Time Is The Most Powerful Tool. Creating the Impossible with release and gentleness.

Creating the Impossible with release and gentleness. Time is the most powerful tool. The power of the situation. How the culture and environment shapes you. More focus and sculpting on the community goals and culture. How this applies to your future sites, pages and culture. As some of you know, we have been having problems … See More...

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Dimitar Temelakiev
Bryant,I would like u and Jenny to be my mentors!
Dimitar Temelakiev
Is that it? https://youtu.be/1MvPs7NByd8
Linda Jones
I like your comment about NOT forcing people to do what ever you want them to do! Because that NEVER works with me! THAT JUST makes me do the opposite!! Plus, GOD doesn't force us to do anything because then we would BE robots! We would get better results if we used gentleness, kindness, love ❤️
Maureen Barnes
There's definitely some discrepancies.
Noelle Dodge
No! Thank you Irene
Irene Ferdinand
Didn't receive notification for this but stumbled upon it. Noelle Dodge.... Have you seen this?
Tracy Williams
Wondered why I'd been missing broadcasts !!
Ben F Bleacher III
Thank you again🌟We are interested in the impossible tooooo👐👣✌❤🌟🌟
Ben F Bleacher III
We get it and moving forward❤💪Slow and steady
Ben F Bleacher III
We are Ready❤💪
Ben F Bleacher III
We are writing our own movie🤔Holding the pen🌝Thank you🌟
Ben F Bleacher III
Buddy system rocks😉❤💪
Ben F Bleacher III
You are and Amazing mentor🌟Thank you❤💪
Eileen Stack
Ben F Bleacher III
Stopping at nothing 🌝Inspiration in a Loving way👐👣✌❤
Ben F Bleacher III
Amen 🌟Moving forward together 🌝🌝We are❤💪
Kathy Ann Ott
Love the videos ty
Jan Terhune
I have
Jan Terhune
No no you don't!
Jan Terhune
Yes, your Awesome!
Jan Terhune
Good for you, That's a good thing.
Jan Terhune
Hilda Soudah Durzi
Jaan Khan
Hina Abidi
Hi Bryant and Jenny God bless you really you are both very honest about people and incrage for every one really supper thanks..
Dawn Kanne
I wish I had come across you and Jenni years ago! Better late than never though, right!
Pawel Czapla
Melissa Nand
Mary Fenimore
hi Im mousetrap.I am having ghost post why ????? and I wish my husband was as great as urs for crying .I have to leave the room or hide it.
Holly Grace Kellums
Yaaaaay! I'm so happy you found one. 😊
Tatia Dee
Great broadcast/video. So glad it was found and shared ❤️
Bahar Baharan
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was really waiting to see this which I've only been able to watch the last 25 min live back then. 👑👑👑
Annie Jake
Suzanne Collet Meyer
You're welcome! I hope you join us!
Pamela Stiehler Byrd
Claim that money Bryant it is your divine right!!! You have worked hard for this moment.
Pamela Stiehler Byrd
I can't wait for the tiny books deployment!
Wendi Lyn
We certainly are and we have a genuine regard and respect for one another like a philo love.
Pamela Stiehler Byrd
So sorry you are so exhausted Bryant.....get some good rest tonight!
Pamela Stiehler Byrd
That's right we are deeply connected Bryant!
Pamela Stiehler Byrd
Hello Royals!
Annalisa Andales
Your both great.
Wendi Lyn
"People observe you over time." So true. Some people want to start clapping and the show hasn't begun. We need to strive for staying power and build up our repertoire.
Greg Dutilly
😐 I thought it was too, it's one that was found.
Lou Smithe
oh I love that song
Teresa Hart
Is this live
Marichu Espina Lacorte Malabrigo
Thank you!
Bec Wessel
Thanks 😊💜
Greg Dutilly
Nevermind, I read it.
Greg Dutilly
What's going on? Is this a broadcast trying to happen?
Chris Hanifan Woods
Glad to see you guys again!!😇😇
Wendi Lyn
Tatia Dee, I agree. One of my favorites. 👑💕👑
Tatia Dee
Hope you can retrieve the video from furniture store and whole food market ❤️
Tatia Dee
Suzanne Collet Meyer
The new group is called The Royal Society. BeRoyal.com
Anne Cochran
Yes it has me blocked from your livestreams
Koto Ojeda
👑👑👑👑👑you are te best
Karin Newman
Happy you saved this one...so missing your live streams.
Koto Ojeda
Thank you
Kathy Corley Hughes
Royal crown I think
Bec Wessel
Can someone tell me the name of the new group please and thank you 😊
Teri A Fronzi
Eunice Raymund
Hello there! chilling?
Phill Pennicott
Hopefully it will get fixed soon!!! We miss your streams :(

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