Surrender to divine timing

Pause and remember — Life is easier when you surrender to divine timing. — Jenni Young McGill View over 10 thousand Simple Reminders in our Archive! See More...

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Sue Smith
Melissa Rose Rothschild
YES! Surrender 💓💓💓
Melissa Rose Rothschild
A beautiful Jenni Young McGill quote... Thank you❤️
Trust and let life unfold.
Laurie Lankins Farley
I absolutely adore this! I Live by this and believe it. Thank you Jenni
Akiroq Brost
Yes, we don't want to reach a destination before we are ready to be there. This is a critical element of understanding and achieving goals. Faith, in divine timing. Letting go of that incessant need to have everything right now. A reality check that we need to put the work in. ❤️

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