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Joanne liu
You guys have been helping me since 2012 I first discovered Simple Reminders. I also bought the book. I can thank you enough for the support and the strength I have received from your empowerment. No place else I have gotten this kind of experience. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love you!
Pat Dougherty
Not really!
Patricia Carroll
#beat down
Sagisag Yong Mediamantas
Thank you....(",)
Lisa Wall
Yes im a royal
Lisa Wall
My first time viewing this site
Lea Adams
I love your page thank you x
Suzi Apple
Love Simple Reminders and the both of youπŸ’–πŸ‘‘πŸ’–πŸ‘‘πŸ’–πŸ‘‘πŸ’–
Alice Waske
Love you both
Rick Gumm
Hi Jamie O Odiorne
Rick Gumm
Rick Gumm
Sue Zelt
Just now catching this. Divine order at hand,. I am showing up! Ooh SRN!
Tracey Smith
Thanks for the platform, I'm fueling it up. :) LOVE YOU TOO! ❀️
Tracey Smith
So sharing indeed! ❀️
Tracey Smith
Oh my gosh, everything you're sharing is what my heart has been telling's A New Earth! ❀️
Tracey Smith
#ready #power ❀️
Tracey Smith
Yes, this broadcast is 'over the top good.' Loving it! I'm listening. :)
Tracey Smith
Royal cry Crown on my pc. :)
Tracey Smith
Oh man, I've cried. :)
Tracey Smith
It is sufficient to be a human being. :)
Tracey Smith
I'm back...and YES, I can feel it. ;)
Tracey Smith
Jamie it and the royal crown. Love the royal shirt Jenni. ❀️ Big Smiles :) Beautiful Butterfly Laughing, I didn't know what landscape was either Jamie, I'd never even taken a selfie. I bought a selfie stick for my last video. :)
Tracey Smith
Awe, love your love for Jenni ❀️
Tracey Smith
Tracey Smith
I'm in the house...5 months in the NOW. :)
Tracey Smith
YES, YES, YES to being royal.
Martina LyzΓ‘kovΓ‘
No nieco na nom bude😁😁😁
Vaclava Zahran
Martina heled nepΕ™ipomΓ­nΓ‘ ti tenhle typem nΔ›koho? Takhle bude jednou muΕΎ urcite vypadat ;-)
Alexandre Sophie
Best thought leaders !
Ja Pira
Yes owner Royal πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘β€οΈ
Alexandre Sophie
It's the best healing words and very inspirational!merci !!! You both are excellent !!!
Danneil Ryan
Marty May Field
Tony Cardenas
What kind of camera do you use please. Such good lifo and positive vibe. Love this
Brade Wallace
That video was retarded. Before I watched it I was happy and in a good mood. Now I hate myself. Thanks.
Tina Moutii
I'm so glad you had that moment with your mom !! God's love is the greatest. Many blessings to you!
Marianne Bruun-Petersen
piercing through my soul - pins it - motivating - stomach ache! Thank you for giving soooo much LOVE
Marianne Bruun-Petersen
Wauh the energy of you guys is AMAZING - you just scchhhwuuussshed into my space - until I found a crown this will have to do!
Vickie Cole-Campbell
We are ALL Royal...Just by being Born!
Felicity James
Well said brave and loving person. Your moms last moments were her best, thanks to your unselfish nature. God bless you.
Sherrie Ann Clark
u dont have to look good to
Sherrie Ann Clark
Sherrie Ann Clark
Sherrie Ann Clark
i all way think that y the world is so crazy with what they call globol worming but its not i think that all is going crazy becouse when to menny die to fast there sols go to fast with in the plant and puts to much energy with in so we need to slow down
Sherrie Ann Clark
we are all of just one and only one number and that number is 1
Sherrie Ann Clark
i wood be wizer then man him self
Sherrie Ann Clark
it is what u make of your self with in and out of u
Susan Decker Johnson
Thank you to you both. Susan in California
Karen Billharz
Appreciate you both!!
Hazel Barger
Is this live?
Blas Armas
The boldly wants to make money!
Sue Zinck Mills
Where is this? It reminds me of my Brothers balcony on Market St in Philadelphia at The Murano.
Jorgelina Huertemendia
I really love Simple Reminders. Com
Shirley Buttery
everyone is a genius, But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.'
Momenah Zubair
Great..u r a courageous girl (Y)
Berenice Espinosa
I am a First Timer from Las Vegas Nevada. Hello! Thank you for invite us. Thank you fill all your love a
Brenda Hurst
First timer's
Alexandre Sophie
My humble admiration for both of you
Sandra McArthur
I want to open a shelter for homeless special needs teens that include a work training program, computer training, Scholarship finding, etc,....
Sandra McArthur
Andrew Shepherd
So you just let an x con get in? Make life my life better, HOW?
Pat Arnold
Bernadette Denton Daly, we went all over. Did see the Cliffs, it was so cold but beautiful! Loved stopping at the pubs. Everyone is so nice in Ireland. The only time we had a problem was in Belfast. Some kids broke into the car and had a cupcake fight with cupcakes we had in there. LOL.
Mary B Winter
Sort of first timer. I have never watched any of your live feeds. I like tons if your posts, posters... :)
Bernadette Denton Daly
Pat Arnold that's great πŸ˜ƒ Galway is a great city ... Next time your over go to clare. Cliffs of moher and the burren. Great music in the pubs in Doolin.That's my favourite place in Ireland 🎻🎻🎻
Mehran Iranefarda
Pat Arnold
Hi Bernadette Denton Daly, I was in Galway for the 1st time last June. I loved Ireland and can't wait to visit again. I'm in Phoenix,but wish I was in Ireland!
Marjorie Hankinson
Yep, God is my Savior!!
Angela Santos
Hello from kuwait/philippines
Jody Lingofelt
Khushal Wadhwa
Hello from india
Nadeem Hanif
Maryann Baretta
Thank You for speaking the truth
Teresa Montgomery
# 1st time
Teresa Montgomery
#drama# fihting. Moving from southeast USA southwest USA to get away from it all.
Γ€ine Nash
Γ€ine Nash
Giving people back their dignity is the greatest gift you can give them. They will then perhaps treat others the same. Totally agree.
Teresa Montgomery
The my first time joining in the group. Yesterday was a very bad day and need a new beginning in life. Hope to get help with the way my brain thinks.
Γ€ine Nash
Love is the energy that connects us all.
Γ€ine Nash
Love negativity judo. πŸ˜‚
Γ€ine Nash
It is sufficient to merely be a human being!
Γ€ine Nash
Right, we have to be the change we want to see in the world. It's easy talk but actions speak louder than words.
Γ€ine Nash
Definitely can feel the shift and and the awakening and know that the world is on the brink of destruction if we don't change negative perceptions. We are indeed connected in heart and spirit.
Γ€ine Nash
Like ants, on their own can be crushed but together accomplish amazing things!
Γ€ine Nash
Way to go Jamie O πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
Γ€ine Nash
Community is everything. You are so right. πŸ’–
Γ€ine Nash
Beautiful, to thine own self be true.
Anusree Rajan
LEAVE THE E & keep going. With the GO ALL WILL B FINE.
Γ€ine Nash
Defiant yet kind is beautiful. Thank you!
Γ€ine Nash
Absolutely agree that the human spirit is the source or all power and creativity in this world.
Γ€ine Nash
Hi RoyalsπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ Watching this now and loving it! Thank you for this broadcast.
Bradley Warmouth
Mantasha Khan
I am from Pakistan. :)
Karenina Damole
Ekris Jonas
Hello from Nigeria
Sherry Poodle
Keep up the great work I enjoy you guys!
Bernadette Denton Daly
Jessica Morgan ❀❀❀
Marie Grimm
lol to funny
Jeannette Verhoef
I think I've been following half a year now....
Linda Hotovy
Kimberly Mccane
i love this...............
Louicia Fanslau
I did not know this was your page
Edward Beardy El Forte
....seen it! stay open-minded, and openly accepting of input... (positive outlook)
Carol L. Leonard
Hello Donna Arrowood, sorry u were missed!! Plez dont take it personal !! We all miss important Hello,s!! God Bless You & yours!!! Amen
Pumiglia Gina
You just made my day so beautiful God Bless And Love You So So Much for Giving and not Asking NADA in returned BUT to be our selfs in KIDNES
Pumiglia Gina
Arty Shuja
Karen Mccabe
Introduced too long
Lisa Howard
Hello from Dallas Texas
Sheila Kameyama
Thank you3...
Sheila Kameyama
Rose Paduga
Babytwins Angels
Hi..from lebanon..god bless us
Brenda Lee Schmidt
Hello ❀️
Gezarine Gamuza
Thanks for the inspiring quotes you shared big help!hope you will continue sharing this to inspired people like me.,Godbless us Always!more power...
Sonia Khan
Corrie Marais
Bryant & Jenni, Hi I see you people.Love You!
Cyndy Winner
Hello from Burma
Seeta Daniel
Thank you from London
VJ Winley
Hello from philippines
Alexandre Sophie
It's nurturing , empowering, enhancing and royal
Georgiana Draganescu
Thank you guys! Thank you for beeing there!
Alexandre Sophie
Inspiring and make us energetic continuosly!
Alexandre Sophie
Merci!!!bryant and Jenny !!
Stacey Curran
I'm royal xxx
Tashica Rose McCall
????.l have to watch you guys again.????.how do you know the person l see and live with inside myself !!!! Wow *be in touch
Joan Kanzler Young
Watched the video. Great job: you help all of us stay grounded. A big thanks!!😍😍😍
Talha Muaz
I like
Lilibeth De Castro
I love you guys, Hug And kisses. ...😘😘😘😘
Rakel Tondo
Your quotes give me inspiration.
Sand Kom
15 minutes break time at work now in Tokyo Japan
Judy Pirika
Yup Iv had that ..haters arrgh
Donna Rocky
You both are great ❀️
Nancy Delos Reyes Medina
Life is too short.Live one day at a time.Give thanks.Praise and Honor our God Almighty.
Aiza Santos Galang
:-) blessed :-)
Michael Gorimo Basbas
Hello, blessing come from above.. May the Lord will blessed you. From Tagapul-an, Island Philippines.
Falih Hassan Al Khafaji
Hello from Iraq
Sugar Mosqueda
yes hello
Irene Horvath
Hello from down under
Sugar Mosqueda
good morning
Sugar Mosqueda
hello from philippines
Jenny Montano-Helton
A warm hello from USA ! :-)
Ruth Greenwood
God bless you. Love is the greatest gift God gave us. Thank for sharing this .
Lori Cole
Linda Doughty Larrabee
Life is good may have to look under rocks some days but stay positive and learn from these simple reminders. :)
Rosemary Small
Trying to learn
Rochelle Penafiel Panganiban
Hello there! From Japan.
Faith Victoria Palmer
my goodness these are some really high strung people, makes me remember my speed habit in 9th grade.
Jessica Morgan
Hello from Mooresville NC
Jessica Morgan
Hello from Mooresville nc
Jessica Morgan
Diane Barlow i sent oneπŸ˜€
Alex Amundson
Thanks you so much you're a blessings to me I'm hoping other people have seamen filling and relief thanks God makes perfection and people lake YOU
Sylvia Bayubay Cortez
Denise Smith
love it
Laura Mitros
Margo Preslar
# third time
Margo Preslar
# happening to me right now
Jessica Morgan
I wish i could of had that Crystal Novitch.. I feel like my mother, at only 38, went to her grave not knowing that i loved her no matter what and that i forgave her.. It's been 11 years and i am now 24 with two of my own children but that still haunts me.. I'm so happy for you that you got to have that moment.. Cherish it! πŸ‘Ό
Margo Preslar
# toxic family
Otis Dickinson
I like your additude
Margo Preslar
# I was
FabJcee Zurc
Hello from Philippines.. πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜™πŸ˜˜ God Bless to all.. by the way Thank you so much for the invitation.. 😊😊😊
Marivic Secretaria
Hi guys i'm from Manila,Philippines. It's nice to see you both :))))
Margo Preslar
That's right which is we all need to learn harmony that is what will bring humanity back together
Pearl G Carino
Have great day everyone...! Simply Reminder.Com >Royal & Awesome.. !
Lalai Ebc
Love yea
Crystal Brodie
I need some encouraging words to help me deal with what I'm going through on a daily basis. My kids are out of control sometimes and my husband and his family are always running them into the ground. It's hard for the kids to be kids, cuz everyone wants them to do only what they want them to do. Please no rude comments I just need insight on what I could do.
Jan Rave
Hello guys from cebu, philippines
Margo Preslar
I'm doing well and your team
Amar Dhunoo
Thank you from mauritius
Margarita Soldevia De Diaz
Hello from Miami🌍🌟⭐️
Karen Dunnam
Tina Turley
# 1st ....THANK YOU!!!
Flor Bela Flowerchild
Don't force it. When the time comes You will know that you're ready. Blessings πŸ‘‘β€οΈπŸ‘‘β€οΈπŸ‘‘
Donna Gerling
How do you sign up?
Johnny Bureau
Hello! (From Concord, NH)
Sherry Dart
Please add me, I continue to read your inspirational messages and thank you for all of them, you both are a breath of fresh air daily. :)
Saima Ilyas
So nice to see Beautiful Happy faces ..Thankyou Bryant and Jenny!!
Lou-Jean Areopagita
Hi everyone am from the Philippines.
McGill Media
McGill Media
McGill Media
Kristina Januario
Suhad Omalsous
Hello from cybrus!!!!!
Janet L Infanti
#1st time
Carmella Campbell
You all have changed my life as of today . it's a new day from here on out thank you
Carmella Campbell
Hello :)
Crystal Kubert
Thank you Mariah, your kind words are touching! I didn't post this for recognition or praise, but rather to inspire others to never lose faith in attaining their "moment". I've lived my life doing for others in need because I know what it's like to live without. I prayed my whole life to God that He not take my Mom before I had a chance to experience the love of a "Mother", and I believed with all my heart that He wouldn't fail me. Sadly, when that moment came, I knew the end was near. But I'm forever grateful, and I got my children and I baptized; as a proud Christian, there's no way I can't believe! If you knew us, you would've bet millions some of the moments my mom and I shared in the end would've NEVER happened! A complete blessing that the two of us needed. I still cry thinking of the moment she started to cry out of no where, and when asked what's wrong, she screamed "My daughter loves me"!! I miss those moments, and rather be angry I was given a taste and then it was gone... I'm so incredibly grateful πŸ’– The moral of the story... "If you believe, you shall receive"; you can't THINK it, you must BELIEVE it". True story πŸ˜‰πŸ’―
Vishal Sharma
Rightly so.....
Princess Sacan
Mariah Martinez
God bless you, Crystal!! I'm so glad that you had such a positive closing moment! And I respect & admire you so much for your positive outlook & strength! You were blessed for having such love in your heart. The majority of people would have been broken dang near to the point of no return, especially an ENTIRE LIFE of that! But not you! You rose above & persevered through it all! You were the bigger person, & refused to submit to the negativity & you were able to stay in heart space. You are a pillar, my dear and I admire you to the fullest! Thank you for sharing your story. So many you will touch with this! God bless you
Syed Arman
Nelly Ibarra
Hello everyone from Denver, Colorado! :)
Gurpreet Dass
Your thoughts have filled me with young energetic life once again Thanks is very small word to thank you dear
Gurpreet Dass
It's a great pleasure to listen to you McGill
Sandy Aten
Thank you both for your up lifting moments.
Pat Arnold
Yes, we r . Hope u r as well
Angie Pange
Hello from N. Wales U.K. xx
Millie Birir
Hello from Kenya
Gloria Obcemea
# I was...!!!
Sarah McGill
# First time
Sandy Beach
Hi there from Ohio.
Betty DeLong Eberly
Hello from Missouri! :-)
Alvina Ouellette Butera
Richard Wever
Hello from windy, snowy and cold Netherlands :)
Alvina Ouellette Butera
.common sense,and therapy
Alvina Ouellette Butera
Great timing positive reasoning,co
Delia Dickinson
You had me at simple. At my age I need all the reminders I can get. Seriously I found your video very intriguing. Thank you both for taking a very good abstract idea and giving it wings. I'm in.☺️🌞
Sarah McGill
Hello from Columbus Ohio.
Jane Hawkes Olive
I love your message! Great opportunity to feel good all day.
Valerie Hancotte-Galan
Ok, way too long winded. Would love to see the woman speak more instead of always being in the background. Don't have time for this take me off your list!
Angela Stone Roush
Good job. Keep up the good work. Love your posts
Angelica Miras Cayas
Hi! from Philippnes we will also care and need pray of god,really love u to all friends love u so much,,
Spikey Man
i love you people !! u guys are awesome ! and yes i am not ready to give up πŸ‘πŸ»
Lourdes Montalvo
Hello from Brooklyn NY, and Thank you ! πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ˜ƒ
Marietta D. Monzon
Love it!
Jennis Cain
Love this, thanks for sharing.
Okam Okich
Joni Grayson
Yes yes and yes oh my gosh I Love Yall I never seen a video of y'all's but this is one of my favorite inspiration sites for sure!!! I'm so loving her energy and you two have a blessed day and thank you for all you do #onelove #unity
Dawn Boden Daniels
Hey u guys , hope your well. Xx
Rishpal Kaur
Hello mam
Ailarona Estellena Ycon
You have really beautiful and big heart and your mom doesn't really forgot all you've done to her even she's in heaven now, your story also happen to me but not my mom but my mother inlaw and it's hurt for me but it doesn't matter the important thing is we cared about them, god is good.πŸ˜€
Janet Paguirigan
Hello from Philippine
Nawaz Madhoo
Am on it since fews years but let me tell u friends the more the level up means greater challenges..with hidden traps that you dnt even realise youve been entrapped...must be careful..this is a real self words its easy in practice u must be honest towards yourself first
Nawaz Madhoo
Am on it since few years but let me tell friends that the more level up the greater the challenges..there are hidden traps that you dont even realise you have been careful and definitely it a real self challenge..
Nawaz Madhoo
Am on it since a few but let me tell you friends the more you level up the greater are the challenges and there are hidden traps that you dont even realise you are entrap with but this is the real challenge....
Christopher Williams
I do not judge anyone what's with me I will know he was or she was confused how can you Bea leadership when you so confuse yourself first he or she what have to go and repent desperate of deception split confusion offer them and then ask. To really lead them and which way to go was helping others an thir self first !! PASTOR A.R Williams
Diane Barlow
Anybody here want to b friends, I could always love some more friends....just send request. It will b neat to have friends from another country, I have so much to give........
Sushma Sethi
Thanks I m watching
Penny Malone
We need so many people like you guys!!! I just celebrated my 1yr. completely sober & clean from the drugs that were destroying my life & it has helped so much to surround myself with positive people like you guys. Thank you so much. I will be watching.
Glam-ma Sown Mack
Thanks I love you too... ;). God bless you
Lilibeth Luzuriaga
Nice luv it from philippines☺
Tara Smith Greasley
Hi from Santiago Chile!
Tonya Bruce Davis
And one more thing, probably the most important thing, is to bring back prayer in schools. So many people are losing faith because prayer after prayer after prayer doesn't seem to accomplish anything at this moment. But I know God is listening and he will take care of things in his time and not ours.
Richie Fussell
hi from Ilfracombe, UK keep up the good work ;-) ❀️
Tonya Bruce Davis
I want peace, harmony, love, and caring brought back into this world of self destruction. I want our children to know what self love and living in peace feels like. Today's screwed up world where parents do not teach their children to be kind to others no matter their skin color, their social status, their income level, the kind of house they live in, or the kind of car they drive. No wonder so many people are driven to addiction because that seems to be the only way that they can escape the pain of living in a world where there are so many absent fathers and absent mothers. Not everybody turns to addiction, I mean drug addiction or alcohol, it can be any kind of escape that is unhealthy. I may never see this kind of world return in my lifetime but hopefully it will return in my children's lifetime.
Tonya Bruce Davis
Hello from Alabama
Leeann LeeRoy Ross Westmoreland
Barbie Schultz
I'm Royal. xxx
Barbie Schultz
I was here yesterday.
Geira Macrina O'Brien
Hi I'm Geira
Toni McCoy Shearon
Donna Arrowood...Hello. Do u realize how many people are watching this video feed? It's difficult to keep pace & acknowledge everyone. Patience dear soul.
Sudha Raj
Im from Malaysia. Perak
Kevin Santiago
Mabuhay from the Philippines! 😊
Artemia Campilla
hi, im from the beautiful country , the philippines!
Leeann LeeRoy Ross Westmoreland
Crystal Kubert
I'm overwhelmed by all the kind words, I honestly didn't think people would read this!! It's all about hope and faith (whatever you perceive that to be)... Life is too short to be wasted so negatively πŸ’– I may not be healthy, but I know brighter days are coming because I believe they will πŸ’―
Rita Caruana
Well done I like u both
Nelly Ionela
I am now online , have a nice day pepole.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
Ruth Paul
Hello from Syracuse New York I know my ministry all say bless you
Aurea Limbauan
very informative and a great guide to a good life
Maxine Whyte
How do I subscribe
Janice Lentini
Where do I hit subscribe
Maxine Whyte
Hello from Jamaica
Penelope Doobay
Hi Bernadette Denton Daly...from Guyana in South America
April Duwe
Helen Burns
Henry haven its really wonderful, am enjoying myself hahahahahaha
Helen Burns
U are wonderful
Fernanda Desousa
Brilliant Brian and Jenny I'm enjoying ideas of potential Lots or love and light to you both Come over to Australia I'm in Perth it's the best state to live in x
Elizabeth Arcipe Delmar
Babytwins Angels
Hi..hello everyone to royal members? Please cant you help me to my problem now please...i need your help..who is willing to help me to give a schingen visa for europe country..please everyone help me..i need your help everyone...!! Have mercy on us..god bless us..!!!
Chandni Ann Chowdhary
Hi I'm from France
Babytwins Angels
Hi sir Dirk..have a nice day..god bΔΊess
Mahmooda Hotak Hashemi
Love it ❀️
Babytwins Angels
Hi....miss andreamarkus bogner..please cant you add me..i need your help.please..god bless
Bernie Geraghty
Carmella Callands to are awesome.
Mahjabeen Irfan
Hello!!! I'm impressed!!! Keep it up πŸ‘
Laura McDonald Molandes
Hello from east Texas
Irene Tighe
Hello from warrington
Vee Scott
Vee Scott
Love you guys!!!
Jehanne Pio Gayamo
More simple reminders...from philippines mabuhay!
Kathy Shaw Hancher
You guys post some wonderful thoughts that can actually change lives for the better. It has helped me when I was down or angry at someone. You are brilliant!
Paltu Bala
Hello from India
Barbie Schultz
Pound Royals xxx
Khanyos Promise
Hlw everyone
Myrna Barroci
#i was
Michelle A Proctor
Babytwins Angels
Mr anis kridi always im prayer the country of syria..god bless syria
Htet Akari Mon
Hello,from Myanmar.Thank you.
Carol Wong
Thank you
Linda Nauman
Thank you
Kenn Jordan
hello from Philadelphia
Joanne Burns
U r a true inspiration, I too have had a difficult life and still chose to see good and more importantly FEEL the positive vibes in my life, if we can do it, after horrendous happenings in our lifes I am sure with the grace of god others can, if anyone reading this is in some sort of turmoil, my advice would b to tell someone, anyone, share ur experience and let it go πŸ’–
Sucksmith Jackie
Hello from London
Evelyn Delorbe
Love love you guys.....stay safe
Olga Mitchell
Joy Balayo Canja
So beautiful programs cheers world
Mamta Khurana
Thanks, you also liked it
Donna Morgan
Jefferson Kynjing
Can i be an employee here
Monique Brisson
Monique Brisson
Going thought separation need positiv
Catherine Dorcas Compain
Hello from Ghana.
Emilyn Gallardo
Wow nice to see you live bryant mcgill and jenni young, you guys are amazing a true blessings to a lot of people , your thoughts shared magically touches us, your readers enlightens . You guys truly love Life and People, you're simple act of caring creates an endless RIPPLE. Im one of your follower, i love simple reminders . Mabuhay ! Im Milen from Manila Phillipines
Sharon Bobby
Such a loyal gracious girl proud you got there in the end a similar scenario all the very best xx
Princess Fash
Ann Calabria
You guys are heaven up above...
Ericka Apostol Bicos
What a inspiring words of wisdom
Ericka Apostol Bicos
Hyder Syed
Hallo,looking smart
JE W Els
Hello!! All Royals !! πŸ‘‘
Elizabeth Kenward
Thank you,blessings ❀️
Neeta Vaid
Wow it was so gd to hear ur live telecast of the owners os simple reminders awsum
Neeta Vaid
Neyda Cruz-Komaitis
Hello! Thank you for your caring and share best wishes πŸ‘
Sadia Nadeem
Hellooooooo ...!!!! Sending luv From uk.....!!! Yes im still alive and havent given up...!!! Luv u all ....u both are an inspiration for me ... U make my dull days bright πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ
Gillian Lane
Hi , from Cornwall, have a good day
Chagar Andatar Osorio
i alyws love my simplereminders thanks
Naz Homa
Thank you, you make me grander
Naz Homa
Natalie Butt
How annoying is this video with that rude distracted woman messing about on her phone like a teenager at the table.. He's great, she's annoying.
Paula Edgell
Hi from Kentucky
Harrez Yam Yajabe
Thank you 😊
Pauline Gamlin
Thank you so much Bryant, Jenni, Anthony and Jamie O. What a powerful broadcast that has touched me deeply on a personal level #Beroyal xxxx
Justyn Michael Richards
WOW!!! Absolutely loves this!!! I finally got to come back and finish this video. Simply #Priceless. Bryant, Jenni, Anthony, Jamie O. Nothing but, love, gratitude, & appreciation, thank you thank you!!! I will be sharing with love in the morning. :) #Royal :)
Chitphyo Thu
I like
Liping Feng
5-stars >>> "This is the eternal challenge with ignorance β€” ignorance can't see itself." ~ Bryant McGill (Y)
Ann Calabria
Amen amen amen amen
Ann Calabria
Hi Jenny
Milly Rath
Hi ! Good wishes.
Yessa NiΓ±a Garsain
More power & God bless!
Louise C. Anasario
Hi from Hong Kong
Ann Calabria
You guys r awesome!!!
Oke Greatman
May i know what it is all about please?
Masello Rosa
Elham Younes
Helo from lebanon
Grace Griego
Beautiful story
Maricar Juario
Thank you so much ! More power...
Melvin Piedad
Hello. I love it.
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This is absolutely amazing. I love reading and viewing every issues of Simple reminders are posting. My greatest appreciation to you Guys....who made US put out our negative thoughts to possibly be positive.KUDOS!!!
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I have been praying for a paradigm shift and doing my best to live each day to make it happen. I am so happy to have this message reach so many people. Thank you Bryant and Jenni.
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Hello. My gorgeous petals. Try be positive and enjoy your day.
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Crystal, you were born with your incredible spirit. I was born with this thinking and always wondered why everyone did not already behave and walk through life this way. About six years ago I was told by Spirit that I am a Child of the Light. I have worked on being able to understand that fully. I am now grasping that reality.
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All my life I've been looking for peace, I didn't find it with my family or my children,,, so I kept thinking about soul peace finally I was a great thanker to " Allah " for showing me the way,,,,, no one can survive alone in this life without believing and trust in Allah. (( Salamo Alaykom everyone ,, may you find your own pace 🌹
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Yes I would like to know more about Be Royalty
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Elizabeth Mary
empathy,sympathy,compassion,love,hope,caring,kindness what a beautiful world we would have if everyone could be this way..
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Derek Stocks
When you put it like that Sherry it makes so much sense! Thanks for your clarity 😳
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Mamolekwa Joyce Lekalakala
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Crystal Novitch you just made me cry and cry. Thanks for sharing your story. God Bless you. ❀
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NanDar HhOo
Yes This is called logical thinking Seeking the possibility and thinking the reality
Diana Sumbe
It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge our own faults. Awareness is the beginning of change. I think that's the problem with most people. They were blinded by their ego that they refuse to look deeply into themselves.
Drew Hargrove
Thats my momma!!!! Jamie Caudill Odiorne youre the royalest πŸ‘‘
NanDar HhOo
For sure, never give up :-)
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Lizzy Cuda I haven't had a chance to listen to this but I'm tagging u anyway; I'm subscribed to this things anyway I find there stuff so cool.xx hope this is a good one! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx😘😘😘😘😘😘😘love u to bits!!!
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If you can't say something nice and appreciate the good deeds of people who's trying to help others, it's better to shut your mouth. You don't have to be mean and nasty and rude to people just to justify what you want to prove and express within yourself.
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So, telling the truth with fact 😊
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I just love simple reminders so much becos it gives me hope everyday. Whenever I pick my fon I just wanna search for simple reminders n read...good job
NanDar HhOo
Yes true That's why, we need to analyse what we learn and think wisely
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Thank you for your words of wisdom and motivation and stay bless.
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The cutting edge paradigm in the individual improvement empire becomes the mirror-like crystallization of egocentric demographically upwardly assimilating entities and reflects like-minded reactionary influences among similarly conflicted and inherently inspired hipsters.
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Blessings go out to you Trisha Carroll... God bless ..
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CRYSTAL, you just made me relive my childhood with my late Mom. At the end she asked me to forgive her as I was the only one who took care of her unconditionally.
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That is how my mother was to me also she would tell me that I was evil and that I was the devil I never understood why she hated me so much but now that she's older she has came to me and apologized and told me that she was wrong for the things she did to me she wouldn't beat me drag me down the street by my hair I have a love hate relationship for her when I had my sons she tried to make up with him I could see that for what she did to me but she also tried to take him away from me why are people like that my sister used to tell me she couldn't understand why I always trying to get my mother's approval because I always did love her but now it's so different but I don't want to see her hurt but like I said I have a love hate relationship with her you're the first person I've ever heard that has lived through what I have
Sulochini Motheelal
Hello from South Africa Durban keep up the good work God bless
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Hi from Philippines!
Teresa Ayala Fierro
We find our LIGHT in the darkness of the night, when completely stripped bare from a society unfair, we seek a GUIDE from the moonlights glare. STRENGTH comes to us in exhaustion from unconscious worldly negative reactions. It is when we have been brutally shattered, that we find that inner PEACE to mend with GOLD the torn pieces and still wear our ROYAL garments a tiny bit tattered. Scraped and bruised yet still we REFUSE to give up the CROWN that was our birth right conceived in a magical UNIVERSE that became alighned. Once again we walk with our graceful pride, pick up our sword, and like hearts UNITE, One song without end together, we join the ROYALS, advance to VICTORY in our FREEDOM'S FIGHT! πŸ™πŸ‘†πŸ’–
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