If you can’t handle the truth by Jenni Young McGill

If you can’t handle the truth, you get the lie. — @JenniMcGill … #GoMcGill #pauseandremember #quote #meme #bravery #lie #lies #honest #honesty #selfhelp #truth #truewords #liar #instaquotes #brave #courage #strength #strong #biggirlpanties #girlpower #intelligence #liars #courageous See More...

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Most people can't handle telling the truth, so you get lies.
Oh. How I can relate.
Sometimes but sometimes someone will lie to continue their double life or to continue what they are doing because what they are doing is more important then you
Yes. Nevee fool yourself denying the truth.
Who understand that will deal it then need to a lot of work to made behind every truth what are you not capable for then you need to maintain your work for preparing so this ultimatly hard job for any person but definitely good for you over sucessive life. When you try to maintain truth then all true kind of sucess comes to you and who have stable life in many ways. This will be badness every way like bad impact and you always struggling to show off every case when anything needed so sitution will impose more hardness than supposed to be for any particular case. We all have passion to handle truth and fix your life well manner then all time manevouring to show what you are not really. Life will gradenur if you follow truth in ultimate after certain time struggle. You have enough courage and deepest passion to be genuine then any hardship will be good idea to paving your path of sucess. Drowsy towords what you know this will really good for me then you almost carry their life towords sucesss so after knowing everything you should not feed any bad idea but try to do this job like stimuli. When you have empowerd then that much difficulties tending to be minimize so be hopeful may be best idea to maintain your energy towords any particular direction.
I can share truth easier than I can hear it at times but neither means I don’t care or love someone. It’s old conditioning that creeps in. My family relationships are so much healthier! I focus on 4 Agreements when I feel the sting of hearing a truth sometimes. I’m loved and I love without it being connected to having it all in my image
Aww nooooo, no lies, not from me anyway. But I'm not nasty just because I can be. Everyone deserves respect unless they show otherwise.
That's 🔥
@plinka.xo widzisz........
If you always tell the truth, there really iisnt anthing to lie about! Just be faithful and honest in all your dealings with people , thats my simple rule of thumb !
Yes I have learnt that there are times I’m to bend the truth for people are not ready for the truth or just walk away without a word then I don’t have to lie and no one gets hurt for at times I found in some situations it’s best for everyone concerned
@gomcgill,Thank you so much I truly appreciate your support. ❤
Well said. ❤️👑🙏💐👍
@smitten1_33 🙏🏻
Oh I can handle the truth the problem is people can't handle me telling them the truth. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me your great people. ❤👌💪🙋‍♀️

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