete Antonette
PLEASE COME! Love you both. you make me cry
Teresa Ninelives Mendoza
Hello...I'm a big fan.
Loi RL
Nelynpet Cabog
Salamat po! :)
Lanie Antonio A
Thank you so much Sir Bryant..God bless you and your family...
Norraine Peclaro-Tena
wow its so nice to hear good words from you! Salamat Bryant!
Juvy Ledesma Zabal Aicnelav
See you soon here in the Philippines. maraming slamat
Juvy Ledesma Zabal Aicnelav
"Filipino people are the nicest, sweet. so loving, humble.they walk hand in hand with God, most beautiful & great people, always have positive beautiful comment, have a hungry eye of the tiger, etc..". from: Bryant McGill WOW, coming from you, its unbelievable, yet its so true. Thank you so much for loving us Filipinos, you're such a big inspiration & help to us all. You make us realize what life really is deeply in this real world. Its easier for us to accept all hardships & obstacles thought your awakening posts... I know God gave this awesome talent to you to share it to the world.. May GOD blesses you long, happy & fruitful life ahead as you go on helping people. We love you Bryant McGill. MORE POWER always po.#mabuhayka #FILIPINOSPIRIT :) :) :)
Sajeda Manzoor
Your writing gives a message who as a human being are what is the truth of human love.. Basically Love it what are you talking about love your all writings as a motivator. You are awesome, watching you again from Canada. Thank you ❤️
Su San
Thanks a lot Sir Bryant McGill
Ruth Curayag Costillas
Wow magaling Bryant!👍😉💖
Moona Sumalatha
You are so inspiring . Pls don't stop what u r doing . Look forward to fb just to read what u have for me today 🌹
Luz Calaycay Dunatov
You're the best . ..i love you. ..keep 7t up. ...
Tonnete Antonette
you are such an amazing person. thank you for not forgetting our country. God bless your family.
Sajeda Manzoor
Good Morning I am watching you again lovely presentation❤️
Ghie Quides-Ancheta Yates
Mabuhay ka sir bryant! thank u very much for all the positive & inspirational thoughts you've always shared.god bless u always!!! hope to see u in person sir u really inspired us.😊
Rich Zel Duquez
thank you bryant,. God bless you,. hope to see u in personal,.
Sajeda Manzoor
Hello Bryant I am here again to watch your awesome presentation lovely❤️
Frans Heiligers Heiligers
Wat een onzin
Basha Madrigal
So sad, I 've just seen this video now.... Thank you very much Sir Bryant for those nice words, defining us Filipinos.... Thank you very much from the bottom of our heart! ...Mabuhay po kayo! ❤👏
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
Gotta get your book this week. And I hardly read anything also btw!
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
So found my link on Instagram. Lol. I also published the page on FB that I haven't in years. So Thanks again! 🙏🙏Hope u all visit and comment. It was such a great moment. Thanks so much. #soulspeaks
Basha Madrigal
Good afternoon here Sir Bryant! .... Thank you very much for loving us, Filipinos... We are really very happy and very much appreciative for loving and caring for us and our country... I really love reading your writings, simple reminders, quotes.... they are very interesting, 'am touch, and I'm implying them in my daily lives... Thank you very much.... Keep up the good work Sir! ....stay healthy, happy and blessed! ...Mabuhay at maraming salamat po! ❤👏....Hope you can visit our beautiful country, Sir...God bless!
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
Yes. Loved it! So thankful. Check it out. I have to post some new stuff tomorrow. Lol.
Arcile Tapayan
Sweet ^_^
Helen S. Salazar
Inspiring as always Bryant! Cheers to you and Jenny ♡♡♡
Ahp Tessa
Thank you,,,,
Monisola Olaoye
I been watching u for quite a while now. What's this thing about ur delay before coming to the point? Is there a psychology to ur style of winning people? Well it's possible this attitude could piss off some other people. Pls make good use of our time. Say the facts of ur points in love on TIME, so that times of people's lifes will not be wasted or relled off on ur....whatever.
Maja Cosh
Seeing you the first time speaking, I am flashed by your personality. You're so likeable 👍🏼
Wendy Villasista
Thank you so much and God bless u.Mr Bryant McGill
Nylde Onras Nawleb
Gob bless you sir ❤
De Guzman Malicdem Meriam
Hi sir Bryant the thousands viewers of your anspiring qoutes everyday and i really like it...continue for making good and touching qoutes every single words that you shared for us..godbless and more power....thank for making inspired us everyday.. .:-D
Lotzky Lot
Thank you so much Bryant..Mabuhay po kayo
Yolyfe Onayan
Thank you so much sir Bryant McGill you like the Filipino,,I'm appreciated you announced my name,im very touching...You my 1 idol.....Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy
Amana Hamdan
The Bryant and Jeni show!!!😄
Aicha Rachih
The morocco is a very beaytiful contry
CHris To Pher
Salamat Mr. Brayant Mcgill :-) God Bless
Swarn Gandhi
Thanks sir
Zeth Zurc Ylevol
Thank you Sir Briant...God Blessed you with yiur family ♥♥♥
Shirley Beltran
Izza Canezo
Thanks mr Bryant McGill...ur messages is very touching and inspiring...
Anne Baguinda
Thanx so much !! you really appreciated us,being Pilipino people! Wish you more power & God bless you all the way mr,Bryant McGill!!
Įzä Òdénçįœ
Wow thank u mr. Bryant McGill. We love u and we support ur inspired qoutes♥♥♥
Mia Macflo Rockheart
Wow your in my country my Df FREND BRYANT, i love to hear that, your my inspiration, tnx for sharing your heart with us my DF, in my heart your my family n DF coz I can feel your heart for us, tHank you for your love my DF, I love u DEAR FREND, I believe Our GOD is always with you coz ur good man with good heart keep it up dear Bryant, GOD BLESS U... AMEN. You look great, tnx to u n ur wife, LOVE U GUYS MWAHHH. Takecare always ok cya.
Bryant McGill
Thank you for the touching message Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz and more power to you too! ❤️
Josellieta Dujehute Tay-og
From the bottom of my heart much thanks dear sir Bryant McGill.God bless you more abundantly.… :-D
Thet Thet Khaing
Thank you.
Pamela Stiehler Byrd
wonderful listening to all the incoming calls :-)
Honey Estillore Canua
Thank you so much Sir Bryant McGill. Its true Tunay na Kaibigan at tapat na kalooban are the Filipinos. And thank you for mentioning our own language for us. God bless and more power.
Josefina Balaoro Encinares
You're truly genius, Bryant McGil! You touch us to the "core"! More more power to you and Jenny. ❤️ :)
Amana Hamdan
"Your calling for others is actually a calling for your own healing." -Bryant Mcgill😍❤️Wrote it down!
Aimee Salas
Good bless u sir😚😚😚
Yoly Hernandez-Mercado
Thank you for inspiring us through your thoughts & words!
Jeanette Aquino Edano
Thank You! 💖
Anna Zabat Agustin
Look forward to meet you!!! :-)
Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz
I was so touch when you always mention about our country how you love us so much and care for my country. It's mean so much to me and to all of all the people in the Philippines Your so right we are all very hospitable, sweet, humble, caring and loving people and thank you so much for all the great words about us. Since I start sharing all your inspirational messages I know that you touch a lots of people and we all love very much as our truly mentor and very straight forward and inspired all of us from head to toe!!! You both great couple means a lot to us in do many ways and again thank you so much for everything. Most especially when I share to my two daughters whose having a lots of problem and they all amaze about everything I have share with them that the truth is all coming from you and it makes a difference. Thank you Bryant for everything and you don't have any idea what you makes me to become. All of my friends from the Philippines before I left told them about you and they all adore me there and then turn they all love you as well . Men and women both appreciate you and what gave you done and touch people lives there . And most of all to me and share with my friends and children. More power to you and lots of energy. May God bless all of us and continue to make a difference in people's life,..:)
Love Hope Smile
Thank you (Salamat as you Mr.Bryant McGill
Amana Hamdan
The crunch of you biting that bread just made my stomach growl and my mouth water...popcorn time hehe😁
Tata Sherla
God bless sir Bryant ❤️
Alou Lejarde
Maraming Salamat...Sir Bryant....You are simply one amazing soul worth the world's Respect especially us Filipinos...MABUHAY ! ...God Bless You and your Family....we love you!
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
Here's my facebook link in case any of you want to check it out. I'm trying to figure it what my link for instagram is... But if u look for me thru Instagram. Just type "soul speaks". I should come up. Thanks so much! 🙏 today has really been uplifting for me. I appreciate all your words and great energy! #thankful #soulspeaks
Eloisa Camille Layosa
God bless you Sir!!! You have the wisdom of King David and Solomon. I speak fire to your place. Selah :)
Sergia Asoy Moriones
Wow. amazing , inspirational thoughts. you`ve always shared.mabuhay ka Sir. Godbless you ❤😇
Amy Loria
Thank you Sir Brayant, God bless.
Amana Hamdan
You caught me by surprise lol.
Yang Hilamon Bustamante
Wow! Thank you Sir. ❤️❤️❤️
Amana Hamdan
Yes! Lol
Amana Hamdan
It's good.
Amana Hamdan
That looks good! I want some! Lol 😄
Jennifer Regan
💞 💕 💝
Bambi Corpus Angeles
Thanks Mr Byant McGill. Take care and my god bless us all.
Tata Sherla
God bless sir Bryan ❤️
Angie Lina Jolie
hi Bryant maraming salamat, thank you for helping and inspired a lot of people around the world . i love reading your posts it is so inspiring and very helpful to everyone.👏👏👏
Carol Low
Welcome to Malaysia!
Elizabeth Gonzalez
God bless you Mr. Bryant.
Pamela Stiehler Byrd
Hi there again!! I missed the live...but popped on later and watched....good one! Loved the call from Heather from Spokane go girl telling your story....very inspirational! "I revolutionized my whole life" love it.
Kathleen Floyd
Hi Bryant & Jenni my Brother just Married Mary lou from the phillipines. There very warm and Beautiful people💜
Amana Hamdan
Omg! Lol I'm feeling Awesome! How r u?😊
Mishael Monge
Wow, Maraming salamat po. Been watching you on your live broadcasting since this morning.
Rosemary Laserna Crespo
Thank you so much, God bless...
Imelda Sanchez Bueno
Thank You Sir for giving us beautiful, inspirational thoughts.. God bless and more power..Take care.
Marie Lou
am watching u right now Mr. Bryant're awesome.
Rham Halili
Thanks Mr. Bryant McGill.Take care.
Cindy Cortes
thank you for being so inspiring sir Bryant... 😊
Zach Joaquin
Good luck Bryant. God bless you always
Joy A.Francisco
Maraming Salamat and God bless you Bryant❤️🙏👍
Amy Capote
Terimah kasih Encik Bryant McGill
Xena Mhaldita
Magandang Tanghali po Sir Bryant! 💗 Maraming Salamat po :-)
Shāngxīn Wendz
Goo night!!!
Marites Lobrin Lolo
wow SALAMAT Bryant can speak our much proud of you..keep inspiring us..MABUHAY!😊😊😊
ALezah Mabolis Pomoy
thank you sir.God blessed you always..
Elvie M. Loren
Maraming salamat Bryant McGill💖 highly appreciated ung mga qoutes mo tas inaapply ko un sa araw araw very postive...😊 more power & God bless u and ur family..😍
Diana Lowrie
I messaged you Erin. 😊
Jenny Rose Dela Cruz
Tnx 2 ur inspiring wisdom sir! We apprecite it..
Veronica A Meneary
Blessings, good night/morning😊
Belena Loberiza
Good night both of you, ( *-*)
Diana Lowrie
Ohhhh, this is one of my favorite quotes of the night. 😊
Diana Lowrie
Yes! You have been approved! 😂
Virgie Fuaso
All i can say is thank you very much
Jane Miller
Great time watching you with all that energy. God bless
Chunare Stelaine
Logan H Green
My name is logan and I spent over 9 years in foster care jumped from home to home because my mother was medically ill when I was about 16 my mom found a loop hole to get me out she was a 32 year Survivor of lymphoma Hotchkins disease she went through a lot when I turned 22 on July 6 things where getting worse my mom passed away July 11 the of that same month I tired to keep it together there was a lot going on my sisters has been an addict since she was a teen and with in that same month I also found diagnosed with stage 2 hiv I myself have been going through hell and just trying to stay above water. But there is so much more that has gone on in my life that I think is to much to leave in the comments.
Chunare Stelaine
Need to go work,thank u for the both of u,sweet and loving copule
Aguirre Joy Dinson
Thanks Mr.Bryant Mcgill. .. am one of your avid fan. ..
Gena Hill
Im overwhelmed. . YOur thE mAn!,! ThE bEst fOrEver! !
Erin Monteith
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
️Gn! 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Arnee De Luna
Good night to you guys😘
Saura Hur
Maraming salamat!= Thank you so much!
Valerie Nordtome
Thanks for all your great wisdom ! God bless!
Demetria Ke Sotiris Kolofotias
good night
Lise Da Silva
Good nite!!
Maliha Arshad
Chris Reynolds
Good morning from Newcastle uk
Arnee De Luna
Yes should translate to Filipino languange so that all Filipino can better understand
Mary Clare Dempsey Fitzpatrick
Hi 👍👍
Heather Connor
Night you two.
Pearl Powell-Trusty
good night and sweet dreams
Chu Angela Bangcas Qiao
Goodnight,,, English more to practice our english command more
Michelle Beber
That's a no brainier ...translate!
N Maria Viera
good night to you both
Angie Hooper-Owen
Good night from n.c.
Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz
I'm a great speaker don't you worry
Robby Wiggins
Thank you for giving me piece of mind.😀
Lelebeth Laranjo Granada
Hello...all the way from Malaysia. Thank you for those encouraging posts. They started me liking your page....God Bless!!
Demetria Ke Sotiris Kolofotias
It's beautiful , it's on an island called ikaria
N Maria Viera
public speaking in other countries
Wayne Garner
Goodnight to you both. Thanks.✌🏽️
Heather Connor
That's awesome!!!
Robin Woods
So happy I caught you before I You closed. You made my night! God Bless. Night
Erin Monteith
Heather Connor
Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz
Yes I can do it for you to translate in Filipino
Chu Angela Bangcas Qiao
N Maria Viera
this may lead you to many places,
Arnee De Luna
Bright idea!! Visit Manila :)
Demetria Ke Sotiris Kolofotias
Come to Greece and you can stay with us!
Sheraz Younis
Am watching from Pakistan
Tziyon Yeung Tee Ann
It is 1 PM from Jakarta, Indonesia 😊
Chu Angela Bangcas Qiao
You should travel to Philippines
Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️thanks to both of you.. You're the best
Shaun Osby
Perhaps they are Star Trek fans?
Demetria Ke Sotiris Kolofotias
Ray Lim
mas maraming enerhiya
Robby Wiggins
I want more
Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz
More power and energy
PrettAida Baguinda
Wow! An awesomely surprised 😁😁😁Thank you sir and ma'an for being with us💖💖💖Mabuhay kayong dalawa. We love you both😁😁😁Muahhugs hehehe. Maraming salamat po.
Diana Lowrie
Goodnight lovely lights of truth and love!! ✨✨❤️✨✨
Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz
I'm from the philippines and live in Irvine
Rose Cordaro
Good night! Looking forward to next time :)
Demetria Ke Sotiris Kolofotias
what time is it there?
Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz
I wish I can be a caller
Dave Leyba
More more energy , right
Heather Connor
Amanda Churchill
goodnight Bryant and Jenni :)
Sandra Hass
Thank -you! Good night sweet dreams ❤️❤️❤️
Heather Connor
Is it appropriate to add "BRYANT MCGILL'S FIRST CALLER" to my resume?!
Shaun Osby
What was the topic of your calls?
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
Thank you soooo much for the shot out! 🙏❤️ ️gn thank you for your light! You both are Beautiful souls!
Robby Wiggins
Thank you both. Appreciate everything you all do to make my life easier.
Ray Lim
Good night to you all.... Bryant & Jenni
Laura Melissa Mudge
Thanks night nite ❤️
Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz
Richard Betz
Goodnight. I enjoyed the informalaty.
Erin Monteith
Central BC Canada
Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz
From Phillies originally
Dang Gal Sam
Diana Lowrie
Goodnight you lovely souls!!!
Christine Claire-Marie
Good night y'all😊😄❤️😄😊
Robin Woods
Your a true Blessing!
Rebecca Helen Daniels
Good night guys love and God bless
Rose Cordaro
I love tuning in to hear you guys, brighens my day! :) you are like friends! lol!!
Greg Dutilly
Yomna Adel Serag
💕💕💕 good night
Demetria Ke Sotiris Kolofotias
aw I missed you tonight!
Greg Dutilly
Good night y'all
Jo Wright
Good night from the UK
Erin Monteith
And goodnight everyone !! 😍
Michelle Beber
The calls take it to the next level of connecting. Thank you both! ❤️💚💜💙💛
Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz
N Maria Viera
it does work well to have this late at night look how many people are up
Heather Connor
Me too Diana!!!
Angie Cabrera
thank u & god bless
Erin Monteith
Goodnight you two.. Great night! ♥️
Diana Lowrie
I love this community!!
Rose Cordaro
I really enjoy these quality time talks with the two of you. Thank you so much ❤️
Stacey Crosthwaite Spicer
You guys are great and appreciated
Arnee De Luna
Yeah bec it feels much better talking to you guys :)
Robby Wiggins
I love it
Heather Connor
Stop being soooo like-able. Lol.
Delia Ramirez Nailon
Thank u Bryant McGill i'm your avid fan of your nice and wonderful inspirational qoutes...
Miles Lopez
Marami pong salamat for recognizing us,,,ako po ay isa sa masugid nyong tagasubaybay...God bless!!
Heather Connor
Zainon Hamidon
Come to Malaysia Sir Bryant and Jenni...
Jan Patterson
Goodnight - sweet dreams💤
Lisa Summers
I thought I was a night owl. I've been up with you guys for two nights. I've learned a lot. Especially that's it's ok for me to not be desperate for a deal. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. A lot of people in my field will do anything for a deal and I just can't do that.
Pearl Powell-Trusty
it was a quote that made me look for more quotes from you
Perly Elaine
Elaine Teaño from the Philippines. Love all you've posted in FB 😊 helps me a lot to motivate. Thank you so much.
Tziyon Yeung Tee Ann
Amazing Bryant 🙏
Sandra Hass
Knock a tooth out! LOL
Audrey Tracy Jennings
Starting over so many times. Hur Katrina one example.
Sandra Hass
Heather Connor
Manifesting their truth.
Diana Lowrie
Cristina that shout out!!! Woot!!👆🏻
N Maria Viera
there is no shortcut, we all have to take the stairs
Perly Elaine
Elaine Teaño from the Philippines. Love all you've posted in FB 😊 helps me a lot to motivate. Thank you so much.
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
I love the night. It's when your light is brighter for us all. 🙏
Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz
Excellent..I'm speechless you guys did a great job and your lives show was the best and it's real !!! Power to both of you from ally Filipino community . I will for sure share and explore your great inspirational from head to toe...
Perly Elaine
Elaine Teaño from the Philippines. Love all you've posted in FB 😊 helps me a lot to motivate. Thank you so much.
Delia Ramirez Nailon
Thank u bryant McGill i'm a an avid fan of your nice and inspiring qoutes hope u can visit here in the Philippines soon....
Charmie Casiple Papa
Thank you so much for this..
Susan Ogden Crowe
So glad to see you at thos timw! I'm recently awakened, lije 2 weeks. My life is coming together in all aspects it's like a whirlwind. I have no one to share it with yet - alone in this. But now I hardly sleep! Is this common?
Laura Melissa Mudge
Full of awesome and love ❤️
Michelle Beber
Great comment, Christine Marie! 🌟😍🌟
Heather Connor
True that Bryant.
Erin Monteith
Logan H Green
Well I work 11pm to 7am so it great if I knew what was going on lol
Stacey Crosthwaite Spicer
I am okay with the late night since I get home late
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
Aww!!! Thank you!!!
Michaela Jane Belaños
Maraming salamat #Brayant :)
Michelle Beber
I was so into it, I forgot to like and share. LOL
Heather Connor
Great for me. Night owl...
Olivia Hossell
Thanks to invite me to your program . It is wonderful to see you both and that you do live calls now. I agree in the busy times we live we do need more to relax as life is moving so fast You and Jenni keep up the good work as you do reach so many people God bless you both
Shāngxīn Wendz
Lunch here in PHilippines
Christine Claire-Marie
My Near Death Experience taught me that I was living a Near Life Experience.
Laura Melissa Mudge
Amazing to be part of a great community. Thank you Bryant & Jenny ❤️
Rebecca Helen Daniels
I learnt a lot from you Brian and this have changed me
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
Thank you! Btw my page is on Instagram. Lol. Soul speaks. #soulspeaks my soul speaks and listens. Namaste! I also have soul speaks photography. Working on it. Was sick for a while. So starting it up again. Thanks again for letting me share this.
Heather Connor
That's amazing.
Siti Aysha Domingo Sarahrhose
Welcome always....
Shāngxīn Wendz
Shāngxīn Wendz
Logan H Green
What do you do what is your job?
Catherine Elizabeth Kayter
Gratitude for *you* ❤️
Jessie Rinaldi
Currently living in small town Newton Falls,Oh USA : you had said something live tonight that hit home with me. Sometimes your calling is really a way in which will help you" I'm a passionate Libra, yet have known helping other "single parenting" families move away from abuse, has been how I'd like to party forward...yet from experience many women like myself have been stuck in these situations with no where to go with their babies, shelters filled, maybe they're in another rural area, with out resources of an "exit" ... They'd rather suck it up, take their hell, stay at home wives/mothers : need a roof, food, financial stability, they may be afraid they won't be able to provide for them.... The abuse keeps the cycle rotating, "you're not capable"... I also was, and have yet again became that mother, held down by responsibility and entrapment, & several children. yet I know the outcome for these beautiful children has to be better than living& learning these traits... However, 2 years ago I became physically disabled unable to continue to provide any income due to my trade/status ... I fell rebound, co-dependent* , and now, in another unhealthy relationship I again feel stuck not knowing how to get us out, there are more in need than there has been resources ... Feel as though completely hypocritically so, I know if given a opportunity to afford housing & food etc.. I'd make the fresh start for my children and I= less time spent in drama, more soul searching, family time together would be with pleasure instead of tension. Where else can I begin to look,never on rental assistance before, low income housing lists are closed to greater need. My children are all honor students, athletes, college bound, yet too young to wait it out.I know with chance comes opportunity to thrive, share, love, and spread joy. An "intentional community" would be perfect, but who wants a member pin disability/part time painter on her good days?? With 6 children?? ~~ peace love and harmony is all we seek... For white collar , conservatives only see me as a poor statistic, though I harbor creativity, wonderful references, respectful children, and hope....please share our rambled testimony as someone may share hope with us;) Thank you for your time and consideration ~~I am greatly honored to have your uplifting quotes and show keeps my spirit recharged xoxo may God bless your family so you may continue to share hope with your masses
Greg Dutilly
We watch docs often any recommendations ??
Erin Monteith
Says 8.9k viewers
Logan H Green
I work for tervis tumbler
Laura Melissa Mudge
Helping people gain confidence through theatre
Brenda Smith
FB Encourgment Group Taking Back You Life One Step At A Time
Heather Connor
How many are on tonight?
Nicole Barard
Lise Da Silva
Banker, Montreal are a blessing!
Logan H Green
I'm sooooo lost lol
Richard Betz
Richard Betz photography Extrodinaire here on Facebook
Romina Samia
Thank you for inspiring us.Im aFilipino physical therapist in saudi. Thank you for ur inspiring post
Heather Connor
Can't click on the link. But we can screen shot.
Michelle Beber
Love to everyone here from California. Author: Loved the calls! ❤️💜💙💚
Christine Claire-Marie
Ray Lim
im doing sales & marketing in a small trading company.
Diana Lowrie
Knoxville TN -
Pearl Powell-Trusty
im disabled but taking photos is my new passion
Chu Angela Bangcas Qiao
Yay thank you❤️❤️❤️so sweet of you ,, sending lots of love!
Logan H Green
What is your name and what are you trying to accomplish? My good sir
Roger Aparecio Toreno
Veronica A Meneary
Here On FB , my page is listed as, The Birthing Place-The Process, I empower women, as well as am a Prophetic Poet.
Christine Claire-Marie
Christine Austin Soon to be a best Selling Authot
Ve Nus
I'm Filipino but I'm teaching here in Oman.
Arnee De Luna
Thank you!!😘😘 yes call is a good idea!🎉
Laura Melissa Mudge Thank you❤️
Veronica Riafrecha
Live in Jersey
Heather Connor
I am adding to my resume FIRST BRYANT MCGILL CALLER.
Chu Angela Bangcas Qiao
Demi Begetis
I own an owner in a business here in Australia 💚💜
Stephanie Hamilton
Branch Manager at a Durable Medical Supply store
Diana Lowrie
I heard you great on the call. 👏🏻 I love this idea of connectedness.
Chu Angela Bangcas Qiao
Veronica Riafrecha
Valerie Nordtome
Yes do the Calls ! I'd love to maybe get to talk to you guys! From Kalispell Montana 🌲🌲
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
I'm in New Jersey ️Awww thank you!!! Soul speaks on Instagram. It's poetry. I love writing.... Thanks so much. I also do photography!
Greg Dutilly
Manyroadsblog on Facebook my old blog for my journeys
Christine Claire-Marie
Stacey Crosthwaite Spicer
I think the call idea is good. I just got home from my 2nd job
Arnee De Luna
Im a data analyst from Makati city Philippines :)
Heather Connor
I am an RN!!!!
Elizabeth Eremin
Awesome! Melbourne Australia....mabuhay!
Chu Angela Bangcas Qiao
Im a caregiver
Jane Miller
Yomna Adel Serag
Egypt here
Brenda Smith
Enon, Ohik
Erin Monteith
BC Canada:)
Chu Angela Bangcas Qiao
Philippines currently in HongKong
Ray Lim
i'm from Malaysia.
Ruth Cidro Rivera
from Philippines po :)
Veronica Riafrecha
Calls are great idea....You Make break fears
Stephanie Hamilton
West Virginia WOOT WOOT 😊😊
Pearl Powell-Trusty
Roseburg oregon
Richard Betz
Maybe talk for awhile and then take calls. From Pittsburgh
Christine Claire-Marie
Life is going on
N Maria Viera
Lise Da Silva
Montreal Canada!!
Logan H Green
If your helping people then yes!!!! Florida
Heather Connor
Spokane WA
N Maria Viera
Boston M
Heather Connor
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
Yes. Good idea!!!
Christine Claire-Marie
Loved it
N Maria Viera
people just need these simple words and phrases to get from one way of harmful thinking to get to a place where words move us forward
Laura Melissa Mudge
Awesome calls ❤️😀
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
Hope I can call next time. ❤️❤️🙏
Chu Angela Bangcas Qiao
You guys are so creative!
Greg Dutilly
Man it was fun!
Michelle Beber
Blessings to you Christine Marie! 😇
Logan H Green
Wait I missed it whats going on I just got on break I'm at work???
Heather Connor
That was awesome. I was blessed to get to chat with you both!
Erin Monteith
Awesome calls. Good audio
Pearl Powell-Trusty
loved the calls
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
Arnee De Luna
God Bless you and your family! :)
Richard Betz
Christine. All the best to you.
Dave Leyba
Oh! My! God I hear your voice for the first time, smile
Veronica Riafrecha
Muchas gracias. 🌅
Christine Claire-Marie
Thank you for taking time to take my call
Chu Angela Bangcas Qiao
Awesome,, please saymy name lol
Michelle Beber
This went really was great! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Pearl Powell-Trusty
I love hearing how far people have come
Christine Claire-Marie
I am blessed.
Larry Schmidt
Nite nite you two! Love you so much!
Erin Monteith
Thank you .. So much♥️
Ray Lim
yes sir, we can hear that...
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
️Awww she's your angel. You are soulmates. Love it.
N Maria Viera
yes we can hear,
Veronica A Meneary
Blessings beautiful
Larry Schmidt
So Fun! Great night!
Greg Dutilly
This is really awesome. You all have gotten me pumped !
Diana Lowrie
It also reminds us who and what we are not. Cough cough our parents.
Amy Capote
I love your idealism... I admire every of your words ..,quotes ...inspiring messages... God Bless you more so you could function more and more towards every of the creatures that welcomes you in their every individual lives
Heather Connor
Bryant and Jenni - what are the odds of this...the lady I told you that I connected with from tonight's earlier chat, was your caller that was talking about being sad. We both got through to talk to you tonight!!! I love our connectedness!!! There are no coincidences 💖
Annabelle Refereza Caña
Salamat po!!
Wen Gallardo Hannah
Nice sir
N Maria Viera
I think sometimes many people cannot go to family you have to find a souce like this that does support you and encourage you to keep going
Angelita Agbayani Felarca
Amen .
Diana Lowrie
I love your contributions Michelle. ❤️
Saura Hur
hearing good words from you is very relaxing~~~ hope to see you here in korea!
Mark Anthony Mercado
Michelle Beber
When we have grown from suffering, we are able to heal others. 😇
Ddith San Rafael
I love your quotes Mr. Bryant, very inspiring.. I'm a follower of you. God bless us all and more power Sir.
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
You're going to be ok. You have a light that will lead the way for many. Share. We all want to hear. We are here.
Ruth Cidro Rivera
OMG! Maraming Salamat po sir Bryant ❤
Layalyndeclarey Lupais
God bless to u sir.
Cayla Cunningham
Do you guys mind messages of how you've helped?!
Aimee Rose A. Manda
Mabuhay ka at maraming salamat. :)
Diana Lowrie
Simple reminders is what got me tuned in years ago.
Michelle Beber
What a moving call! 💖
Diana Lowrie
Hang in there girl!!! You deserve the best.
N Maria Viera
you are both having so much fun, this is so cute
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
We are all each other's soul's light.
Chu Angela Bangcas Qiao
Right Cayla,,
Ariann Rance Rabe
Hi bryant .. magandang tanghali. Salamat sa pagiging inspirasyon mo samin, Pagpalain ka ng Panginoon. You know that im a fan of you. THANK YOU From Philippines..
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
Yup. Looking for light in the darkness
Cayla Cunningham
Wounded people make the best of friends.
Cecilia Watt
How do you feel about people who intentionally hurt others in the course of doing business?
Soledad Valdez
Love your quotes Mr Bryant McGill congrats More power
Laura Melissa Mudge
Awe ❤️
Michelle Beber
There are no coincidences! We have all been called here for a reason.
Cristina Cevallos - Egberts
We're all a little broken. #soulspeaks
Erin Monteith
Thanks Heather.. It's quite the thing to go through.
Dave Leyba
Tissues please,,
Cayla Cunningham
These two are such an inspiration. I would recommended listening to them to anyone. Such beautiful people.
Richard Betz
I'm trying to put my whole life back together again.
Zdihn Nuab
Wow salamat sa iyong tapat na pakikipagkaibigan bryant mcgill mabuhay ka
Chu Angela Bangcas Qiao
Me Erin, but channelling back to my road again since watching this live videos of Sir Bryant

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